Saturday Night Out + Low-Key Run

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their respective weekends! My goal for this weekend was to finally catch up on sleep and that hasn’t happened as much as I would have liked, but it has still been a fun and relaxing weekend!

I’m currently working on Stats homework that is due tomorrow morning at 9am, so a good night’s sleep tonight is kind of out the window! I have to wait 30 minutes between online submissions, so it takes foreverrrr.

My Friday started out fairly hectically. 7am Crossfit (we did sets of 8 back squats lowering slowly, and I was sore from that!). Class. A much needed hour nap, followed by a frantic grocery trip and crafting for sorority events I had that night. I had to plan 2 different events for Friday alone, and 4 events total last week, which was insane.

Check out this new Trader Joe’s find-delicious!


Event #1 was a New Member tea party, which was fun! Then I had to frantically craft for big-little reveal that night, before running off to a friend’s Wind Ensemble concert. I’ve been meaning to go since Freshman year but I’m a terrible person and only made it out nearly 3 years later! It was also my first time in the beautiful new concert hall we have on campus.


I then had to sprint out and change for the event that I was planning. I basically had 10 minutes to race across campus twice plus change and gather my things which was interesting…

Reveal was a success! I made matching puzzle pieces.


Saturday morning was so nice to have a weekend morning to myself. I can’t even remember the last weekend morning I had off. I slept in a little, but not as much as I would have liked or needed because I was stressing about getting laundry done before work! I threw my laundry in and then headed to the farmer’s market to stock up on cinnamon brown sugar sunflower seed butter. This farmer’s market is only May-December, so I was happy to be back! For breakfast, I got a vegan tamale.


I worked at the vet all Saturday afternoon, before rushing off (a theme in my life right now it seems) to a dinner with friends. We went to a New Orleans restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try forever!

I also got carded for the first time for a delicious raspberry mojito.


We got a fry assortment to start-sweet potato and cajun fries, fried okra, and fried artichokes. #healthy


For my main course, I got vegan jambalaya, which was delicious and thankfully not too spicy.



And finally-we went out to ice cream. I finally got to try a micro creamery that I’ve wanted to try forever (another common theme), and while it was delicious, it’s not as good as Tin Pot, my favorite place by far.


Vanilla-salted caramel ice cream with caramel sauce.

It was so nice to have a girls night and make it to some places I’ve been meaning to try! My body sort of hated me for all the rich food though-while my stomach feels really good, it’s not difficult to irritate it at this point!

Sunday morning, I went for a low-key 7 mile run. I wanted to go somewhere different, so I ended up finding a trail about 20 minutes south of here that went along the bay and down a creek. It was such a nice change of pace. It was also so nice to have no set run pace or distance goals. I sort of wanted to do between 6 and 8 miles, but I would have been fine with less. It’s easier to get through the miles when I’m in a new place and when I’m not forced to go faster or farther. I also intended to listen to my audiobook, but I’ve been loving music on my runs lately. I’ve been listening to the playlist from my 21st birthday party non-stop during workouts lately! I’m not complaining!

Post-run, I headed to Whole Foods for lunch since the dining halls were closed today.


A salad with egg, soy beans, and carrots (random, I know), some orange chicken, and rice. Plus mango guava kombucha and AMAZING garlic mashed cauliflower! I need to make this this summer!


And now it’s back to Stats homework!

Do you like running with or without a goal?


Wow. It’s been a year since I started my selfie a day project with 2 of my friends. They dropped off a long time ago but I wanted to keep it up! All I can say is….wow. It’s already been a year?? I should technically be doing homework right now, but I just spent some time going  through the pictures because my selfie album was missing 2 more than I was expecting-but I found them, don’t worry! I actually missed 2 days out of the year, so I have 363 pictures. Sometimes when you’re in bed and realize you missed your selfie, it’s not worth it. Sometimes it is-but not always.

This whole project sounds kind of obnoxious-a selfie EVERY day??

I tell myself it’s not obnoxious because I’m not posting them on social media. With the possible exception of this blog post, depending. I still can’t believe a year has gone by. My project took me through DC, major life decisions, firsts, races, changes.

Another thing I learned? I will not age well. I swear my selfies have way more wrinkles than a year ago.

What started out as a silly project turned into so much more, something much nearer to my heart. While I’m one of those people who looks nearly the same in every picture, I feel like that almost makes it more interesting because I look to the background and the subtleties. It’s also an amazing reminder of what my life was like each and every day this past year, and as I get older, documenting these things is more important to me. As the year came to a close, I considered continuing but ultimately decided to just take selfies more regularly and end my complete year as it stands.

One of the most surprising things about this project was the sense of confidence I gained. We all have days where we feel crappy, feel bad about ourselves, and generally have low self esteem. Taking a good selfie can be a reminder of self love, and quite honestly it could turn my day around if I was feeling bad about myself. Additionally, the seflie project made me actually try and make myself more presentable on days where I would have just moped around all day. Looking presentable seriously does make you feel better. That being said, not all selfies show me as presentable. Like this one:


I’ve also got a lot better at taking selfies. I know how to work the angles, what the best lighting is, etc! That being said, remember when you see people’s selfies on social media, they are made to look better than people would likely look normally!

I really loved this project. I looked forward to what my selfie would be each day, what moment I would choose to capture. On that note, I want to share some of the big moments to show how much this really captured.

First vs. Last Day:

10374360_10204198010176199_33908705_n IMG_0323_2


Color run featuring the mustache I didn’t realize I had.

My sister’s college graduation:


First metro ride in DC:


First day of work at a real job:


4th of July on the National Mall:


Learning the hard way that running+DC summer requires sunscreen.


Mount Vernon:


Visiting long lost cousins in NY:


Giants-Nats game:


Leaving DC and lugging 100+ lbs of luggage through the cobbled streets of Georgetown:


Half marathon:



First CS assignment actually running:



First Spin audition:


New blog profile pic:











Santa Run!




The first day of my many months-long illness:


First day working at the vet!


Post-long run:


Winter quarter finals studying:


Sorority recruitment:


Half marathon:


I practically live in the sub-basement of the Physics building:


Turning 21:




And finally, a side-by side at how much better my selfies are from the first week to the last:


And also maybe that I’m a year older and better dressed?

A lot can change in a year!

PUPPIES, Softball, Spin

Hello! Happy Wednesday! It’s currently Tuesday night. I know I haven’t been posting much but honestly it just hasn’t been a priority, and not a lot has called to me. I’m unsure what that means for the future-I think I’m actually going to have a ton of content this summer thanks to different workouts, cooking, and…PUPPY!

That’s right-my family is getting a puppy this summer and I’m actually going to be home! My parents were able to look at the puppies last week so here’s a bit of a photo dump because PUPPIES.

IMG_2177 IMG_0224 IMG_0210 IMG_0138 IMG_0140 IMG_0126

Ahhhh I can’t wait! We get our puppy the week my finals start! SO CLOSE.

So what have I been up to? Lots and lots of sorority stuff, since I’m in charge of all our new members this quarter. We had a S’mores night tonight that I planned and we all learned that I know nothing about fires.

IMG_2202 IMG_2221

Other things-lots of vet stuff. This past weekend I worked at the vet Saturday morning-and it was an intense morning-and then I had  Pre-Vet Expo all day Sunday where a lot of vets and vet students came to talk to us! I am dying to get some cow experience.

Totally unrelated, but last night I was finally able to make it to a slow-pitch softball game! IT. WAS. AWESOME.


I forgot how much I lovelovelove the game of softball. I truly feel like myself when I’m out there! I luckily wasn’t as rusty as I was expecting, and managed to go 2 for 3, and my team won by a lot against a good opponent!

And finally-Spin is going awesomely. I’m starting to get some regulars, and I love the energy! I’m also starting to learn what works and doesn’t work to keep myself and the class engaged. Tonight’s class was intense but a ton of fun! I’m also getting better at doing more on the fly-I hadn’t practiced today’s playlist and was pleasantly surprised by the energy in the combination of music I put together! More exciting things are on the horizon regarding spin as well. Also, now that my stomach is feeling better and I’m not severely sleep deprived, I’m realizing how much better I can teach!

And finally-do you guys remember #365daysofselfies-my project to do a selfie a day for a year? Want to know what’s crazy? Tomorrow marks the last day. Wow. It truly has been an aye-opening and transformative experience, so expect a full post on that. I definitely learned things I never expected to from my year, and it was an amazing way to capture some truly huge moments in my life. I may actually split it into 2 posts. We shall see.

Do you ever take selfies?


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like once again real life things got crazy and the old blog fell by the wayside.

I don’t know, when things are going on in real life it makes my blog feel much less important, you know?

That, and I’ve been lacking in content lately, mostly because my diet consists of a very limited amount of food. At this point, I’m feeling way better, but I found foods that make me feel good and are easy, and I can buy without thinking too much. What are said things?


Gluten free banana blueberry bread before pretty much every workout, so pretty much every morning at this point. I’m going through it too fast-I only have 1 piece left! I’m finding that if I have something more signifiant pre-workout, I can have something lighter/faster post workout. Lately, I’ve been sipping on chocolate soy milk through my first class for post-workout recovery. Plus-it keeps me alert!


Another post-workout meal I’ll have if I’m not running to class is hard boiled eggs + mango. Delicious.


Lunches have been pretty consistent as well. Salad with chicken and champagne vinaigrette, and a fruit bar of some sort. This kind if my favorite!


Trader Joe’s salads are also a dietary staple. My favorite has sunflower seeds, chicken, kale, broccoli slaw, dried cranberries, and spicy vinaigrette!


Another thing I’ve still been plowing through? Luna bars. I ordered a different flavor online and it should come soon, so I’m excited for that!


The final dietary staple? Brown rice cakes with sunflower seed butter, and blueberries if I’m feeling fancy. I’ll grab half of one on the way out the door to eat with my chocolate milk post-workout if I feel like I need a little something extra, and they’re the perfect snack if I get hungry.

So-life+the fact that 80% of my diet consists of these things has made it difficult to blog. But I promise to share some more interesting things soon-AKA PUPPY PICTURES.

What foods do you eat over and over?

A Different Kind of Fitness

Hey guys! I don’t have anything major to say but I wanted to pop in!

I only have a couple of food pictures. The first is this green juice-it’s delicious!


I have a GIANT bottle left over from my birthday party (party animal right?) that I need to finish! I seriously considered doing a mini juice cleanse just because this bottle is basically the entire contents of my fridge right now!

Picture #2: the most perfect mango. Ever. Seriously-it’s beautiful!


I still have 9 more of them :) Sign #1 that mangoes are going to be good is that they go on sale-5 for $5 so I basically had no choice.

On the workout front, I am S-O-R-E. Again. Seriously-every time I do my own workouts it kills me! I’m realizing that I’m kind of out of a certain shape. I have decent strength and endurance, but man. This morning I did weights on my own and I’m already feeling it-but hopefully in places that won’t hinder my ability to walk as much as squats last week did!

Here’s what I did:

Back lunges, sets of 3 each leg. I worked up to #135. Can you believe in high school I used to do these at #195? Granted I probably went lower this time, but man things have changed! I loved back lunges so I did them all the time because they were my favorite, and I guess I’ve lost all muscle there!

3 sets of single leg RDLs at #50, interchanged with calf raises

3 sets: push ups, lowering very slowly (10)/1 min plank with #25 plate on my back (yet another thing I used to be able to do for daysss)

500m max effort row

It’s crazy how this used to be a basic workout for me that I did all the time, and now I’m already majorly sore! Same with what I did last week!

As if I hadn’t already seen how out of shape I was, this afternoon I did some softball agility drills because slow pitch is starting and I feel old and like I’ll pull every muscle in my body if I just go out there without any fitness prep. I haven’t done sprints in AGES, much less agility drills. I did abs at the end and my legs were already talking to me. Crazy how things change…


Another thing I thought I’d mention is an interesting consequence of my stomach issues. For the record, I’m feeling probably 90% fine now, but it’s still the cause of some worry to me! The thing is, it’s majorly messing with my eating habits and therefore making me kind of crazy. I’ve gotten into these cycles where I’d feel bad and not eat very much, to eating ALL. THE. FOOD. when I was feeling better, which naturally my stomach did not like. The other problem with this is it’s been giving me these crazy emotional highs and lows because I’ll constantly spike my blood sugar. Plus there’s stress associated with wondering if overeating will kill my stomach. Anyways, I’m trying to regulate this a little bit. I’m trying to choose whole, fresh, healthy foods that won’t make me crazy and hopefully things will even out again. It’s just made the quarter more stressful than it needs to be! I think eating habits are always a working progress though because things are always changing. I am optimistic that I’ll be back to normal soon!

In what ways are you fit now?