Just a Normal Blog Post+Boot Goes to the Giants Game

Hello! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a normal day-to-day blog post, not a weekend recap, #transformationtuesday, or WIAW.

I currently have an hour before I need to leave for spin. I was SO tired today (progressive lack of sleep), so I left my last class halfway through to take a nap (the lecture is recorded so I just have to make that up) before teaching spin. When I got back, both my roommates were napping as well. I was woken up 2x in 20 minutes by my roommate’s alarm before I gave up. I needed that sleep! I left class early for that sleep! Argh. I hate snooze. I’m always up before my roommates, but I know one of them is a big snoozer. If I was still asleep, that would drive me crazy, to be woken up multiple times every morning by someone else’s alarm!

Ok. Rant over.

Topics of today’s post: Boot Goes to the Giant’s Game, today’s happenings, make-up food pictures.

Monday night, I went to the Giant’s game with my mom!IMG_7126 IMG_7134

I absolutely love SF. The Giants stadium has the best food. A few years ago, they opened up a garden area in centerfield, complete with avocado trees. Here’s a shot with the boot+avocado tree:


Plus, they have tons of gourmet and veggie filled options, including GF flatbread.

IMG_7133 IMG_7138

I got the cauliflower flatbread (insanely delicious. Truffle=life.) And my mom and I split a salad.


I thought a ballgame would be the biggest boot challenge thus far, but it was totally fine. I took the elevator for the biggest set of stairs, and apparently the boot moves well on really hard cement ground.

Most importantly, my mom and I shared a Ghiradelli hot fudge sundae.


This is everything.

The game was a pitcher’s duel. Our pitcher pitched 9 shutout innings, and we won with a walk-off error/bloop/it wasn’t pretty with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. We actually left an inning early to avoid the crowds leaving, so we missed it. Amazing night though!

Back to today. Since I haven’t done a lot of day to day blogging, my foot friendly workouts have also been left off the blog.

Wednesdays are my gym workout days. Enjoy my totally technical descriptions of exercises and machines. Today, I did seated cable rows (4 sets of 10 at 70-85#) alternated with seated dumbbell presses, using 25# dumbbells.

Then, I did some leg machines. One that I really like is the one where you’re sitting down and you press your legs in. I did 5ish sets of that around 170#, alternated with some of the machine that looks similar but you press your legs apart.

Then I did a few BOSU ab moves. Crunches on the BOSU, and then side crunches.

It’s amazing how I’ve managed to actually get stronger and am regularly sore with this injury. My core has gotten pretty strong as well. Yesterday afternoon, I did a couple of Blogilates videos—Abs on Fire and Brutal Booty. I’m sore from that second one—definitely not a normal movement for me!

Post workout breakfast was 2% plain Greek yogurt with blueberries and raspberry chia KIND granola, plus a mango.


Sadly, my stomach didn’t appreciate the fat content of the crab cakes last night and I dealt with a mini flare afterwards. I woke up feeling fine but not in the mood for fats!

Also, I’ve been craving more plants lately. I’m not sure if it’s the warmer weather, but fruits and veggies have been far more appealing than dairy or meat as of late, so I’m rolling with it!

I had to shift my schedule 30 minutes earlier today to take care of my sister’s sweet cat while she’s out of town. He’s on meds (he’s been dealing with upper respiratory stuff since she adopted him months ago), so I have to go over 2x a day.

IMG_7157 IMG_7158

I know, we’re so cute.

I ran to my morning class after that. Then lunch! Continuing the plant based trend. We had a lot of leftover salad from Monday night, and it held up really well! I had that with some leftover roasted sweet potatoes from last night’s dinner.


This afternoon also marked the grand finale of my squirrel project! I presented my project in class today. I still have to do a final research paper on it, but this was the bulk of the preparation!

After another hour of class, here we are! Now that we’ve gotten that all squared away, here are some catch up meals.


BBQ chicken, baked potato, roasted corn, green beans. I really like baked potatoes, but I kept missing the dinners where we would have them!


Breakfast: fruit+yogurt with sunbutter and reduced sugar blueberry jam from Trader Joe’s. I’m a big fan of it!


Another mostly plant based meal from last week. Sweet potatoes, fruit, salad, and some rice and beans.


I’m not a huge pasta person, so sometimes if I can swing it, I throw my pasta sauce+cheese over lettuce. Plus a GF brownie in the back there!


Lunch of sweet potatoes and roasted veggies. I’m pretty sure I had something else with this. Seeing a theme here?

And here we are, all caught up! I have a bit of a long night ahead of me. After teaching spin, I have to sprint back, eat, and clean myself up to be presentable (all in 30 minutes) for a senior toast. My school also does a time capsule every year, which get’s buried under a plaque for our class in the quad, so that’s happening tonight as well!

Are you a snooze person?

WIAW: Senior vs Sophomore

Welcome to another WIAW! Once again in honor of my #TransformationTuesday series, I’m doing another Then vs Now WIAW, this week throwing it back to sophomore year. Here’s the original.




Half a protein bar and some dates



Pumpkin banana bread. Nearing the end of my freezer stash! Plus a couple of tortilla chips.



IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4721

A cappuccino (sleep deprivation was real), a chocolate Kashi soft baked granola bar, and lots of dried mango.



Fage whole milk Greek yogurt with a little bit of raspberry KIND granola, and a mango. And a tortilla chip.




Tupperware salad with goat cheese, hard boiled egg, and hummus. (Still love this combo.)



Pasta with puttnesca sauce, artichoke salad, greens, marinated eggplant, and muscles. I accidentally got too much past so I split it up and stuck with the bottom pile. Plus fruit.


Afternoon Snack



Pumpkin Bread from a cafe on campus.



Eggplant, fruit, kettle corn rice cake with whipped strawberry cream cheese. Plus a piece of dried mango and a chocolate.





Peach, chicken, an goat cheese salad.



Watermelon salad, crab cake, gluten free cornbread with butter and honey, and roasted sweet potatoes.




Some of these homemade granola bar concoctions. “2 T sunflower seed butter and 2 T brown rice syrup, 1/2 c applesauce., vanilla extract and cinnamon, 2 packets of instant oatmeal (or 1.5 c oats), 2 T chia seeds, handful coconut flakes, 1 egg, chopped date and mango.”


A piece of dried mango, and another crab cake.

Not going to lie…the eats of two-year-ago-Aurora looks pretty delicious!

My favorite question: best thing you ate this week?

#TransformationTuesday Part 2: The Worst Thing I Could Have Done for My Health

Hello, hello! As promised, here we are again a week later, back for part two of my #TransformationTuesday series. (See part 1 here.)


And so starts my journey into sophomore year. I spent the summer prior finding balance again after a crazy freshman year. I honestly needed that summer to reset. I found my fitness again too: I ran my first half marathon, and started Crossfit! I felt far more sane.

That fall I felt in a better place. I was +15 from freshman year, but I felt more comfortable in my skin and was far fitter than the end of freshman year. That fall, I ate ALL THE PUMPKIN. It’s actually ridiculous.

1379758_4876095399653_493206050_n IMG_4522

I actually didn’t eat much in the dining hall then either, because we had norovirus strike, and I wanted no part of that.

At the same time, I was crazy stressed with school. That was by fall the hardest and most demoralizing time of my life, and I was drowning. I took far too hard a quarter, and definitely doubted whether I should even be here. Food was not the first thing on my mind. I actually remember being so stressed I had to force feed myself raisins because I knew I needed SOMETHING.


Despite the academic stress, I did feel more secure in who I was than freshman year, and who my friends were. This helped immensely.

During this time, I was still wrestling with good/bad foods. I wanted to try to restrict sugar, but that often made me crazy, going between no sugar/lots of sugar. In general, sugar does affect how I feel physically a lot. IMG_4632 IMG_4888

(This pumpkin bread was amazing and I ate the whole loaf post-half marathon when the runger was real. No regrets about that. Necessary.)

IMG_5349 IMG_5330

Summary: fall, I was eating better and feeling better.

After the holidays, like anyone, I was feeling a little heavier and gross. I felt my eating habits were slipping.

And then I embarked on a healthy living journey that turned out to be the worst possible thing I could do for my health.

The Project.

In theory, it seemed like a fantastic plan for my health. I embarked on 4 weeks of no processed food, including processed sugars (dates were allowed, but that was it). I am still a big proponent of a whole foods, low sugar diet. And the time I was on the project did transform my health. My physical health, that is. I did honestly feel great. But at the same time, it made me an anxious mess.

IMG_0001 IMG_6343

I was in a constant state of restriction. I started to get really bad anxiety, like nothing I have felt in my life. After the first week, I cheated and had some dessert (not a crazy amount, mind you). That evening into the next morning, I was insanely anxious, so much so that I had to call in sick to leading quidditch conditioning because I needed a run to burn off some of the energy, and that was the only thing that made me feel better.


Found my love for roasted carrots. <3

Finally, 3 weeks into the challenge I couldn’t do it anymore, and when a delicious ice cream sandwich was presented to me, I gave up.


And then the next months became a sugar bender. That extreme restriction had made me a mess (theme of sophomore year, I suppose), and feeling gross while watching my body transform made it even worse. In a few short months, I was almost +15 from the end of The Project.

SophTTIMG_7871 IMG_7872

Once again, I lost my control and my balance. When I arrived in DC that summer, I was +25 from pre-college.

One key thing I want to talk about here is what went wrong, and what’s different now. Then, when I was feeling a little unhealthy, I would immediately try to slash food and sweets, and it usually backfired. Even if I was “doing well,” I still felt like I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and the cycle to start over again.

Now, things are different. The last time I was feeling a little gross, a little puffy, I made the conscious decision not to revert to old habits and cut things out. Instead, I decided to focus on adding things in: making an intentional effort to eat more fruits and veggies. And that approach made all the difference. Sometimes I hear people talk about cutting out sugar for x period of time, and honestly, I can’t listen to it anymore. I have to walk away. That was so much my tendency for so long, and it would be so easy to slip into these habits. But where I am now, I’m happy and healthy without doing that. I want to keep doing what I’m doing, and not let other influence this lifestyle I’ve built for myself. I know if I let myself get back into that cycle, it would be all bad again.

Also, I know with this series I’m being sort of vague about what’s changed, but that will be at the end of the series! I promise it’s nothing drastic though. Mainly a shift in mindset!


Adventures in #bootlife

Having a stress fracture at the end of my senior year of college stinks, but I decided to not let it affect my life! (Minus the whole no running/walking/most exercise thing but minor details…)

I’m trying to have SOME fun with it (as seen here). I’m thinking of it almost like Flat Stanley (did anyone else do that? For classes, one student would get him for a week and take him on adventures, taking photos of the adventures). So this week, where did boot go?


Thursday, I rounded up a big group and friends and went to Senior night, a night out for the seniors to get together.

IMG_7031 IMG_7017

Friday, we (the boot and I) went to a sorority mixer. Since #prevet, I suggested an animal theme and somehow that actually went through. Not complaining.

IMG_7025 IMG_7030 IMG_7039

It was a fun night, spent with lots of friends!

Then, Saturday was the perfect day. It was so much fun. Despite a late night, I was up pretty early as per usual and decided to head to Crossfit, since the WOD was reasonably foot-modifiable. My workout ended up being 5 rounds, 2 min rest between rounds, of the following:

2 min assault bike

15 strict pul ups (I used a band for the strict, but worked in some no banded kipping. I can now string 5 kipping together, and pre-injury it was only 3!)

1 min assault bike

10 ring rows

10 strict press

It felt good to get moving, and I fell those pull ups now!

Since I sometimes call this a food and fitness blog, not just #bootlife and #stressfracture, here was my lunch:


GF avocado toast, leftover dill salmon (our chef makes the best salmon ever), greens with Italian dressing, and apple/beet/dijon salad.

Then, the main event! My friend somehow managed to convince his professor to let him use his beach house for the day/night! A group of us made the hourish drive, but with good conversation, it flew by!

This is the view from the window.


First stop was the beach! Luckily there was a nice path leading down to the beach. After a minor sand incident last week, this time I came prepared. I brought a drawstring (this is key) garbage bag to put over the boot to keep the sand out.


Worked like a charm! As a we were walking along the beach, a big wave came up to knee height, but my boot stayed dry!

IMG_7047 IMG_7055

Despite rain earlier in the day, the weather was perfect. The beach house even had a private beach! We also had no cell signal or Wifi, which was a strange yet refreshing experience.

We spent about 2 hours hanging out at the beach before heading inside to make dinner.

My main task was chopping up and sautéing the peppers and asparagus.


As well as pan-frying the chicken. I actually surprised myself by how much I actually am capable of cooking, and how much I actually know about things. Maybe it’s comparative! When cooking with 3 boys, sometimes you have to be the voice of reason.

For example, we bought some wine to go with dinner, and I pointed out we didn’t bring a corkscrew. They immediately thought we should just hit the top of the bottle off. I suggested we check the fully stocked kitchen for a corkscrew. Guess what? We found one! Haha!


For dinner, we had chicken (which I made with olive oil and garlic salt), gluten free spaghetti with marinara and the veggies I made, corn, and tortellini with pesto.



I seriously cannot get enough of this view.


It was honestly such an amazing day. I ended up driving back around sunset that night instead of staying because I had an early morning. These people have been my friends since freshman year, and I don’t see them nearly enough. It was the perfect senior spring day.

Sunday was another great day. My dorm did a wine tasting trip to Napa! The bus left at 9am, and we arrived at the first winery at 11.


Our first stop was V. Sattui. We had some time to walk around before our tour. They have a really nice deli, with delicious cheeses!


A winery tour in a boot was one of the more challenging things I’ve done, I have to admit.

IMG_7075 IMG_7076 IMG_7078

Cat sighting!

IMG_7079 IMG_7086 IMG_7080

Thankfully, we got to sit down for the tasting.

IMG_7089 IMG_7090 IMG_7091

My favorite was the Sauvignon Blanc. I am not a red wine girl, I have to admit.

After our tasting, we had lunch at the winery. I had a turkey sandwich on lettuce.


The highlight was dessert for sure though. It was creme brûlée, served cold. I’m not always a huge fan of creme brûlée, but this was delicious. It was a little eggier than a lot of creme brûlées, and seemed less fatty, which I liked a lot more! It also had strong vanilla bean flavor.


Stop #2 was Robert Mondavi, one of the big founding wineries in Napa.

IMG_7096 IMG_7098 IMG_7099

I actually liked this tour a lot more. The tour guide was funny, and very informative. In addition, we got to see more of the process.


Our tasting took place in the barrel room!

IMG_7103 IMG_7104

And more beautiful Napa scenery:

IMG_7107 IMG_7115

These past few days have been amazing. it’s hard to go back to reality, especially with only 7 days left of class in my undergraduate career! I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I think part of that is the uncertainty of next year. But let’s not even touch that topic with a 10 foot pole!

What did you do this weekend?

WIAW: Then Vs. Now

Happy WIAW!


Since my little #TransformationTuesday series is the day before WIAW, I thought I’d include a little themed WIAW action alongside that. This week, we’re going to look at Spring of Freshman year vs. now. (Original here.)




Power Snacks mentioned later.



GF pumpkin banana bread from the freezer, plus 2 tortilla chips while it heated up.




Dining hall biscuit, pear+hard boiled egg, gummy vitamins ( still take these, don’t take stylized pictures!) and midmorning cappuccino.



Breakfast on the go before squirrel watching (for a research project). Aesthetic level=0. 2% plain fage greek yogurt, Trader Joe’s reduced sugar blueberry jam (SO good), and sunbutter.




Salad with added hard boiled egg.



Make your own sandwich: I made half with egg salad and half with smoked salmon and herbed dill cream cheese. Roasted butternut squash and purple potatoes on the side, plus fruit salad. Went back for more fruit and squash! Sidenote: I LOVE fruit salad that includes bananas!

Afternoon snack:





More leftover roasted squash and fruit salad, and a piece of dried mango.




Garden burger over salad, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and cabbage.


A roll with jelly, butter, and peanut butter. Dessert of vanilla soft serve with pineapple and granola.



Out to dinner with the family for my mom’s birthday. Goat cheese and beat salad with mint vinaigrette (love that idea!) with grilled chicken. + a few of my mom’s amazing fries. I took about half the lettuce and some of the beets home for lunch tomorrow!


+ a scoop of peppermint fudge ripple ice cream.

Post-Dinner Snack:



Snack 1 is a bar, snack 2 was dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and the creation on the right up there. Dorm room cooking at its finest: sunflower seed milk, unsweetened coconut, and a mashed up ripe banana. Served with a square of dark chocolate, and sunbutter.



A few bites of these roasted sweet potatoes (that picture is the whole container. I did not eat the whole container). And GF chocolate chip cookie because you don’t pass that up.

It’s really funny to look back on this. I think every single meal included an item I can no longer eat (gluten/nuts/coconut). Funny how that works! I think looking back that was actually one of my healthier days of that time period as well.

And lastly: photos from dinner! Since you don’t pass up an opportunity for photos when you look presentable.

IMG_6975 IMG_6977 IMG_6990

Favorite ice cream flavor. GO.

I like things with fudge swirls. Love Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon (caramel swirl, chocolate and vanilla ice cream), but Tin Pot’s TCHO chocolate cannot be beat.