More Thoughts on Athlete Identity and Next Week’s Goal

I love reading all your comments on athletic identity! I think that with all I do, I am still an athlete, but I just seem to have a mental block about realizing that. I think part of this recent feeling stems from the fact that I haven’t exactly been pushing hard in my workouts lately-while being sick for a while, I felt like I was just in maintenance and survival mode, but now I’m ready to get after it! This was especially apparent when I did Crossfit Open 15.3-I swear I used to be better at wall balls!

15.3 was 7 muscle ups, 50 wall balls, and 100 double unders, for 14 minutes. Since I am definitely not able to do a muscle up, I did the scaled which was 50 wall balls, and 200 singles for 14 minutes. I initially wanted to try double unders but after trying for a while, it was just taking too long. This one was tough-my arms were dead. Partially probably due to the fact that we did a TON of push ups the day before and so my shoulders were already sore!

Also-I’m feeling more like an athlete after today’s half training run. I’m back to double digits! I started the morning with my typical pre-run breakfast, jazzed up with some frozen blueberries. It’s basically a mess of egg whites, banana, and a few oats. I would normally put cocoa powder in it, but I’m not reacting too well to chocolate as far as I know, and didn’t want to take any chances.


After my foot felt really good all week, it flared up on me again yesterday. I used twice last night, and I still woke up with it sore. I even iced immediately upon waking up. I honestly didn’t have too high hopes for the run, given my foot and the fact that I felt pretty sluggish last week, but ended up surprising myself and having a great run.

My left calf had been a little tight this week, and strangely enough my calves get less tired if I’m running a little faster, so I picked up the pace a bit at the beginning and just got in a groove. I was well under a 10:00 mile for most of the run (minus a hilly mile) and kept up my splits right to the last mile. Ok? I’ll take it!


I think the fact that I was eating less junk this week totally helped! Also-in terms of race day plans, I’m not trying to PR. I just want to enjoy the race. In my last race, I ran all of my training runs at a pace to PR (in the heat and humidity no less), and went out way too fast, and ended up crashing hard at the end as a result, leading to one of my worse times. So no flying and dying for me this time!

Next week is finals week, so I went home after my run for Physics help and a home cooked meal. This is chicken and dumplings from Cooking Light-the dumplings are stops of whole wheat tortilla! The perfect mix of protein, carbs, and salt post-run!


We also had some blueberry pie, because pi day! I don’t have a picture of that, but here are the mini pies I had last night! My sorority sold them to raise money for our philanthropies (and yes, selling pie on pi day was totally my idea…). My friend and I split mixed berry and apricot.

IMG_1524 IMG_1525

In terms of finals, I have one Monday, one Tuesday, and one Friday. Luckily, I seem to be on track with my studying so far, which is why I actually have time to post this!

So-weekly goals. This past week’s goal was pretty successful-I think I nailed 5.5/7 breakfasts and lunches this week! So moving on to this week’s goal: no nighttime eating. During dead and finals week, there are treats and study snacks at every corner. While I know some people swear by their nighttime snacks, for some reason eating late at night always gives me stomachaches. While I would say I’m 99% fine after being sick, things that would normally give me a stomachache are magnified, and nightly snacks have not been kind to me as of late. So that’s this week’s goal-I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes!

Did you have pie for pi day?

The Calm AFTER the Storm

Well guys, I made it! Woohoo! I finally feel human again. In the past 7 days, I had 4 midterms (3 in the last 3 days), a big presentation, and several problem sets. But I am happy to announce, I am done with midterms for the quarter! On a related note, I can currently name every organ and bone on a mammal. Man. It’s been so long since I blogged! But knowing everything about every mammal take up quite a lot of brainspace!

Also-I’m feeling better! WAY better. I’m probably 90%-there are still a few times I feel a little off, but seriously, so much better. I think it was a combination of medicine and time-I started feeling better the day after the doctor. That being said, why don’t we dive into the past half week that I’ve neglected you guys?

Friday night I had retreat for my sorority. Good times, good food. I don’t think I’ve had a burrito from Chipotle before? (Yeah, coming off stomach issues that was risky but it was fine.)


Plus, we stayed at a house with a cat.


I didn’t spend the night because I had work early. I freaking love my job. I’m working at a vet on Saturdays and I love love love it. I’m learning so much!

After work, I grabbed lunch from Le Boulanger across the street. Turkey and avocado with a salad.


I talked about DC nostalgia last post, and I felt the best way to fill that void was to try a new cupcake place (my goal of that summer was to find the best cupcakes in DC). It was pretty good-a little stale.


Compare that to a DC cupcake-totally not trying to fill my void with something identical….


Sunday morning began with a run. I’m officially in half training mode, and while the “long runs” are still not up to a distance that I don’t normally run every week, I’m trying to take my schedule seriously because I think I’m a little bit lacking on the volume, especially since I was sick for a few weeks. On the schedule was a 5 miler, so I set out to run a hilly trail nearby. Unfortunately, I realized as I got there, there was a race going on so it was closed. The only good route in that direction was 7 miles, so I decided to just go for it. It felt really good! I ran that route last fall and didn’t feel great so that was nice to see! Also-post run brunch? Funfetti pancakes. Basically just pancakes with sprinkles, but it makes them so much more fun! Perfect for refueling.


Sunday was spent studying….shocker. Dinner was Mexican food which I fashioned into a salad.


Monday morning, I started with a Crossfit workout. We did a lot of deadlifts, and my legs were a little shot by the time the workout even started! The workout was a 400m run followed by 21-15-9 kettle bell swings and push ups, and then another 400m run. Not heavy, but a gasser!

Breakfast was eggs, veggies, peaches, and some steel cut oats.


Also, um, check out the weather. This is February.


Tuesday morning started out with a 4 mile run. Gotta keep to that schedule. Post run was eggs with an apple and sun butter.


Post midterm 2/3 of the week was lunch from the delicious cafe by the library, to bribe myself into spending all day there. I added an egg to this corn and black bean salad.


I spent all afternoon in the library studying animal parts, and decided to break for a little Crossfit workout. There was no way I was going to the 6am that morning before a 9am midterm! This workout felt so, so great. It was the first time I really felt 100% since being sick. I had been feeling great on runs, but I was still getting pretty light headed on Crossfit workouts. Not yesterday-I felt good and strong. And now I’m sore. For strength, we did pull ups and power jerks, and the WOD was:

3 rounds:

500m row

12 thrusters (I used 63#)

15 toes to bar (I did knees to elbow)

Now, post Crossfit dinner was delicious. It may not look like much, but never underestimate the power of cheesy grits.


Plus candied yams, chicken, and dijon brussels spouts-which are also fantastic!

I then proceeded to spend all night studying. Ohh the life of a college student.

I’m doing a 5k this weekend, so I wanted to get my “long” run out of the way early. This morning, I did my usual 6 mile loop. My foot was a little grumpy-I’ve had a few higher mileage days recently, I hadn’t had time to ice, and I can’t take Advil for fear of hurting my stomach. I was able to make that pain go away though my rolling my ankle. Ouch. It was fine to run on because straight motion is fine, but it’s irritating! I do that semi-regularly. When I was training for my first half while recovering from mono, I rolled my ankles SO much because they had gotten so weak! I’m also currently wearing compression socks to maybe help with my foot and/or ankle.

Breakfast-eggs, pear with sun butter, mandarin oranges.


Dinner tonight was caesar salad with chicken, roasted carrots, and broccoli.


Plus a giant bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and pound cake that was so, so necessary after this past week. Man.

I’m so glad the crazy is over! I’m going to celebrate by doing laundry-life was kind of put on hold!

What have you been up to?


WIAW-How We Do Vacations

WOW. I seem to have gotten a bit behind on posting, haven’t I? Thanks to Jenn, we can catch up somewhat in the form of WIAW!


Friday afternoon, I finally made it home. I was really excited to do 14.4 at my home Crossfit! Since they only have 2 rowing machines, those of us not officially signed up for the open did an 800m run instead of rowing. I wasn’t sure how this workout would go-I’ve never been able to do toes to bar before! I ended up doing it for the first time ever, and getting 5 reps in before I kept failing and decided to just finish with knees to elbows so I could continue in the workout. I ended up getting up to 15 cleans before the 14 minute time ran out.

For my first dinner at home, we ordered food from a local favorite and I had chicken and rice soup. 85% of the reason I order this is because of the avocado!


Plus a side salad.


One of the perks of being home-raiding the pantry and or freezer. We always have amazing fudge sauce on hand, so I made a sundae with frozen yogurt and zucchini bread (on the bottom). The zucchini bread was from the freezer!


For breakfast before Crossfit Saturday morning, I stuffed a whole wheat tortilla with sunflower seed butter, raspberries, and banana, and microwaved it until it was warm and gooey.

At Crossfit, most of the other people were doing 14.4 so I got to choose my own workout from the WODs that everyone had done for the week. I chose one that looked fun-it included pull ups, hand stand push ups (which I did with a box), and front squats. It was a very poor decision to chose anything that involved hanging from a bar, after so many toes to bar/knees to elbows the day before! My hands were SO done!

After Crossfit, my family and I drove down to Monterey for a little weekend vacation. On the way, we stopped at a little bagel shop that we used to always go to when we had softball tournaments.


A turkey and avocado sandwich on a whole wheat bagel.


Taro bubble tea, which actually turned out to be blended-which meant it was a smoothie like texture with tapioca balls at the bottom. I actually enjoyed this flavor-I’ve never tried it before!

For dinner the first night, my family ordered room service and split salads, potato skins (I haven’t had these in YEARS), and roasted artichoke.


Sunday morning was my long run day. I’m officially in taper! 9 miles it was for me! I made sure to carb load up before running.


I’m slightly concerned that I haven’t had my typical pre-run breakfast a single time before a long run during this training cycle. I’ve done a few of the runs in the afternoon, which I’ve never done before, and I guess I just didn’t bother with it before then. 

I found a trail that took me from our hotel, along the water through downtown Monterey. 



I was probably not nearly as well rested as I would have liked to be but the run went fine! The thing was, we ended up not getting to eat lunch until super late! We finished lunch around 4!

My family decided to walk around Monterey in search of lunch, and I was instantly drawn to a little restaurant that was all about artichokes.

To start, we shared a fire roasted artichoke and artichoke dip.


For my main dish, I ordered a turkey and avocado sandwich on a croissant. It came with roasted artichoke soup.


This definitely hit the spot after 9 miles. More importantly than lunch, however, was dessert. Which is basically how my family does vacations. DESSERT.


A brownie hot fudge sundae from Ghiradelli. Yummmm. 

For some crazy reason, we weren’t hungry for dinner yet! On my run, I found that there is a little Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, which we had never heard of! We rented a 4 wheeled bike-car thing, which was a lot of fun!


The biggest attraction of Fisherman’s Wharf was the caramel apples, and we picked up a couple for later.


I also saw Divergent-I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of the series on my long runs so I was excited to see it! I thought it was pretty good. My gripe is probably only because I read the book, but I felt like they left out a lot of details that while if they included everything the movie would be insanely long, I felt that without them the movie was a bit confusing.

Dinner was cheese and crackers and a caramel apple. 


Monday was our last morning, and we drove to Carmel to explore the little shops. A highlight? Cheese tasting!


Followed by tasting lots of little tapenades and sauces at a fancy little foodie store. We walked away with some quality white balsamic, which I cannot wait to use!

For lunch, we stopped at a Mediterranean place with amazing hot bread. I had some delicious and perfectly cooked salmon with saffron sauce.


They also brought out a little complimentary dessert!


After lunch, we walked down to the beach to soak up some beautiful views.


Before dessert round 2! 



In my family, if you don’t roll home from a vacation, you’re not doing it right! There was lots of great food over the weekend, but I’m definitely happy to return to a routine today!

How do you eat on vacations?


MIMM-Summer’s End

Happy Monday everybody! This is the last Monday before school starts-I start so late! So let’s make it Marvelous! Thanks to Katie for hosting this party.


Marvelous is…

Moving back into my dorm this week! I actually do think I’m ready for school to start. This has been a very low key summer, which is exactly what I wanted, but I’m getting a little antsy.

Marvelous is…

Jumping onto the pumpkin bandwagon early with a new recipe! Baby pumpkin pie-and it’s microwave friendly! The recipe should be up Monday night.


Marvelous is…

Fig and goat cheese salads. Can’t. Get. Enough.


Marvelous is…

Rocking my 10 mile run today. I beat my last 10 mile run time by over 4 minutes!Image

This is my last flat long run for a while since my race is hilly. I’m a little nervous because up until this point all my long runs have been flat. As far as today’s run? It felt pretty good. The shoe insert I carved out helped my foot feel better at least somewhat-it didn’t become an issue until the turnaround point. I’m convinced I would be soo much faster if my foot didn’t kill me every run. I’m getting custom inserts made so hopefully that fixes it. Also-I took a look at the carved inserts after my run, and since they’re foamy, they completely flattened, which is probably why the hole stopped helping. Oh well. Also, I rolled my ankle around mile 2. It wasn’t too bad so I shook it off and kept going. I think ice and compression socks may keep it from being an issue. 

Marvelous is…

Post run lunch. WIth a side of ice bucket (for my foot pain and ankle-killing 2 birds with one very, very cold stone).ImageImage

Lunch was a couple of baby sweet potatoes topped with spinach and an egg with spices. I also had a smoothie-cherry, pineapple, and lots of pineapple coconut water. So refreshing!

Marvelous is…

The fact that no matter what random clothes I pull out of my closet, I always seem to be wearing the same colors.Image

Marvelous is…

Relaxing post run with an adorable kitty. I’m going to miss him so much when I leave! And the poor thing-he has allergies so right now his eyes are pink rimmed, runny, and itchy. 


Marvelous is…

Soaking up the last bit of summer with one more summery meal. Yes, I realize this contradicts the above statement about pumpkin.


I made Grilled Peach and Chicken salad, except I used nectarines instead of peaches.

And for dessert-some of the last summer fruit in the form of a fruit bowl. Topped with sunflower seed butter-perfection.


What is Marvelous in your Monday? Are you excited for fall or sad that summer is ending?

Ready to Run

I can’t believe I’m going to be living in my dorm in a week. Where did the summer go? Since I’m pretty local, I’m going to do kind of a “rolling” move in. I have a ton of stuff in a storage unit, so I’m going to take all that on Thursday, and then move in completely on Saturday. And then wake up Sunday and do the brutal run I have planned for myself. It’ll be my first hilly long run. 

Let’s back up a little bit. Let’s talk food. And workouts. I cleaned up my eating habits a lot since coming home from vacation, and have been hitting it pretty hard on the exercise front. And I can definitely see and feel the difference. It’s incredible what healthy eating can do for you! I’m concerned though that I’ve given myself too much energy as a result because I can’t fall asleep at night! But that could also be jet lag. So here are some eats.


A salad with spicy avocado hummus, avocado, onion, tomato, and a runny egg. I’m loving the hummus salads right now.


Caesar salad with grilled chicken. I’m trying to see how many different types of chicken salad I can eat. 


Sunflower seed butter on toast, plus a white nectarine from what will probably be my last farmer’s market visit in a long time.


A new fall recipe for you guys! Baby Pumpkin Pie.

Other things:

I’ve still been having the same foot issues when I run longer distances, despite the inserts for my shoes the foot doctor recommended. SInce I haven’t had full feeling in my toe since my race over a month ago, my mom has been insisting I see the foot doctor again. I finally took a look at my inserts and realized they weren’t taking pressure off the right spot, so I made an appointment. I’m getting expensive (booo) custom made inserts that are supposed to solve the problem. Yesterday, I got the mold of my foot taken, and I should get them in about 2 weeks. However, I still have 2-3 long runs before then. I decided to try my hand at carving out a hole in the base of some old inserts to try and relieve some of the pressure. DIY at its finest.


However, I didn’t get a chance to try them out before tomorrow’s 10 mile run, so I’m really hoping it will help. Hope for a more comfortable run, combined with a few light workout days has me more than ready to tackle this run. I forced myself to take yesterday off of Crossfit because I had gone 4 days straight and on Thursday my legs were donezo. Now, I feel much more rested and have an excess of energy!

Today, I also did a little back to school shopping to avoid the dust storm going on in my house as a result of my parents cleaning everything out. I really want boots so I can wear workout pants all the time and pass it off as acceptable. I didn’t find the ones I was looking for though. Fashion question-do black boots go ok with black leggings?

Naturally, I didn’t exactly stay on task.


When I get the new laces for my new shoes, these will match PERFECTLY. I admit it, Nike shorts are my weakness. 

Here are some other things I picked out:


I’m in love with infinity scarves right now. I’ve vowed not to wear regular scarves anymore, because I can never figure out how to wrap them and make them look good. Speaking of which, I started knitting my own infinity scarf! So we’ll see how that turns out!

I’m sorry this post was all over the place-I had a lot of random things to talk about. 

What’s in your back to school shopping bag? What are you looking forward to most about fall?