First off, I’m currently suffering from major DC nostalgia. I looked through my pictures and I miss it so much! My friends and I are hoping to take a trip out there at some point!

Second-so what’s going on with me? Well, I seem to be feeling better. So far today, I haven’t really been nauseous, and I only really had one instance yesterday.

First off-I figured out exercise helps. A lot. Yesterday morning, I did my 6×600 track workout, and surprised myself by killing my paces! Uhm, what??

I rewarded myself with the best pancakes on campus.


Lunch after class:


Salad, flatbread rice.


Lemon coconut macaroon bars.

Not sure what was going on but I felt like death after lunch. Which was probably an appropriate time to go see the doctor right? One of the weird things about when I feel sick is that my heart rate is elevated-I think it measured a 100 bpm at the appointment, which isn’t super high in the scheme of things, but it’s normally much lower! The other thing? When I feel sick I can get kind of dizzy and shaky. I was really nervous because I had to get blood drawn, and I was by myself. Which was an issue because I’ve had some traumatic blood drawing experiences (not finding veins plus taking 16 vials instead of 3, getting blood dripped everywhere and a massive bruise from the ER when I had mono, getting stabbed in one arm, the other, and back to the first because they couldn’t find the vein), and I’ve developed a bit of a physical reaction to start shaking. For better or for worse, I was a little out of it. The guy drawing my blood was fantastic. One prick in, and I didn’t even feel it. I felt kind of weird when the blood was coming out just because I was light headed to start with, but then it was over and I was fine, and after sitting in the car for a bit I felt fine again.

The verdict? Blood tests were normal so the doctor thinks it is likely not an ulcer but the acid condition that causes an ulcer, I just don’t have a hole in the lining of my stomach. I have something to take that will hopefully help this. In the meantime, I have to avoid acidic foods and foods that tend to produce acid. I don’t know-maybe I can see a pattern with acid causing foods and the times I felt sick-maybe?

Looking back on it-I can see why this may have happened. Remember the first time I felt sick-from my coffee overdose? Up until that point, I had been drinking coffee almost everyday for 3 weeks, which is extremely high for me. On top of that, for a long time I was taking a lot of Advil to try to aggressively heal my foot. Guess what 2 common causes are of this? Yeah…I stopped both because I was worried I might be doing damage but I guess it was a little bit too late! Also, the irony that we are learning about the gastrointestinal system and ulcers in my physiology class right now is not lost on me…

So other food?

Dinner last night. I was worried I would feel sick after feeling bad that afternoon, but I actually spent the evening very hungry. Weird.


Curry chicken and naan, salad, barley.

This morning, I went to Crossfit. I waited until this morning to make the call because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but I woke up feeling ok and went for it. It was tough.

First: 10-1 deadlifts and pushups with a 10 minute cutoff. At 10 minutes: start Helen. Which is 3 rounds of 400m run, 21 kb swings, and 12 pull ups. The push ups were killer. This was a little rough for me because I was feeling a little light headed, so I took it a little slow and rested as necessary. I felt kind of gross afterwards, but by the time I got back, I was starving and craving eggs, which I took as a good sign given I’ve been doing a lot of bland carbs in the mornings for a while now!


This hit the spot, but I was basically hungry again before my first (and only) class. I made it through class before eating lunch at 11am. Judge me.


I played it safe with a frozen meal because I have a sorority thing tonight I need to be functional for. I also had a homemade granola bar. I recently found out that these deliciously amazing bars I’ve found at whole foods have essentially 3 ingredients: Earth Balance, brown rice syrup, and oats. Guess what 3 ingredients I happen to have on hand? So yeah, that definitely happened. Yum.

Also I had a piece of dark chocolate which is currently making my heart race a little. I guess I’ve gotten really sensitive to it since giving up caffeine-which is just as well sine chocolate isn’t supposed to be good for my stomach anyways! (According to the oh-so-credible Dr. Google.)

What is your favorite homemade granola or protein bar?

5 comments on “What’s Going On With Me

  1. sky @ Blonde Freedom

    I sometimes forget that you’re in a sorority! Which one are you in? I hope you start feeling better and figure out what’s going on!

    1. astottler Post author

      Thank you! I’m in Alpha Epsilon Phi.

  2. Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness

    Hopefully you finally catched what was going on…it is frustrating when you don’t seem to know what is going on! Great job with your track workout! Exercise does help sometimes 🙂

  3. caileejoy

    Girl I hope that you feel better soon! I remember reading your caffeine story! …and I hope you find out what’s up… also I’m so sorry about all the blood test trauma! One time I had 11 veils taken 😮 so many….

    1. astottler Post author

      Aww that’s terrible!

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