Last Day in DC

Well, this is it folks. I’m (Mostly) packed and ready to go. Assuming my suitcases close (which is still TBD-very much TBD).

When I get back, I’ll probably do a full reflection of my time in DC, but for now I’m just going to have a normal style blog post and recap some food and fitness from the last few days.


Monday-Crossfit. We did one rep maxes for squats. I chose front squat and didn’t PR, but I matched my heaviest weight. Once I get back in my lifting shoes I’ll definitely be able to do more!

The WOD was tough:

8 min AMRAP
15 Wall balls (20-30#/16-20#)
5 Hand release pushups
15 KB/DB swings (32Kg, 24Kg)
5/side Renegade rows (alternate sides)

I used a 20 lb wall ball, and the thing about heavier wall balls is they come down on your face a lot harder/faster. Oof. I believe I had 3 rounds plus 6 wall balls?

Tuesday: 3 mile run+Crossfit

I ran in the morning and happened to run into some run club friends. Which always seems to happen on my runs! It was very uneventful. I think I had a decent pace. I ran a new route and the whole thing was brick sidewalks which stunk though.

Crossfit was my last class! Wahh. We did some split jerk work where we practiced the footwork without actually bringing the bar overhead. Then we did heavy thrusters. I don’t think I’ve done heavy thrusters, just thrusters in the conditioning portion. I think I was doing 85#? My shoulders sometimes get cranky in overhead work.

Conditioning involved outdoor running.

Wednesday: LAST November Project-PR Day!



I haven’t been to NP since moving to a different part of DC because it’s a bit far to run, and I have to get to work early. Today though, I decided to go. I took a bus to get as close to Lincoln as I could and then ran the remaining mile.

PR day consists of running the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial 17 times.



(Note that this doesn’t show all the stairs).

Soo basically you run the stairs…and then just keep going for like 40-45 minutes. I think someone once said it ends up being around 3 miles? Of straight stairs. That’s a lot of stairs. I had never done all 17 sets before since I always had to leave for work, but I did them all today and now my legs are done.



NP may have been my favorite workout here, so it was a fitting way to end my time here. This is also probably the fittest group of people in the city. There were a ton of rowers out today too! I’m a pretty fit person; a can run a sub-10 minute pace for 13.1 miles on an extremely hilly course. And I was one of the last ones to finish. I mean, MAN. Everyone is super welcoming though-so if you’re thinking of going to a NP definitely don’t be intimidated!

Foodwise, I have a couple of things from the past couple of days.

Pita sandwich at work-filled with tons of veggies and hummus.



One last visit to the Avocado Cafe-if you’re ever in Georgetown, go here! They are super nice here too. I had a wrap with chicken, grilled veggies, and avocado.



Dinner last night was courtesy of my gym. Crazy-right? They have Paleo meals. I got chicken with pineapple salsa, grilled avocado, and curry cauliflower. The cauliflower was a bit disappointing but the avocado-ohhh man.



And for my last DC dessert, I decided to try to eat myself into a comma. Or something. This was massive-a brownie sundae.



I made it maybe halfway before throwing in the towel?

Oh, before I sign off, one thing I am NOT going to miss is the mosquitos. They looooove me. And I get allergic reactions to them that none of the usual tricks help. I don’t even recognize my legs. It’s disgusting.

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

Baseball and Taper Fun

Guys. This is probably my last post from DC. So, so crazy. I’m going home tomorrow. I cannot wait to see my cats. That’s really the biggest thing about home I miss!

I’m sorry for the sporadic posting-I’m trying to pack my entire life from the last 10 weeks into 2 suitcases. I’ll let you know how that works out when I’m 3000 miles back home.

I want to talk a bit about my last weekend in DC.

Saturday, I went to the Newseum. If you ever come to DC, you need to come here. Best museum hands down. I chose this over the American History for my last museum trip and it was 100% worth it. It showcases the history of news and various news/history related things. One exhibit was Pictures of the Year, with a whole bunch of amazing photographs and descriptions.

There was also a really moving 9/11 exhibit. It inspired me to go to the Pentagon Memorial after work the other day. It’s so crazy to me that I commute through the Pentagon metro, so I’m right there.

Here’s a view from the outdoor balcony at the Newseum. It’s a great view of the city, and the gloomy wet day was perfect for museum visiting.



For my pre-run dinner that night (my run was the next morning), I stopped at what seemed to be sort of like an Indian Chipotle? Not super authentic but good!


Then, Sunday was my long run. Guys, taper rocks. I feel like one really important aspect of ¬†taper is the mental recovery. I tend to burn out a bit, and with tapering, I’m more than ready to run again come race day. That run flew by in a flash-I swear I was done before I knew it! Not a bad pace either!



I made the mistake of not wearing my compression socks until that night, and my calves have been sore and tight since. I swear those socks are magic!

The reason for no socks? I went to the Nationals/Giants baseball game! I’m a huge Giant’s fan, and I’ve been loping forward to this all summer. I mean, come on, my favorite race is the Giant’s half!

Here are some shots of the ballpark.

IMG_8971 IMG_8973 IMG_8980


I managed to snag some really good seats for a decent price. I’m pretty sure San Francisco tickets are WAY more expensive. I was right along the left field foul line, and I was able to walk right up to the edge of the field to watch some of my favorite players warm up.

IMG_8987 IMG_8989 IMG_8992


As for lunch, my grandma who grew up in Maryland told me I HAD to try some Maryland crab before I left, so this seemed like as good of a time as any! I had a crab cake sandwich and it was SO good. So, so good.



The weather was also really nice. Because it rained the day before, it wasn’t too humid or hot (at least by DC standards). It was a fun game-until the last couple of innings. Ouch.

That evening, I said goodbye to my DC friend with an Ethiopian dinner. It was insanely messy, but delicious!


I had Chicken Doro Wot, and the chicken came with bones. And everything is eaten with your hands and the spongy flatbread. The last time I had Ethiopian, I used about 20 napkins so I was a bit nervous when I saw this place had fancy cloth napkins!

The last few days have included a ton of goodbyes. I said goodbye to my Crossfit friends today as well, plus a run club buddy I happened to run into on my run this morning. I’m more determined than ever to make my way back here!

And now, more packing awaits!


Why I Don’t Plan Rest Days

In the fitness world, rest days are kind of a big thing. Everyone has their own feelings on how many and what they should consist of (does yoga count? do you have to sit on your butt all day?). Today, I want to talk about my own feelings on them.

I never plan rest days. I’ll go right out and say it. I tend to be a little overambitious/overexcited about my workouts that I plan for the week, but I know this about myself. (For example, any gym workout I make for myself almost never gets completed because I quickly realize it would take me like 2 hours to do everything…oops.)

I don’t plan rest days but they happen. They happen when I need them, be it because I’m feeling tired, like I need a break, or because something else fun comes up and I simply don’t have time.

Since I like my workouts, if I really don’t feel like doing them, it usually means I’m ready to rest. For example, today I was planning on going to Crossfit or spin, but neither really sounded that great to me, and getting there/back/showering was a logistical nightmare with my touristy things I’m doing today, and it’s been a bit of time since I’ve had a full rest day, so that’s that! I listen to how I’m feeling to decide on rest days.

Since I’ve abandoned you guys a bit lately, I’m not going to go photo dump crazy, and will focus on the highlights.

I ran out of time to make banana custard over the weekend, so during the week, I’ve been whipping up a quick microwave version where I just pour some stuff in a bowl and hope it doesn’t overflow in the microwave. Delicious with some sunflower seed butter!

Another food highlight was a giant veggie-filled lunch. I had the typical green bean salad, plus a crazy amount of cumin roasted cauliflower. It was a monster amount because I couldn’t find any bags/tupperware to put the extra in so I had a whole thing of it. It was great.



Last night, I went out with a friend to a barbecue place, and then a pie place. We got adorable little corn muffins with delicious honey butter, and then for my meal I had BBQ chicken.

IMG_8940 IMG_8941


In terms of pie, I had apple sour cream, and it was delicious-especially the crumble topping!



The real event of the night though was doing the monuments in the dark. They were just amazing. I am going to truly miss this place.



IMG_0089 IMG_0090


Although I don’t think anything beats the monuments at 5am when no one is there!

On the plus side, I get to see my kitties in just a few short days!

What is your view on rest days?

Running and the Future: Training for My 4th Half

That’s quite the title, isn’t it?

Given I just finished the peak week of my half marathon training and now am in wonderful, wonderful taper mode, I wanted to discuss some of my experiences with this training cycle, as well as what’s next.

My training has been mixed. I thought I was going in at a good place because of my weekend Crossfit group runs, but I came to the DC heat+humidity and had my booty handed to me.

The first few weeks of training were not fun. The runs were really hard. It’s easy to consider yourself a half marathoner who can do anything because you’ve done several in the past. But to some extent, the past is the past.

To be honest,after my half in April, I didn’t run that much. I gained a little weight and that made running stink more so I ran less so it stunk even more.

But since training started, I’ve been putting the work in. I’ve worked on my speed at run club every week (aka the run of the week where I frantically try and keep up with my much speedier companions).



I’ve woken up at 5am. I’ve gotten faster each week. I’ve dropped what I gained. But part of me wonders if it is enough for a PR.

I feel so much better after my 12 lie run though! I’m putting it out there now-my goal for this race is 2:05 (my PR is 2:09). It’s a flatter course than my PR race, and I’ve done a half in between that was a MUCH harder course. Plus I’ve been training in the heat all summer in DC, and I will be running in San Francisco. Plus it’s my favorite race ever. So we shall see!



(Sidenote-I actually got a really amazing race photo that I can’t find right now-it’s me cheesing it up with the golden gate perfectly in the background!)

Post half marathon, I will throw myself into training for half marathon of fall #2, at the beginning of October. If I follow my same training schedule and jump in at the right time, it has me running 12 miles the weekend after my half. So we’ll see about that. I REALLY want to break 2:00 in that race. It’s completely flat. I’m a little worried about a couple of things though. 1. It will be warmer (not in SF) and 2. It’s not in SF and I’m scared the scenery will be too boring. But it can’t be that bad, right? Maybe I just love SF. I really want to do a half in DC…

Anyways, after October 4, what’s next? I think I’m going to work on speed work and try to PR again in the winter on a 5k, but I also want to log more miles than I have in non-half training in the past. I’m considering joining a running group back home.

I think in terms of week to week, I don’t want to necessarily to long runs, but instead do more mid-length runs. So, instead of small runs during the week and long on the weekends, do 6 mile runs a couple of times a week, plus speed work. At least that’s what I’m thinking for now!

(Also-my mom clearly rocks at awkward pre/post race stretching pics…Feast your eyes:)







And now I need to go because I have to wake up early to, surprise surprise, run.

Choosing the Right Social Media

Let me just preface this post by saying that I’m not going to stop blogging.

That being said, I’ve been feeling a little lacking in motivation lately. And then I started to wonder if it’s holding me back. If constantly focusing on food/fitness is affecting me or making me obsessed.

I also haven’t been as involved in the blogging community lately. I blame this on the fact that I read lots of blog posts during my commute on my phone, and it’s a pain for me to comment on my phone, so I just don’t.

And don’t get me started on the fact that anytime I open Instagram I get hungry.

After some thinking, I’ve decided to step back a little bit in certain ways. For one thing, my phone has zero ability to hold charge, and I can’t make it through a day even without browsing social media. So I’m kind of forced to stop using my phone to browse things during my commute because Googlemaps are important for me to get home within a reasonable amount of time (yayy public transportation), so there’s that.

So here’s what I decided. One of my favorite forms of social media, Instagram, has to go. It’s influencing me too much. When I find myself about to go out and buy a Quest bar, I know I’m in trouble. Not that there is anything wrong with Quest bars-I know a ton of people love them-but they turn my stomach into knots and they have nuts (and I know I’ve reacted to them before). So when an app has me on the verge of going out and consuming an allergen, I know it’s time to step back.

I decided to be more active on Twitter. I like Twitter because it’s a small place to keep track of everything, and it’s easy to keep track of what is going on in the world.

I decided to stop reading so many blogs on my phone (partly not by choice but by necessity), and instead read them on my computer, where I can comment, interact, be more mindful, and not get run over by a bus in the process (#commutingproblems).

I think to reignite the blogging spark I need to be more active and go out there and find and read new blogs, and comment on my favorites.

I also would like to be more representative of what I’m actually doing on my blog. I guess I partly feel less motivated to blog when I’m having ice cream every day and I’m supposed to be promoting health, but ice cream is part of health.

I also worry about posting my exercise schedule. I always worry I’ll be judged for what I do-I’m not obsessed with exercise, I just really like it. I like my Crossfit friends, and love exploring DC by foot on my runs. For me, I can run in the morning and then do Crossfit at night. But that’s just what works for me! (And I definitely don’t do that every day-just to be clear).

But I’ve found that talking about exercise on my blog is a way to express all my thoughts on anything exercise related without annoying the heck out of everyone in real life. I always have to hold myself back when I see my family or all I find myself talking about is my latest run or WOD.

So that’s that. I’m going to be discussing this more later, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media. And since this is a food and fitness blog, here’s some food:

Breakfast: Banana custard made in the microwave because I didn’t want to dig and find my pot.



Lunch was the typical green bean salad and milk, plus yogurt, sunflower seed butter, and a twist-nectarine! (Not blueberries like every other day for the past 2 weeks.)



And dinner was at the Whole Foods Salad bar.I normally get soup+bread there for dinner on Mondays, but after trying some of the garlic-y kale the other day, I’ve been wanting more! I need to do a copycat version-it is delicious! I had that topped with Southwest chicken and some other random salad bar items. And then I impulse bought a huge piece of corn bread and ate the whole delicious thing. Cornbread here is so much better. I guess since it’s sort of the South?



And thanks for sticking with this post!

Thoughts on social media?

Sights On a Long Run

Happy Sunday! I guess I still have some energy to blog! Today was my longest run of half marathon training, so I’m OFFICIALLY in taper mode! Yay!

Breakfast was plain greek yogurt+sunbutter+banana mashed with cocoa powder.

As for fueling on the run, I spiked my water bottle with coconut water. Worst. Decision. Ever. First worst decision though was buying plain coconut water instead of pineapple. I actually like pineapple-can’t stand plain. I thought plain would blend better with my water (that I wouldn’t taste it as much) but boy was I wrong. I think I gagged every time I took a drink. Blech.

I actually brought my phone (in case I passed out or died midway-never know!) so I got some pictures of today’s scenic route.

IMG_8891 IMG_8892


I also made myself choke down some water every mile or so. It was hot and humid today so that was a priority.

At the halfway point, I ate my Cliff chocolate goo. I think this is the only brand and flavor I could ever race with. Every other type I’ve tried (even other Cliff flavors) give me coughing fits. Which is fine on a training run (well, fine-ish), attempting to choke it down without losing a lung would be difficult. I think it is because this flavor is a bit thicker and less sickly sweet. I really wanted salted caramel for this run (because electrolytes) but I didn’t make it to the store on time.

I didn’t have any expectations on this run, other than to try and finish. From the very start, my legs fell into a faster pace. My calves felt tighter running slower so that was that.



Even though I got a new audiobook last night, I ran to music because I wanted to start with something to pump me up a bit. I didn’t plan to have music the whole way, but it was working for me. Plus, my route was pretty interesting and varied. From Georgetown to the river, past Jefferson, over the river to the Mt. Vernon trail, past the airport, back, and then from Lincoln through the National Mall.

IMG_8895 IMG_8896


I hit Lincoln around mile 10, and it was SO awesome because those were the first working drinking fountains on my run. I only had a bit of water left, and it was the nasty coconut mix so having fresh water was heaven.

Also-funny story. At mile 11, I totally wiped out in from of the Washington Monument. Luckily the ground was smooth stone so I kind of just slid, with just a bit of a scrape and bruise on my knee. Another reason to run in pants!



I finished perfectly at my lunch location of choice.

And out of nowhere, I had just completed my best ever 12 mile training run.



I never really felt like death, and my legs just locked into a rhythm. Hopefully this bodes well for PRing my race! I finished feeling good. And hungry. Definitely an improvement from last week when I just felt kind of gross.

I finished at The Protein Bar, and got a chocolate protein shake and a BBQ chicken “bar-rito” with avocado.

IMG_8899 IMG_8900


It has quinoa, not rice! So delicious. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it. Or maybe that’s because I ran 12 miles? I honestly think the 11 mile run the week prior in my training plan is one of the worst-or at least it typically has been in my training! I get locked in a bit more by the time I hit the 12 miler. Also-totally random but on the way back I ran into a friend from school on the street who lives in DC!

On my way back, I decided to check one item off my DC dessert bucket list. Chocolate cream cheese muffin from a nearby coffee shop. It was kind of like marble creed/cream cheese. My weakness. So good. I actually had a chocolate muffin the night before the big run, and I think the carb loading helped.

IMG_8901 IMG_8902


After cleaning myself up a lot, I met up with a friend for frozen yogurt. I wasn’t exactly feeling it after the muffin, so I just got tart with fruit.



We walked around the National Mall and Capital Building a bit, and then found the Supreme Court!

IMG_8904 IMG_8906 IMG_8908


Take note of the compression socks. Those things are seriously magic.

On my way home, I stopped for a salad-the same one as the other day. It was delicious-feta, watermelon, chicken, etc.

IMG_8909 IMG_8910


Aaand now I know I’m going to sleep well tonight. I felt so much better all day today than after my last long run! But I am certainly going to sleep well tonight…

What is your worst run of training?


Experiencing DC

Happy weekend! I’m posting today because there’s a very low probability of me having the energy to do it tomorrow after 12 miles!

Let’s start with fitness updates. The other day, for my 4 mile run, I decided to run uphill for a change, instead of down to the waterfront. So it was 2 miles. Straight. Up. Hill. The run back was great though! I kept thinking to myself “How the heck did I run up this thing?”

So we’ll see if I ever have the motivation to do it again! The best part of the run was FINALLY seeing a cat in DC though. I’ve seen only one other cat during my time here, and it was in the dark, from a distance, as I was passing on a bus. Yes, I do have fantastic cat sensors.

Friday evening I went to Crossfit and did 100 plyo pushups. Which was fun…(hah). From my knees, but still! Ow. We also did bench press. I never did much bench pressing before coming here. I never really did it when I first lifted with my trainer because it wasn’t a good movement for me given I was a softball pitcher. And my school Crossfit doesn’t really do them either. I used to hate and avoid them, but now I look forward to them! I’m terrible at keeping the bar path straight though. It’s by far my worst lift.

As for food, I have a random smattering of things.

One of my new favorite breakfasts-plain yogurt+banana mashed with cocoa powder+sunflower seed butter.



Lots and lots of veggies-cabbage seasoned with Mrs.Dash, salt, nutritional yeast, and what turned out to be a TON of pepper…whoops.

I had time before Crossfit, and instead of munching on a giant muffin (which has happened a bit more often than I’d like to admit lately) I snacked on some veggies-garlic kale (SO good), ginger carrots, and grilled mango.



After Crossfit, I went out for Mexican food at District Taco, a chain around here that is supposed to be good. It seemed pretty similar to Chipotle to me! I got chicken tacos.



Saturday morning I was up early to do something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks now (more in a minute). I got a green smoothie as part of breakfast at Whole Foods-this is one I’ve been wanting to try. It supposedly had greens, coconut water, cocoa powder, banana, dates, and blueberries. I say supposedly because it was kind of watery. The green smoothies I’ve had here so far are way inferior to the ones I get back at home!



For lunch today, I went to Sweetgreen, a salad chain very popular in DC. I’m going to miss this. It’s definitely grown on me. I got the seasonal salad with chicken, which included watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, mint, feta, spicy sunflower seeds, cucumber, and a champagne vinaigrette.



For dinner, I went to a place I’ve been wanting to try (I’m trying to fit everything in!) which was sort of an Asian fusion place. I got a teriyaki chicken wrap on a whole wheat tortilla. Good, but messy!



In terms of today’s activities, I woke up early-too early-I need more sleep!-and headed out for breakfast, and then metro-ed it over to Arlington Cemetery. Every since my first visit, I’ve been wanting to go really early in the morning before the crowds of people come in. You can go up to the Arlington house, which offers a fantastic view of all of the city.



I’m really going to miss this place…

After some time here, I went back to the gym for a spin class, and after showering at the gym, I headed out to the museums. The original plan was the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum, but I quickly realized that was too ambitious given my longest run of the summer is tomorrow. I went to the Natural History Museum, and watched an IMAX movie on adorable lemurs. And then I impulse bought a stuffed giraffe. IMG_8886


My sorority is obsessed with giraffes, so it will decorate my room at school!

And now I’m SO tired…

One thing I want to share about fueling and such for tomorrow-I bought coconut water, and since I really don’t want to have to carry a separate bottle, I’m going to mix it into my regular water. I know, blech. But it’s supposed to be another warm one tomorrow and it beats carrying it! In terms of pre-long run meals, I’ve been eating pretty much anything I have on hand. While it’s great that I’ve become better adapted to being able to eat anything, it means I have zero clue what to eat on race day! Last weekend I had a yogurt bowl (because that was all the food I had in the house), and it was fine. A year ago, I would have never been able to tolerate that pre-run. So there’s that.

Ok, bedtime for me!

What is your go-to race day meal?

The Exorcist Stairs

Happy Thursday/Friday depending on when you’re reading this! Now that we’re all caught up, it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming.

This morning I slept in a bit. So…my commute has been weird ever since I moved. It used to take me like an hour. But then one day I was running late-15 min late-I I still got there at the same time. So today I left EVER LATER and got there at the same time. Ok…? How is that possible? So now I get to sleep later and my commute is shorter. A-ok with me!

Workout-wise, one thing I failed to mention yesterday was that I had a weird experience while practicing my handstands against the wall. I was facing the wall, and I’m just starting to learn to get my feet off the wall. I had a spotter, and I actually held it for a few seconds, before falling into my spotters hands…and then I kept going. Not sure what happened with the spotter, but I fell over backwards. It was possible the most graceful fall I’ve ever had-it turned into a nice little somersault. Left me kind of dizzy for a while though!

Moving on.

Here’s a new to me breakfast. Anyone remember my banana/cocoa powder mixtures I used to always make? Well, I decided it is sort of similar to my double chocolate banana bread. So I turned it into a yogurt bowl and topped it with sunflower seed butter. I had this pre-run but it was far too ugly to deserve a picture. This doesn’t look that pretty but it tastes great!



In terms of lunches, here’s a new one. A broccoli/cabbage mix (what I could find at the grocery…) with sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and coriander (plus salt and pepper).

Plus my new side dish-yogurt+berries+sunbutter.



Tonight, I went to run club again. There was a different person leading it. It was a good one. We ran the Exorcist stairs! I’ve heard people talk about them-apparently they appeared in that movie? I’ve never seen it. But they stink. They are tall. And coincidentally really close to where I live to I should be incorporating them into my runs for these last 2 weeks!

Dinner was simple-tomato soup with added spinach and cheese, and a microwave cheddar quesadilla.



There were also some snacks in there that went unpictured.

Have you seen the Exorcist?

Peak Week

So…one of the reasons for my absence? It’s peak week! Of my half marathon training! Not sure if anyone else actually calls it that, but this week is my heaviest week of running, with the training plan telling me to do 4,6,4, 12. Last week was pretty heavy as well-4,5,4,11. Sooo it’s sort of been knocking me out! That being said, let’s talk about some of my noteworthy workouts from the past week!

Thursday(last week)-run club workout. There was a sub leading it, and she planned out a route right through downtown. As a result, about halfway through (maybe less) we started getting stuck at every. single. light. Which I personally welcomed because I was casually dying. However, what this meant to my companions was that we should sprint the distances between the lights. Dying.

Friday-rowing workout at the gym+abs in the morning-nothing too crazy, just 4 sets of 5 minutes on the erg plus about 10 minutes of abs. To be honest it was an excuse to use the super fancy showers at my gym…seriously, they are amazing.

That evening was Crossfit-Death by Slamballs. This was a 15 minute AMRAP, with every minute starting with 3 burpees, and then 1 slam ball, then 2 slam balls,3,4,5, etc, increasing by one every minute so that the last minute you do 3 burps plus 15 slam balls. If you fail to complete the slam balls, you “die.” Somehow, I “lived.” But barely. Ugh, in the last round I sort of wished I had died earlier! I used a 30# slam ball.

Later that evening, since it was Friday night, I was asking around Georgetown and stopped by the Reebok store. They had a promotion that if you do 20 burpees, you get 20% off. Uhm, yes! I ALMOST got some beautiful turquoise Nano 4.0s but they didn’t have my size. Probably just as well though, because I think I like my 2.0s more-they just fit my feet better! I did however, get this shirt (putting burpee count for the day at 65 if you’re counting):



Saturday: Crossfit-I haven’t gone on a Saturday in forever, and I wanted to work on handstands since I”m getting close! We also did snatches. The WOD was a fun one-sprints in the form of Cops and Robbers (basically tag). It was only 10 sprints, but I definitely felt it the next day…which was…

Sunday-11 miles! This was a pretty uneventful run. I incorporated lots of hills in the first couple of miles, and the end was awful because I messed up my complicated planned route a bit so I got back to near the start at about a mile short, so I had to run in circles for a mile. Which I hate doing-I like pure out and backs. Plus I was dying at that point and contemplated finishing at 10+ but I did it. The best moment though was finishing at the Georgetown waterfront where there was this fountain/sprinkler thing that kids were playing in in their bathings suits. I stuck my head in and it was the best thing ever.

The issue was that after my run I felt really…uncomfortable. I don’t know, not bad, just weird. I walked to a cafe to get some food (and lots of water) into me. I sat at the cafe briefly contemplating whether I was going to pass out, and then realized I was being ridiculous and paranoid. Does anyone else do that-they feel slightly off and then it freaks them out? Anyways, I think the problem may have been lack of electrolytes. It was pretty warm, and while the heat didn’t really bother me, I sweated quite a bit. Given all my races are in San Francisco and I train by the bay, I’m not used to this kind of thing! I think I’m going to try and get salted goo for this week’s run, or carry coconut water or something.

Monday: Crossfit-Not ideal after a long run, but I felt decent and didn’t want to miss squat day.

Tuesday: Rest/yoga. My legs were kind of beat up, and my hamstrings were tight, so this was perfect. It was power yoga in a warm room (~80?), but it wasn’t too intense and my hamstrings got a great stretch.

Wednesday-legs felt restored for my morning 6 miler! Uneventful-I ran to the Lincoln Memorial which I can only do on longer runs now because I live further, and almost swallowed about 50 gnats at the reflecting pool.

And that’s what you missed! I promise to try and be more consistent-but after my 11 miler I lay on my bed not moving for a solid 3 hours. It knocked me out!

Also-I’ve been making an effort to tweet more, so feel free to follow me there!

How do you handle the heat?

2 Weeks

GUYS. I apologize completely for totally leaving you! It’s been a week! I’ve been busy/haven’t had the energy so what do you say we do food pictures today and notes on workouts tomorrow? So this isn’t too insanely long.

Lunch-giant melty chicken pita with hummus:



Dinner out with a friend. We went to a tapas place, and it was phenomenal. Not to mention the adorable baby tortillas on the tacos!

Brussels sprouts with coconut/chipotle?



Guacamole (of course).



Mushroom tacos with fried plantains.



GUYS. The highlight of my life was on Friday. I went to the AVOCADO CAFE. That’s basically a dream come true. It was amazing. I think every item had avocado.



I went with a veggie wrap, and it was warm and delicious and came with roasted sweet potatoes (not crispy enough to be called fries).



I then went to Haagen Dazs and had a really delicious ice cream cone-midnight cookies n cream! I like it way better than Ben and Jerry’s..that’s just too much more me.



I then walked down to the waterfront and pondered how I’m leaving soon. 2 weeks…



Saturday, I went to a place called The Protein Bar. I saw someone tweet something delicious from there, and then I remembered I had seen one nearby! SO I had a guacamole type of salad and a chocolate protein shake. Delicious.



Sunday, post run I had a delicious unpictured meal (sorry, didn’t run with a camera) followed by a post run requirement-giant cupcake from Baked and Wired. It was called unicorn something-vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. I really like their vanilla-I’m normally a chocolate person but this is very vanilla-y. And the cream cheese frosting tasted just like buttercream. Yum! I’ve liked Baked and Wired more than the first time I was there-the cake this time was very moist.



I went over to a friend’s house for a movie night, and “helped” with some of her leftover peach-gingersnap crisp. It was amazing-the crisp part was made with gingersnaps! It may or may not have also been breakfast because I’ve been too lazy to make my planned breakfast for the week (oops).



As you can tell, I’m enjoying myself. I swear I’m eating more than sweets, but vegetables only look so interesting after a while-I’m pretty sure I’ve shown the same green bean salad 50 times by now.

Also, you may notice I’m not linking up for WIAW. To be honest, it’s just not practical for me right now to try and deal with that while I’m at work, so it’s just not going to get done, so it’s just a regular Wednesday!