Is it me or did fall just sneak up on us? When I left for vacation, it felt like summer (despite the sky looking a little like fall). When I came back, that was it. It was fall. At Crossfit last night, it was dark and windy; fall weather. I’m ready to embrace it. As much as I’ve enjoyed my summer, I’m ready for the productivity and routine that fall brings. Plus the pumpkin bread. I wish I would like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I know I won’t since for some reason I can’t stand sweet coffee. 🙁

So what’s going on with me? Jet lag. I couldn’t fall asleep very well last night, which was unfortunate given today was a 5:10am wakeup (aka 2:10 in the timezone I was stuck in!). Then, my needy cat kept me up all night. I’m pretty sure he spent the entire time we were gone sleepy and being lonely.


He spent all night meowing, playing loudly with his toy mouse, and climbing all over me. I gave up on sleep around 4:30 and tried to get my WIAW linked up, to no avail. 

Spin was good though, especially since I was already awake. After spin and reading some blogs, I was more than ready for a nap. I slept maybe 7 hours total the last 2 nights, and it finally caught up with me in the form of a 3 hour nap. 

Later that evening, it was Crossfit time. It was my first Hero WOD, since it was September 11. Hero workouts are named after a fallen soldier, and are usually long and hard. 

Today’s included overhead walking lunges, tons of box jumps, wall balls, and handstand push ups. I finished in around 28 minutes, so this one wasn’t crazy long. I should have stayed afterwards to clean but I was just done so I went home and ate.


We made Asian chicken salad, with teriyaki chicken breast, snow peas, mandarin oranges, and onion, topped with an Asian-style dressing. I sweated buckets during Crossfit so this was the perfect refreshing meal. 

Although I haven’t really PRed any lifts this summer, I definitely feel stronger as a result of Crossfit. I mostly haven’t PRed because I haven’t had the opportunity to try for one. It’s a little hard for me to see the strength gains I’ve made since I was fairly weak to start the summer. With rowing all school year, I didn’t lift much, and the lifting I did do was not that great. Plus, Mono really knocked out a lot of strength. I’m probably stronger than a year ago, but it doesn’t seem like as much as it is since I spent most of the year weaker than I was a year ago. I was also thinking about my favorite WODs-I like the ones that involve Olympic Lifts. I also like the WODs where you have to break up the workout not because I’m out of breath or my muscles are burning, but because I can’t physically finish the lifts if I don’t. That really is a great feeling.

The one other thing I want to talk about today is shoes. I mentioned that I got these guys for non-running workouts/walking:


So here’s the question-I’m not a huge fan of the pink, so should I swap out the laces for neon green ones? Will that look good? Since everything in my wardrobe seems to be shades of blue and neon green, I’m almost always unintentionally matching. Exibits A, B, C, and D.


Actually, all of my workout/running shoes are blue and neon yellow/green. Thoughts?

Should I swap in neon green laces? 

6 comments on “Suddenly It’s Fall

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    I looooooooooove those shoes!!! <3 as for the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, my mom gets a Pumpkin Spice Steamer, which is made the same way as a PSL except they use more milk and no coffee!

    1. Aurora

      Hmm maybe I’ll have to try that!

  2. Shawn @ Fruity 'N' Nutty

    Definitely neon green! Kinda jealous of you for having ‘real ‘ fall weather, it’s still super hot and humid where I live. It sure feels like summer break has come and gone in a flash, doesn’t it? I’ve never tried crossfit before since it isn’t offered nearby, but I’d love to some day. And I’m so in awe of you for being a crossfitter!
    p.s. your cat is adorable

    1. Aurora

      If you get a chance, definitely try it! It’s so much fun, and it really is something everyone can do!

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