#tbt My First Spin Class

Fellow spinners-do you remember your first spin class? I was thinking about this today as I was trying to convince my mom to come to a spin class (it’s not going to happen). It was the summer after my sophomore year in high school and I had just gotten my first gym membership at the same gym my friend went to. I was always intimidated by spin classes-they looked so crazy and intense! But one morning my friend convinced me to go with her. I remember sort of struggling to figure out how to set up the bike, and not really knowing how to use the resistance knob. But mostly I remember how much sitting in that bike seat for an hour hurt! I remember sitting down talking to my friend outside after class and just being in so much pain from the seat! Thankfully that problem went away quickly with more classes! Now I know though that the sore butt thing gets worse if you don’t have enough resistance and are bouncing a lot in the saddle. Another learning curve is figuring out how to use resistance. It took me a while to realize I need to adjust the resistance at the beginning of the class-at first, if the person on the bike before me left a lot of resistance on, I would leave it on and just start super heavy!



I’ve had nearly the same breakfast every day of break-sunbutter on toast plus fruit of some sort. We’re sort of overloaded with fruit right now! I still have persimmons from my roommate, plus we got shipments of both pears and oranges! For some reason, I always want sun butter on toast when I come home, but I NEVER have it at school!



A little while after breakfast, I went for a 6 mile run around my neighborhood. Here’s the thing. I live on a hill. There are no flat runs around here; it’s just a question of which hill I want to run up! This run was definitely hard. The last mile included a STEEP climb! And the last hill run I’ve done was….my SF race in September. Whoops. So something to work on!

I refueled with leftover chicken and roasted cauliflower, and then whipped up some more holiday cookies.

I made my healthy polka dot cookies again, but instead of using mint chips, I split the dough into 2 parts and added chocolate chips with a mint center to one part, and chocolate chips filled with caramel (these things are crazy good!) to the other half. It was a nice change!

IMG_0484 IMG_0485


It’s really nice to have some healthy holiday cookies around for when the sweet tooth strikes!

This evening, I taught another spin class! It was a great class-everyone had great energy and it was a lot of fun! I did run into an….interesting…problem in the middle of class. The gym I teach at is a sort of warehouse with a big open garage door type thing. Apparently there were some people in the park right next to the gym smoking an…inebriating substance…and the smell was pretty strong in the gym. I was going to close the big door, but before I could a lady got off her bike and took care of them! So that was a new experience to have while teaching a class!

I definitely felt the morning’s run while I was teaching though! I haven”t done double days in a while so I’m not quite in that kind of shape I guess! On the first hill, I was a little overly ambitious with my resistance and it was killer! I didn’t want to obviously drop my resistance while encouraging people to keep going, so I was pretty out of breath for that part of the hill! Lesson learned.

After class, I was more than ready to dive into dinner. We made my Guacamole salad with some chips and salsa, plus a few cookies for dessert!


Me legs are so shot now though! You know that feeling after a really hard workout where your quads just ache? Yeah…

Have you ever taken spin? How was your first class?

I Knitted a Scarf Today

Guess who is a knitter?

Well, that might be a stretch. Back in the day, I knitted quite a bit. I guess it was the cool thing for middle schoolers to do? I have quite a few hand-knitted scarves, and just as many unfinished projects. I don’t think I’ve FINISHED anything in 10 years! (No joke!) I started a scarf last winter with my friend…that is currently sitting in a bag in my dorm room, very much unfinished. My knitting attention span was/is tiny. My favorite thing to knit when I was little was hats for my iPod because they didn’t take very long!

Well, today I was hanging out with my high school friends. One of them wanted to make a quilt…and the trip to the craft store sparked the crafting bug. I’m terrible at crafts in general, so I was drawn back to knitting.

Well, as it turned out, I pumped out a whole scarf today! It’s an infinity scarf, and it’s the first infinity scarf I’ve made (so it isn’t without its flaws). Not a bad day’s work!



I met up with my high school friends (mentioned above) for brunch today. It was so nice to see them, and I didn’t mind the pancakes either!



Blueberry pancakes with a side of an egg.

We later walked to a frozen custard food truck, where I enjoyed some vanilla bean custard with burnt caramel sauce.



We spent all afternoon catching up, until it was time to break for dinner.

Roasted parmesan cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potato, and rosemary chicken. The recipe turned out sort of strangely for the chicken and it was pretty bland, but I would seriously be happy to eat plain chicken with ketchup any day of the week! Especially when there are roasted veggies involved!



Do you ever do any crafting?


Oxygen and OChem

Guys. Guess who’s FINALLY done with Organic Chemistry? THIS GIRL. It took me FOREVER for one reason or another (like getting mono and having to drop it 8 weeks into a 10 week quarter…) but I’m finally DONE!

In honor of that, I wanted to share this interesting article on oxygen/oxidation. It was written a professor whose nutrition class I took my freshman year. It discusses why eating charred food isn’t good and why you need to be careful with your storage of omega-3s (they go bad quickly). So check it out!


I made my valiant return to Crossfit at home last night. And was reminded why this is my favorite Crossfit. For some reason at my school Crossfit the WODs never involve barbell movements, and this one had all my favorites!

Skill/Strength was handstands (which I haven’t done since summer…oops) and bulgarian split squats.


4 rounds of:

20 deadlifts(135/95)

15 front squats

10 hang cleans

5 shoulder to overhead

The prescribed weight was 95 but that was going to be pretty heavy for everything but the deadlifts so I went with 75# and it still kicked my butt! I finished in 17:45. And am already sore.

Dinner post workout was leftovers (teriyaki chicken) plus garlic roasted broccoli. Guys, I know I don’t do a ton of recipes, but this one is amazing. I could just eat pans and pans of it.


Followed by some caramel ice cream.


And this THIS morning, I went to one of my favorite spin classes that I haven’t been to since summer! It was good, and I got some ideas for my own classes. Which is good since I got the call to teach again tomorrow! Can’t wait!

I refueled with chocolate milk before later having toast with cheese and a tangerine.


So-any good workout song suggestions?

Fitness Assessment and Food

First and foremost-check out my giveaway! Still a few days left to enter!

Second. Still playing a bit of catch up. Don’t worry, we’ll be all up to date soon!

So, when I rejoined my gym for break, they really pushed their fitness assessment, which was a 1 on 1 with a trainer (free!). I figured, why not? So I went in. We ended up mostly doing mobility stuff and going over what I should be doing. It made me realize how much I’ve been slacking off in that department lately! A couple of years ago, I went to yoga regularly and did all the rolling/active stretching before working out with my trainer, but MAN I need to get back into tat! This was a good reminder!

So-food. Friday night I went to my dad’s company Christmas party. Fun fact-I’ve been to more company Christmas parties than anyone else there, my dad and employees included.

But hey, when there is quality food involved, I’m not one to turn it down!


Course 1: salad.


Course 2: salmon. Lemon dill sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes. I don’t generally like salmon (like in the dining hall) and I think it’s because the only time I ever really have salmon is at really fancy restaurants where it is cooked 100% perfectly. And other salmon just seems so much less good. We NEVER have had salmon at home, so I guess I’m spoiled on the rare occasion I do go out and get it?


Dessert: chocolate pot de creme. Seriously, so good. My dad kept calling it “chocolate pudding” which drove me crazy because this is so much higher quality than that. But yes, I guess it is kind of like chocolate pudding…


Dinner from a couple of nights ago. Guys-call me crazy, but I don’t really like pizza. My mom’s veggie pizza was better, but I’m just not a pizza person, and if I do have it, I’m really particular. I like the thin crust style with a very particular flavor. I know, weird, right?


Yesterday morning I was supposed to shadow at my potential future profession, but it was a slow day so they told me to come back. Instead, I got coffee with my mom and then spent the rest of the morning doing Christmas shopping. I THINK I’m done but I feel like I’m forgetting something…anyways, I stopped at Trader Joe’s for this Southwest salad in the process!

And NOW we’re caught up!

Everything I Haven’t Blogged About

Hey guys! With some busyness these past few days, I’ve definitely neglected to mention some things!

I think for this break, if I can stay up to date on blogging, I’m going to structure these posts as some type of tidbit to start-health, news, life, random, etc, and then go into meals and workouts. Sound ok?

Today’s tidbit: the storm of the decade. People not from CA may have seen on the news that we’ve gotten blasted with rain these past few days. I wanted to set the record straight, as a Northern Californian.

1. We are in a drought. We are STILL in a drought. We needed that rain, and we’ve already had the most December rain in 50 years, but we need another 2-3 storms of this caliber to no longer be in a drought.

2. Yes, this storm may seem like “nothing” in comparison to crazy central US/East coast storms, but the fact of the matter is that it caused a great deal of damage, just because of the sheer amount of water that came down so quickly. The winds weren’t crazy and it wasn’t an INSANE downpour, but it was a constant amount of water being dumped. Lots and lots of things flooded. Some people up north lost their houses in mudslides. Highways in the Bay Area closed due to feet of water flooding the freeways (including near SF). I was done with exams before the storm hit, but some exams had to be moved because the buildings they were supposed to take place in flooded.

3. The night before the storm of the decade….I was out duct taping my windshield wiper back together. Awesome. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but it was broken such that the rubber wiper wouldn’t stay in place so the arm of the wiper scraped across the glass, which made a deafening shriek. Duct tape worked like a charm. The drive home in torrential rain? Not so fun though. I couldn’t see 10 feet ahead of me.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, what did I fail to mention?

I’ve been doing lots of getting in the Christmas spirit! 2 Christmas movies have already been watched. My Christmas sweater has been worm.


The day I went home, my mom, my sister, and I had lunch. I had a delicious bowl that included brown rice, butternut squash, carrots, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower puree. It was delicious.


Followed by my favorite ice cream ever, Tin Pot. This is chocolate.


Thursday night I actually taught spin. Due to torrential rain, it was a small class but a good one! I love how the gym is decked out for the holidays!

IMG_0384 IMG_0385

Lunch on Friday was open faced turkey sandwiches, with an apple slice on top. Just place them under broil until the cheese is bubbly-they’re delicious!


Friday I also made my first batch of holiday cookies. I used my recipe for healthy polka dot cookies. They actually are really healthy. It was nice to have something sweet on hand that didn’t leave me feeling gross and sluggish. They were even approved by my grandma!

This batch is extra dark because I used dark chocolate cocoa powder.




Another fun weekend event involved seeing my 3rd grade teacher perform in the community production of A Christmas Carol. He was Jacob Marley’s ghost, and did a great job! The whole production was fantastic and so well done. They put it on every year, and every year it sells out. It’s free, but you are asked to bring toys to donate.

That’s all for today-expect more catch up food pictures tomorrow!

What is your favorite holiday dessert?