A Day In The Life Fall 2014

Hey guys! It’s been a looong time since I did a Day in the Life post! (See my last one here! After looking over it, my quarter is definitely much saner!)

7:05 Alarm goes off. Jump out of bed and remove my foot straightjacket.


It’s a night brace for my plantar fasciitis. It really helps, but I feel really constrained so I typically wear one at a time to give one foot some freedom.

I wake up grateful that my feet are feeling good! They were bad yesterday.


Heading out for a run. I have trouble getting out the door on time this morning. My route takes me 2.5 miles more or less up a gradual hill, and 2.5 miles back. It feels pretty good. The plan was 6 but I’m short on time and the turnaround works better this way. I think about how much I miss running in DC. 2.5 miles there would take me from my house in Georgetown to the monuments. Here, it takes me…up a street.

I had to wear long sleeves! It was cold this morning! I think about how hard it will be to get out the door in a few months, but it’s fine once I get moving.


Not the fastest time, but it was up hills and felt better than last week!

9:00am Go to breakfast. They had roasted cauliflower with the eggs! I get a small bowl of eggs+veggies, plus my usual yogurt bowl with sun butter and pears. It seems like a lot of food, but run days make me hungry!


I contemplate getting coffee. My decision is made for me when the dining hall is out! I decide that taking back some roasted veggies for lunch will save time in my lunch prep, and I’m still running late.

9:15 Pack up lunch and back pack, and then shower and get ready.


9:52 Walk out the door and refill our candy bowl.


Bike clear across campus to my first class.


10-11:50 Developmental Neurobiology


We talk about synapse elimination in the spinal cord.

12-Lunchtime! Contemplate getting coffee because I’m dragging a bit, but decide against it.

Lunch is mashed sweet potatoes, roasted veggies from this morning, and precooked lemon pepper chicken from Trader Joe’s. I was impressed and surprised by how lemony the chicken was.


Also here’s my outfit. Jeans. Moccasins. Long sleeve shirt+scarf. It’s fall my friends.




12:30-3 I did work. Normally I’d have a Chem section in there too but since we just had a midterm, there wasn’t much material to go over.

I spent some time working on Wednesday’s post.


I also watched Monday’s CS lecture. On Mondays I have overlapping classes, but one of my lectures is filmed so I watched the lecture today!


~3:00 Head over to CS lecture. This class has 700 people in it, but luckily in week 5 people stop going to class so it’s easy to get a seat!


4:15 Return to dorm. I need a nap! Dinner doesn’t seem like it will have a ton of substance so I eat a bite of blueberry vanilla goat cheese.


I then change into leggings-GOTTA SUPPORT THE TEAM-and crawl into bed until 5:00 when the game starts.



5:00 Alarm goes off. I just up and run to the dining hall to grab dinner before first pitch at 5:07. Dinner looks better than expected.


A piece of quesadilla, salad, roasted carrots, a little cilantro brown rice, some dry chicken.

Then-game time!


Between innings I run back to the dining hall to return my dishes and grab a bowl of ice cream with hot fudge.


Continue watching the game and work on pre-lab during commercials.


Game ends around 8:45. Sadly we lose. We’re now 1-1 for the series but we’re headed home!

8:45-9:15 Work on this post and chat with a friend. She learns about this blog and wants to follow it.

9:15 House meeting. Only a couple of announcements, but they bring in Sprinkles Cupcakes! I haven’t had many sweets this week so I don’t worry that I already had ice cream.


I decide that Sprinkles doesn’t compare to the other cupcake places in DC, although I swear the Sprinkles Cupcake I had in DC was better. And bigger…

9:38 Now. Typing up this blog post. I’m ahead on work so I’ll probably go to bed soon. I also realize that I’m almost certainly allergic to the Halloween candy that doesn’t contain nuts, but is packed and processed near so many nuts. Booo. I’ve gotten so sensitive!

It’s interesting to see this Day in the Life compared to the last one-my life is so much less crazy now!

What do you think of Day in the Life posts?


WIAW and Life Lately

Hello! Today’s WIAW is going up a little bit late, but that’s ok!


Today’s post will sort of be photo dump style. Expect more organization tomorrow-I’m recording a “Day in the Life” today!

Dinner on Sunday night was a giant Mexican salad with an obscene amount of avocado. I can count of one hand the number of times I’ve had avocado since coming to school….

Also a cheese quesadilla on top.


Breakfasts have been same old, same old. Which I actually like, because it’s nice to have a routine, but doesn’t make for the most interesting blog content. The other day there were bananas though, which was a nice change!


While this lunch wasn’t the most exciting, I loved how colorful it was! Mashed sweet potatoes, hard boiled egg, and broccoli.


Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my family. My mom and I split a chopped salad (see my version here!) and an arepa with gouda.


Dinner at the dining hall was meh. The roasted vegetables were great-the food I did get was good, but there wasn’t a protein source so my meal felt like it was majorly missing something.


I remedied that by making some chia pudding, eaten in front of the Giant’s game.


I left it in the communal fridge to thicken, and I feel like people probably judged me heavily because it looks pretty weird!

In terms of life things, I’m officially having a Halloween party! I’m a little obsessed with holidays, and I feel like if I didn’t have one, I’d be sitting around by myself on Halloween. I invited people yesterday, and have zero idea what type of turnout I’ll get. On the plus side, my high school friend is visiting, and she’s very artsy so she can help decorate!

Other life news: this gum. It tastes like love and happiness.


Also, I love my Giants and I love my friends.


SO HAPPY about yesterday’s game! I’ve planned my whole life around the games so it was great to get a win! So happy guys, you have no idea. Let’s hope we keep this up!

What have you eaten lately?

Crush Cancer 2014

Saturday morning, I participated in an amazing fundraiser, and my first Crossfit competition-Crush Cancer! This event was held at Crossfits throughout the world to benefit Stand Up to Cancer, an my home box was hosting. (For more info, check out this post.)

So, Saturday morning I ate breakfast and drove up there.


It was so great to see so many people out there to support a great cause!


I was in the first heat, which I was really happy about. I was a little nervous, and I didn’t want to have to wait around to go!

Of course, it wouldn’t be an event if my mom didn’t take an awkward picture of me stretching…


The workout was 3 five minute chunks, with a minute in between each. Each round consisted of:

1 minute power cleans (65#)

1 minute shoulder to overhead (65#)

1 minute double unders

1 minute kb swings (16kg)

1 minute burpees


(The pictures of me warming up are less blurry.)

Here’s the breakdown for me-the power cleans were super light. The shoulder to over head would be a bit heavier especially after cleans. I had no idea how double unders would go because they are super hit or miss for me. KB swings would sort of be a rest because 16 has felt pretty light lately and they were just Russian swings (not overhead). Burpees would be….burpees. Blech.

Here’s how it went:


I ended up muscle cleaning the power cleans because it was light, which means I didn’t really jump it up. The first round, I started WAYYY too fast-I think I got 20 reps in the first 30 seconds and then realized I needed to slow the heck down because it was starting to gas me. I did push press for shoulder to overhead, and it definitely wasn’t light after the cleans.


Then it was on to jumprope, which I was grateful for because my shoulders were shot. To my surprise, the jump roping went really well. My double udders were cooperating and it turned out to be a non issue. Note-jump roping with rubber arms is a weird experience.



The kettle bell swings were pretty uneventful.


And the burpees were surprisingly good. Because the kettle bell swings were fairly light and I muscle cleaned in the first minute, my legs were actually pretty fresh so these actually felt good. Weird…


Round 2 was definitely the hardest round for me. I slowed it back quite a bit in an effort to not die. Rounds 2 and 3 were when I started having the problem that my grip was failing on the barbell movements and kettle bell swings.


And as I write this, I’m realizing how sore my forearms are now….lots and lots of cleans will do that! Plus kettle bell swings-those can be hard on grip too!

I think the last round felt better than the second, maybe because I was almost done! Grip was definitely worse though! It was awesome to have so many people cheering me on through the last round.

But man, I was happy to be done!


^Pure relief.

That was HARD. Definitely the hardest workout I’ve done in a LONG time. Competition push and normal push in workouts are 2 different things! WHEW. I finished with 336 reps!

After watching another wave compete, I headed home for lunch, homework help, and kitties.

IMG_0175 IMG_9605

Lunch was pretty basic-taco salad with ground turkey and cheese.


Plus some fancy cheese and crackers on the side.

Then, I spent the entire afternoon working on CS homework. On the plus side, I’m really close I think!


I also did a little experimental baking-recipe to come soon!

I stayed for dinner before heading back to school-we ordered takeout from a fancy burger place. I got a wild salmon burger with sweet potato fries.


And I’ll leave you with some last cat pictures:





^He makes sure all my clothes come back to school furry.

And here I am! I stayed out too late coding (until I realized I couldn’t think straight and it was time for bed). I was planning on running this morning but brunch is about to open so that can wait!

What did you do this weekend?

The Best Moment

WHEW! We made it to the weekend! Mine will be chock full of work, but that’s not important right now. What is important?

1. AHHHHHHHHHHHH WE’RE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! OMG OMG OMG. I was watching the game prior to my Chem midterm last night, and the minute I got out, my mom texted me saying we won! Such an amazing finish too. AHHH. Best moment-chem midterm done and Giant’s win!

2. I am SORE. Especially my calves. Going down stairs is immensely painful. Why did I have class on the 3rd floor? Ow. I did the Filthy Fifty yesterday morning at Crossfit and those box jumps…man. The whole workout kicked my butt! The last time I did it was on my birthday!

3. The reason #2 is a problem is that I am doing a Crossfit competition tomorrow, and I really need to practice my double unders, but the thought of jump roping is making me cringe right now. Ah well.

4. I’ve been running again! I did 5 miles on Wednesday, which is the farthest I’ve done since healing up my feet. It’s interesting-it’s hard but not in a cardio way-my legs get tired!

5. Food. I think I’m finally getting into a more consistent eating routine, which just makes everything better. Breakfasts have been yogurt bowls with sun butter from the dining hall.




I also had a latte this morning. It was super milky though, so not the best in my opinion!


Lunch yesterday was roasted carrots (!) from the dining hall, salmon from the dining hall, and my own sage mashed sweet potatoes.


Today, I had more leftover sweet potatoes, plus a turkey and brie sandwich. I ended up running back to my room a bit later for some more veggies.


Roasted carrots are currently my savior. First of all, I love them. Second of all, when I get out of class at 4 and am hungry, they’re a good pre-Crossfit snack because they digest pretty quickly.

Dinner last night was gobbled down during the Giant’s game. For some reason, I was STARVING when I got out of lab. I was definitely that person waiting outside the dining hall until it opened at 5. Favorite on this plate were the black bean chili and chicken masala, which had a really great warm flavor. Plus, I was starving.


Some other snacks lately have been fancy cheese (all my friends are cheese obsessed-I can’t really complain) as well as chia pudding. For the chia pudding, it’s simply chia seeds, milk, and preferably dates (which I am now out of).

And now I’m off to one more meeting before my weekend of schoolwork!

What are your plans for the weekend?


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting, but things have been pretty crazy around here with midterms, Giant’s playoffs, and all kinds of other commitments! This weekend I’m going home to participate in my Crossfit’s Crush Cancer charity competition, benefitting Stand Up to Cancer. ┬áSo I hope to make up at least somewhat for the quietness around here with some pictures of life as of late!

IMG_9537 IMG_9552 IMG_9558








What have you been up to lately?