Well guys, I made it! Woohoo! I finally feel human again. In the past 7 days, I had 4 midterms (3 in the last 3 days), a big presentation, and several problem sets. But I am happy to announce, I am done with midterms for the quarter! On a related note, I can currently name every organ and bone on a mammal. Man. It’s been so long since I blogged! But knowing everything about every mammal take up quite a lot of brainspace!

Also-I’m feeling better! WAY better. I’m probably 90%-there are still a few times I feel a little off, but seriously, so much better. I think it was a combination of medicine and time-I started feeling better the day after the doctor. That being said, why don’t we dive into the past half week that I’ve neglected you guys?

Friday night I had retreat for my sorority. Good times, good food. I don’t think I’ve had a burrito from Chipotle before? (Yeah, coming off stomach issues that was risky but it was fine.)


Plus, we stayed at a house with a cat.


I didn’t spend the night because I had work early. I freaking love my job. I’m working at a vet on Saturdays and I love love love it. I’m learning so much!

After work, I grabbed lunch from Le Boulanger across the street. Turkey and avocado with a salad.


I talked about DC nostalgia last post, and I felt the best way to fill that void was to try a new cupcake place (my goal of that summer was to find the best cupcakes in DC). It was pretty good-a little stale.


Compare that to a DC cupcake-totally not trying to fill my void with something identical….


Sunday morning began with a run. I’m officially in half training mode, and while the “long runs” are still not up to a distance that I don’t normally run every week, I’m trying to take my schedule seriously because I think I’m a little bit lacking on the volume, especially since I was sick for a few weeks. On the schedule was a 5 miler, so I set out to run a hilly trail nearby. Unfortunately, I realized as I got there, there was a race going on so it was closed. The only good route in that direction was 7 miles, so I decided to just go for it. It felt really good! I ran that route last fall and didn’t feel great so that was nice to see! Also-post run brunch? Funfetti pancakes. Basically just pancakes with sprinkles, but it makes them so much more fun! Perfect for refueling.


Sunday was spent studying….shocker. Dinner was Mexican food which I fashioned into a salad.


Monday morning, I started with a Crossfit workout. We did a lot of deadlifts, and my legs were a little shot by the time the workout even started! The workout was a 400m run followed by 21-15-9 kettle bell swings and push ups, and then another 400m run. Not heavy, but a gasser!

Breakfast was eggs, veggies, peaches, and some steel cut oats.


Also, um, check out the weather. This is February.


Tuesday morning started out with a 4 mile run. Gotta keep to that schedule. Post run was eggs with an apple and sun butter.


Post midterm 2/3 of the week was lunch from the delicious cafe by the library, to bribe myself into spending all day there. I added an egg to this corn and black bean salad.


I spent all afternoon in the library studying animal parts, and decided to break for a little Crossfit workout. There was no way I was going to the 6am that morning before a 9am midterm! This workout felt so, so great. It was the first time I really felt 100% since being sick. I had been feeling great on runs, but I was still getting pretty light headed on Crossfit workouts. Not yesterday-I felt good and strong. And now I’m sore. For strength, we did pull ups and power jerks, and the WOD was:

3 rounds:

500m row

12 thrusters (I used 63#)

15 toes to bar (I did knees to elbow)

Now, post Crossfit dinner was delicious. It may not look like much, but never underestimate the power of cheesy grits.


Plus candied yams, chicken, and dijon brussels spouts-which are also fantastic!

I then proceeded to spend all night studying. Ohh the life of a college student.

I’m doing a 5k this weekend, so I wanted to get my “long” run out of the way early. This morning, I did my usual 6 mile loop. My foot was a little grumpy-I’ve had a few higher mileage days recently, I hadn’t had time to ice, and I can’t take Advil for fear of hurting my stomach. I was able to make that pain go away though my rolling my ankle. Ouch. It was fine to run on because straight motion is fine, but it’s irritating! I do that semi-regularly. When I was training for my first half while recovering from mono, I rolled my ankles SO much because they had gotten so weak! I’m also currently wearing compression socks to maybe help with my foot and/or ankle.

Breakfast-eggs, pear with sun butter, mandarin oranges.


Dinner tonight was caesar salad with chicken, roasted carrots, and broccoli.


Plus a giant bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and pound cake that was so, so necessary after this past week. Man.

I’m so glad the crazy is over! I’m going to celebrate by doing laundry-life was kind of put on hold!

What have you been up to?


5 comments on “The Calm AFTER the Storm

  1. Elsie @ Sharing Healthiness

    I am so glad you are almost back to normal! Great job for going for those 7 miles! The weather is just sooo good over there I am sure it makes all that training so much easier 🙂 Alright I’ll leave you to celebrate with your laundry 😉

    1. astottler Post author

      Haha who doesn’t celebrate through laundry?

  2. Sean

    Yay For making it past finals and for feeling better! Stomach issues are always the worst.

  3. sky @ Blonde Freedom

    I’m happy to see that you’re feeling better! Good job on keeping up with your running schedule too! That CrossFit workout with rowing, thrusters, and t2b sounds pretty solid. We did a similar one on Wednesday and I kicked my butt to say the least haha

    1. astottler Post author

      Thrusters+rowing is death!

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