Food Catch-Up

Hey guys! Since the blogging has been sparse lately, I’ve stockpiled quite a few delicious meals! So-let’s get to it, shall we?


My current typical breakfast-eggs with a few veggies, sun butter, and an apple.


A hummus salad with roasted red pepper hummus and a turkey burger. Plus an oatmeal cookie hiding in the back there. Is it weird that I love oatmeal raisin cookies??


Vegan coconut/mango/strawberry rice pudding. For some reason the dining hall has had a lot of vegan desserts lately, and this was deliciously creamy and refreshing!


Chicken, roasted cauliflower, roasted broccoli, and candied yams.


Hummus salad, a few sweet potato fries, and a veggie panini with pesto aioli.


During finals when I didn’t have class, I decided to have breakfast before my 5 mile hill run so I went with a bit of eggs and a whole wheat english muffin, half with butter and half with sun butter and jam.


Lunch at the dining hall-I made a salad with fajita chicken, beans, salsa, and guacamole. Plus some caesar salad on the side. Salad with my salad? Why not?


A turkey burger with sautéed greens, a few pieces of orange tofu, and carrots with poppyseed dressing.


Out to ice cream with friends to say goodbye to one who is going abroad! I went to my favorite place ever, Tin Pot, but got the vegan ice cream which was chocolate coconut since me eating dairy is of debatable intelligence right now. It was still rich and chocolatey, with shredded coconut.


Lunch before my last exam was the same thing I’ve had in tupperware these past couple of weeks, but my pictures have looked like mostly just lettuce! Roasted red pepper hummus and hard boiled egg. Quick, easy, and delicious!


On my first day home, my parents and I went to our local Chinese restaurant. I started with egg drop soup.


For my main dish, I had sautéed chicken and vegetables with fried rice.


On Saturday night, we made my Grilled Chicken and Peach salad, but subbed grilled pears for grilled peaches, and it turned out great!


Leftover grilled chicken repurposed into a post-run meal of BBQ chicken and steamed broccoli.


Apple Crisp! I used a recipe from Nancy Clark’s Nutrition for Athletes book, and the simple recipe came out rich with flavor! Served with some coconut milk ice cream for me.



Turkey burgers with homemade ketchup on a lettuce leaf, baked sweet potato wedges, and the best ever roasted broccoli.

Can you tell I am now home with access to a kitchen??

Monday afternoon, we stopped at a local bakery to try a few slices of cake which we shared between us.


(I apologize for the terrible picture!)

Banana chocolate chip with cream cheese icing.


Tropical-coconut pineapple.


Raspberry vanilla.

I think the raspberry vanilla might have been my favorite? I think I would have liked them better if I had just one flavor at once-we split them and there was just a lot going on!


A quick dinner-my CA chop salad. This has chicken, tomato, avocado, olives, and gouda with a dijon vinaigrette.

PHEW that was long.

What did you eat this week?


All Things Fitness: Long Run + 15.4

Hey guys! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I currently sitting at home, brushing fur off my laptop. I’ve made it to spring break!

I’m going to save my buildup of food pictures for tomorrow, but for now, let’s talk fitness (ok, and some food). I was excited to be coming home Friday-because my home Crossfit does the Open workouts on Fridays, it doesn’t interfere with my work schedule so I can go! I was pretty excited. I watched the live announcement on Thursday night and was happy to see cleans featured in 15.4. Because I can’t do handstand push ups, I of course did the scaled version.

My thoughts:

-The scaled version was a lot more boring than the Rx version. I thought it was strange they changed the rep scheme. That being said, it was nice not to have to try and figure out all that weird counting.

-It was harder than I expected. I thought I was just going to fly through. That being said-I can’t remember the last time I worked on cleans, and my Crossfit near school almost never does barbell movements in WODs. I have an incredible lack of wrist strength as a result and that tends to be what burns out first for me in this type of workout.

It was awesome coming back to my home Crossfit. I got the glowing introduction of being the person with awesome lifting technique, so the pressure was on to keep up quality reps throughout the workout!

The 8 minutes passed quickly. (15.4 was 8 minutes of 10 push presses at 65# and 10 cleans at 75#). It was hard but not as painful as 14.5 last year-neverending thrusters and burpees was the worst.

I ended with 4 rounds+3 push presses. I’m not sure how that compares to anything though!


It was a great way to kick off spring break!

After that, I met up with a high school friend for dinner.


I had a crepe with mozzarella, chicken, sundried tomato, olives, and pesto.

We stuck around chatting long enough for the restaurant to close, so we headed out for ice cream.


Chocolate malt frozen yogurt with heath pieces. We closed that place as well! It was so, so nice to catch up.

Fast-forwarding to Sunday, I had my 11 miler on the schedule. Traditionally, my 11 mile runs have been the worst runs of my training cycle, for some reason. Maybe it’s because I

m still tired from the volume of running 10 miles the week before, but I don’t have the fitness that I do by the 12 miler?

Either way, this run ended up being my fastest 11 mile run to date.



(Note this is a recycled picture but this is where I went.)

I tried to run at a comfortable pace without looking at the numbers too much-for better or for worse. I reached the halfway point with a 9:39 average pace, which is pretty fast for me for a long run. I think the speed cost me a little bit on the second half, but I still finished with pretty good stats.


This run kind of knocked me out afterwards though! I think I didn’t drink enough water, so I’ve had a vague headache since then, and my foot is less than happy.

In terms of this race, I’ve said this before, but I’m definitely not trying to PR. I just want an enjoyable race where I don’t fly at the beginning and die at the end. I seem to always kill my legs by going out to fast, and then it’s just not fun at all.

Stay tuned tomorrow for lots of delicious food :) For now, here’s a little selfie action.


Did you do 15.4? Thoughts?



More Thoughts on Athlete Identity and Next Week’s Goal

I love reading all your comments on athletic identity! I think that with all I do, I am still an athlete, but I just seem to have a mental block about realizing that. I think part of this recent feeling stems from the fact that I haven’t exactly been pushing hard in my workouts lately-while being sick for a while, I felt like I was just in maintenance and survival mode, but now I’m ready to get after it! This was especially apparent when I did Crossfit Open 15.3-I swear I used to be better at wall balls!

15.3 was 7 muscle ups, 50 wall balls, and 100 double unders, for 14 minutes. Since I am definitely not able to do a muscle up, I did the scaled which was 50 wall balls, and 200 singles for 14 minutes. I initially wanted to try double unders but after trying for a while, it was just taking too long. This one was tough-my arms were dead. Partially probably due to the fact that we did a TON of push ups the day before and so my shoulders were already sore!

Also-I’m feeling more like an athlete after today’s half training run. I’m back to double digits! I started the morning with my typical pre-run breakfast, jazzed up with some frozen blueberries. It’s basically a mess of egg whites, banana, and a few oats. I would normally put cocoa powder in it, but I’m not reacting too well to chocolate as far as I know, and didn’t want to take any chances.


After my foot felt really good all week, it flared up on me again yesterday. I used twice last night, and I still woke up with it sore. I even iced immediately upon waking up. I honestly didn’t have too high hopes for the run, given my foot and the fact that I felt pretty sluggish last week, but ended up surprising myself and having a great run.

My left calf had been a little tight this week, and strangely enough my calves get less tired if I’m running a little faster, so I picked up the pace a bit at the beginning and just got in a groove. I was well under a 10:00 mile for most of the run (minus a hilly mile) and kept up my splits right to the last mile. Ok? I’ll take it!


I think the fact that I was eating less junk this week totally helped! Also-in terms of race day plans, I’m not trying to PR. I just want to enjoy the race. In my last race, I ran all of my training runs at a pace to PR (in the heat and humidity no less), and went out way too fast, and ended up crashing hard at the end as a result, leading to one of my worse times. So no flying and dying for me this time!

Next week is finals week, so I went home after my run for Physics help and a home cooked meal. This is chicken and dumplings from Cooking Light-the dumplings are stops of whole wheat tortilla! The perfect mix of protein, carbs, and salt post-run!


We also had some blueberry pie, because pi day! I don’t have a picture of that, but here are the mini pies I had last night! My sorority sold them to raise money for our philanthropies (and yes, selling pie on pi day was totally my idea…). My friend and I split mixed berry and apricot.

IMG_1524 IMG_1525

In terms of finals, I have one Monday, one Tuesday, and one Friday. Luckily, I seem to be on track with my studying so far, which is why I actually have time to post this!

So-weekly goals. This past week’s goal was pretty successful-I think I nailed 5.5/7 breakfasts and lunches this week! So moving on to this week’s goal: no nighttime eating. During dead and finals week, there are treats and study snacks at every corner. While I know some people swear by their nighttime snacks, for some reason eating late at night always gives me stomachaches. While I would say I’m 99% fine after being sick, things that would normally give me a stomachache are magnified, and nightly snacks have not been kind to me as of late. So that’s this week’s goal-I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes!

Did you have pie for pi day?

What I Actually Eat in a Day

Hey guys! I have been loving all your comments lately! I will respond ASAP! I’m currently knee deep in finals studying-sepcifically physiology and physics. That being said, I gave a presentation on cows yesterday so if you want to know anything about the dairy industry or cows, now would be the time to ask! Now that I think about it…I should definitely do a cow post. I think it’s relevant! And I may be slightly obsessed with ruminants right now. The dreams I’ve had lately have been super crazy…

ANYWAYS. My goal for the week is going really well. Somehow it is mentally easier to plan on thinking about eating well for 2/3 meals of the day-plus eating well earlier sets me up for better choices later in the day! Additionally, the best thing about making good choices for the first 2 meals of the day is that it means that even if I eat a ton of junk later on (which I’m not necessarily saying I am), it still means I’m FEELING better for most of the day, which is important given all the studying!

I realized I rarely post anymore what I actually eat in a day-WIAW tends to be highlights, and when I get behind, I often photo dump. So let’s check it out.

I began my morning with a 5 mile run. Normally I’d love to eat a bite of something beforehand-I was starving!-but I was out of dried fruit and I couldn’t access the sun butter in my fridge because my friend was crashing on my floor and her head was blocking it! Nevertheless, the run felt good and my feet cooperated. The better eating habits seem to be paying off because last week’s runs were a bit sluggish.

I was more than ready for breakfast.


Eggs, a couple of bites of potatoes, apple, and sunflower seed butter. Lately I haven’t been finishing my plate, but I was pretty hungry after the run. I’m really trying to eat slowly in the morning to only take in what I really need, but I always burn more after runs and need more food.

Lunch was another hummus and hard boiled egg salad. I’m really loving these lately-sometimes I feel like my normal chicken+sweet potato+roasted veggie lunches don’t have enough vegetables. This salad has 2 hard boiled eggs, hummus, and lettuce. The lettuce is actually an herb mix, so it’s a little more interesting!


I also had a fruit bar for a little something sweet.

Mid-afternoon I went to a pre-vet event, and had a chocolate chip cookie, which held me over until dinner.

Dinner at the dining hall.


Indian spiced chicken with rice, greens, a bit of a lentil dish that I didn’t really touch-not my favorite combo of flavors, and a bite of veggie lasagna.

For dessert, I had some coconut milk ice cream (this is not normal for the dining hall so I had to take advantage, especially since I’m not really doing dairy right now), plus some molten chocolate cake.


Since chocolate is sort of hit or miss with how my body is going to react right now, after a bit of studying I had some oats+earth balance+maple syrup to buffer it just in case.


Overall, I definitely think it was decent! Maybe a little high in sweets, but I’m not going to worry about that just yet. One goal at a time!

What workout makes you hungriest?

My Life as a Non-Athlete

(This is the post I mentioned writing. It’s going to sound like around confused rambling, but given it is dead week and my schedule is going to be insane tonight, I figure I might as well post it.)

Before college, I was an athlete. It was who I was, and ingrained in every part of my being. Being an athlete defined me, and led me to my passion in science. I loved my sport, I loved the team, loved the practicing, loved the workouts, and loved how fit I was.


I spent hours every day on my sport. It really was my life-I even wrote my college essay on softball. I discovered my passion for nutrition though my sport, which led to my passion for biology and physiology.

I played my last summer of softball the summer before I went to college, and trained incredibly hard to prepare myself to walk on to the rowing team when I started college.

For the first half of my freshman year, I was still an athlete.


When I was trying to make the decision whether or not to continue rowing, a huge part of the decision was that it meant giving up my identity as an athlete, an identity that I had had my entire life.

And then suddenly, I wasn’t an athlete anymore.

To be honest, this is still difficult for me to write about, and I’m having trouble finding the words. When I quit rowing, I feel like I lost a large part of myself. I can’t tell you how many dreams I’ve had since then where I’ve somehow found myself back on the rowing team-but in reality this could never happen, and I know I wouldn’t have had the time to row with my intense sophomore year.

But this feeling of no longer being an athlete is still raw, especially when I go back and look at old pictures.


(Valentine’s Day beach workout 2 years ago.)

I feel like being an athlete made me a better student and a more on top of it person. Having such a regimented schedule forces that.

I miss having teammates. I miss my athlete’s body. I miss the feeling after a successful weekend of sport.

I do honestly wish I still had a sport-I think it would be really good for me.

However-I need to get over thinking of myself as a non-athlete. I AM still an athlete-I race, I lift heavy things, it’s just different. I honestly think my passion for fitness and nutrition has waned a bit in the past couple of years that I am no longer an ‘athlete’ in the technical sense of the word.

I don’t exactly know where I want to go with this post-I didn’t realize how much of an identity crisis I still feel when I think about this, but I think losing that “athlete” identity is something a lot of people go through at one point or another. While I have allowed myself to grow a lot as a person and add to my identity (crazy cat lady is one thing added), I can’t help but think something is still missing!


How did you cope with being a “non-athlete”?