3 Hours of Biochem

Guys, my brain is shot. 3 hours of Biochem on a Monday night? That does me in!

I wanted to get back to the typical day by day blog posts, so here we go!

On Saturday, I went for a walk and listened to several podcasts on Gastroparesis, and I think I got some helpful scientific insights. I have several theories on it, and on why I’m having problems. I love that my 4 (almost) years of college education have some really practical purposes. This is why I love Biology—it’s so applicable! I can listen to scientific talks and read studies, and critically interpret them. It gave me a renewed motivation and some ideas for how to manage my stomach condition.

I’m trying to get out of the habit a little bit of having random bites of things, so I’m trying to fit everything on a plate to take a picture because it makes things easier to track, and tracking food makes it easier to manage my stomach. So let’s go!



Cranberry Orange bread. I’m loving this in the mornings! It wasn’t actually cooked all the way in the middle, but I froze most of the loaf so I microwaved it a bit longer to firm it up!

Then, it was Crossfit time! We started with 6 sets of 5 squats, every 90s, and 6 sets of 5 strict pull ups every 90s. With a band for me! The squats were only 55-60% 1RM but I’m definitely feeling it.

The workout was basic and yucky. 800m run+50 wall balls+30 burpees. I think out coach is preparing us well for the open—so many wall balls and burpees lately!


The rest of my yogurt from the weekend, the last of my berries, and sun butter. Classic.


Post breakfast was one of the more interesting showers I’ve taken. The hot water was not working at the house, but I decided to suck it up. Unfortunately, I think the water was shut off too because there was just a drizzle. I only could use a tiny dab of shampoo in the front and called it good enough.



Some cream of asparagus soup, and some turkey Bolognese sauce over lettuce, topped with cheese. I had gluten free noodles on the side. I’m realizing I’m not a huge fan of pasta, and I enjoyed the sauce much better over greens. I ate the past on the side and pretended it was crackers. Normal, I know.


Honeybell. These are February’s fruit from my fruit and cheese club! I thought they were oranges, but it turns out they are a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, which is exactly what they taste like! Totally reelable too which is a plus.



Since I had Biochem, I went home. The main dish was pear, sweet potato, and leek soup, with GF croutons.


On the side was caprese salad—the perfect complement for some greens and protein!


For dessert, I had a small slice of GF apple pie from the freezer.

Snack/Dinner #2:

A new granola bar in Biochem. I always get super excited when I find new bars I can actually eat so this was enjoyed!

That’s all I have in me today. I have 1000 things to do, and I am scared to start writing my to-do list! I think sleep may be approaching soon too!

What’s your favorite granola bar?

Guadalupe River Run Round 3

It’s crazy to me that this is the third year I’ve done the Guadalupe River Run 5k. It’s crazy to me that I’ve been around long enough to do a lot of the races I’ve done so many times!

This year’s race was a blast. Apparently in 3 years I finally learned something about pacing! I’ve been doing my average runs faster lately, and with last Sunday’s 3 miler, I had a better idea of where I might be on the pace.


I guess Luna bars are my current pre-run breakfast! I also had a few crackers because I didn’t think this would hold me over quite sufficiently.

I was a little worried about going South on Super Bowl Sunday, but traffic ended up being fine, and I arrived with plenty of time to pick up my bib and wait around.


Also great was the fact that the weather was absolutely perfect. It had been really cold earlier in the week, but today we were treated to 70 degree temperatures. When I ran this race 2 years ago, it was cold and soggy.

Then and now:

IMG_6465 IMG_0323

Also sidenote: my mom came to the race with me today and was my photographer. For the past 3 years or so, I’ve done a lot of similar races. My mom uses iPhoto streaming to get me the pictures. At this point, we have a number of labeled streams going. However, she doesn’t use the streams for what they are! These photos went in the Turkey stream, despite the fact that we have a Guadalupe River Stream. Present in the Guadalupe River stream is Easter from last year, despite the fact that we have an Easter stream. The Easter stream includes half marathon pictures. Photos from Napa over Thanksgiving? Logically they could be found in EITHER the Napa or the Turkey stream. But nope—they’re in the Wedding Dresses stream.


The race actually started a bit later than I had thought, but it felt so nice to just be outside enjoying the beautiful weather!

Finally, it was go time.


My original goal pace had been 8:20, but after hitting 8:22 last weekend without dying, I was shooting to maintain 8:15-8:20. I was very comfortable for the first half of the race, but I didn’t let myself speed up because I knew I would regret it.


Overall, because I wasn’t totally dying for the most part, I was having a grand old time!

The race course was…interesting. It goes through a park, and weaves back around a lot. We cover some of the pieces of the trails multiple times, from different directions. I think there was a little mishap with the finish. Everyone finishing around me I think was directed unintentionally to cut a corner, so the race ended up being quite short for us!


This is just a fun run, so I really couldn’t care less! Given I had my pace on my watch, I was able to calculate the time I would have gotten had the race been full length, and I’m happy with where I am! My pace was 27 sec/mile faster than last year, and I believe faster than I was 2 years ago, which was the closest I had gotten to PRing.

I won’t even show you my watch or time because it’s sort of comical, but my pace was 8:11. That was good enough for me to snag second place in my age group!


Winning beer glass! Given everyone who finished around me had a short course (near the end they started figuring it out and sending people the longer distance), I think it’s still fair because we all ran a short course!

The best part of the race? Their slogan is “Earn your guacamole at the Guadalupe,” and this year, they actually passed out guac to runners post-race!


So cute, and I love that idea! They also had Noosa, which they were quite generous with. My breakfasts are looking pretty exciting this week!


After the race, we stopped at Panera for brunch/lunch like we have the past 2 years. I got a half Fuji Apple Chicken salad, my favorite!


On the way home, we stopped at the Farmer’s Market because I wanted a Gluten Free baked good, but they were out of the only one I wasn’t allergic to—darn! Instead, we stopped in a Natural Foods store where I found some other good options :)


After cleaning myself up, napping a bit, and doing some homework, I settled in to watch the Super Bowl with plenty of 5 layer dip and tortilla chips, and possibly some of the other gluten free goodies I picked out. I was rooting for the Panthers, but that wasn’t happening today!

Also—my favorite commercial was definitely the Honda commercial with sheep singing Queen AND an Aussie. <3 ruminants

What was your favorite commercial?


What Happened?

I promise this post is not nearly as deep as the title implies.

I go through phases with blogging. Sometimes I’m not feeling it, because I’m too busy with life. Other times, I feel like such a bad blogger! I expect in the next year or so blogging may pick up a bit more because I will be going through some significant life changes (i.e. graduating). I sometimes feel that I don’t have that much to say, or contribute, but at the same time I miss the typical daily posts. I feel like there are fewer and fewer of those around these days. Maybe everyone is feeling the same way, but to be quite honest, those are my favorite to read!

In the theme of being a bad blogger, I seem to have lost my special blogging talent: the picture taking reflex. In the past, I would whip out my phone and snag a picture before anyone knew what had happened (myself included). I came to write this post today, and realized that the only picture I had was of breakfast. The same breakfast as yesterday. 


I <3 this breakfast. It takes me back to sophomore year when I first started eating this, but it’s been a while! Yes, I’m at that point of my college career where I get nostalgia from something as basic as breakfast.

That being said, sophomore year was ROUGH. This came up on my timehop this morning. So, so real.


Today I had a Cosmology midterm, which I think (hope) went pretty well. Naturally I celebrated by raiding the fridge and watching an episode of Monk. I seriously love that show, and it somehow feels comforting to watch it again all these years later. In the fridge, I found a GF grilled cheese with my name on it (literally written on it), so I heated up half of that, and had a few dates and an orange. I’m really trying to incorporate more produce into my life as my stomach feels better.

In terms of workouts, I went to Crossfit this morning. We did mostly upper body things—max pull ups in 2 minutes, max hand release push ups in 2 min, max toes to bar in 2 minutes, and max burpees in 2 minutes. That was followed by some rowing repeats. Rowing is still my jam, and I can still claim that after hundreds of hours on an erg freshman year.

Before dinner, I went for a 3 mile run. My legs were a bit heavy but I hit my goal pace fairly easily, which is a good sign for my 5k on Sunday! That being said, I think my body is ready for some low key days leading up to Sunday!

Since this post was lacking in pictures, I do have some things to share that I’ve actually bothered to photograph (but haven’t bothered to post).


I’m currently in love with tortilla pizzas.


Mexican chicken, beans, and avocado over lettuce with a tortilla on the side.


The pup was spayed this week. She’s had a rough time so far, but seems to be feeling a little better! Although I haven’t seen her yet, I am getting regular updates!


This was the gluten free vanilla blueberry cake from our dinner on Friday. Lots of this was consumed over the weekend.

That’s all for now—back to work!

WIAW: Attempting to Take Pictures

Hello! Welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday, hosted (initially) by Jenn!


I know I recently did a (mostly) full day of eats with my Day in the Life post, but it was so much fun I had to play along again.

I started my morning with cranberry orange bread. I like having some form of quick bread pre-Crossfit, and my body actually seems to respond best to this particular recipe! Made with dried and fresh (well, formerly frozen) cranberries and GF flour. Also let it be noted that the I unvegan-ified the recipe.


I remembered to take a picture about halfway through, so here’s a picture of my remaining piece.


Crossfit was hard! I was still a bit sore from squats yesterday which probably didn’t help. We did 5 sets of power cleans. The WOD was every 3.5 minutes: 150m row, 10 push press, 8 bar facing burpees. It was a sprint, and the faster you went, the more rest you got. I did each round in just under 2 minutes, and we completed 5 rounds. I felt wiped out, and because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, I was about ready to crawl back into bed.


Immediately upon arriving at my dorm, I had a few GF multigrain crackers while I prepped my yogurt bowl.


I’m bringing back the berry compote! It’s been at least a year since I had this. It’s just frozen berries, reduced on the stove. I haven’t been feeling the sweetness of my jam lately. Yogurt on the bottom, crunchy sun butter on top.

Lunch was leftover soup from Monday night’s dinner. I have an off-campus class on Monday nights that is actually in my hometown, so I’ve been going back for dinner those nights to beat traffic. I will share the pictures from Monday night because they are far prettier. It was paleo Mushroom, Leek, and Thyme soup.


On the side was some type of cloud bread. I’m still a bit unclear on what exactly it is, but it doesn’t have flour and is supposedly made of egg and cream cheese, topped with rosemary. I really liked it, and though it was be great in muffin tins like a popover.


In my afternoon class, I had the final pear of my fruit and cheese delivery.

After classes were over for the day, I had my afternoon snack (or lunch #2 since the soup was light and early). Since I missed lunch at the house, I scoured the fridge for leftovers and found some roasted sweet potatoes.


Part two was one of my Raaw Macaw bars. This time, I added dried cranberries to the bar and actually like it better without. I feel like the cranberries somehow dried out the texture a bit.


About an hour before teaching spin, I was a little hungry so I had a few crackers so I wouldn’t be starving by the time class was over.


Spin was a blast as always! For dinner, I had a small piece of chicken, some salad with sesame dressing, a few stir fry veggies, and some asian rice noodles.


Dessert was a small GF shortbread and some chocolate.


My evening snack was extra special today. My house had an event called “Avocado Appreciation,” which included avocado facemasks, guacamole, and avocado smoothies.

IMG_5748 IMG_5749

I tried really hard to get a decent smoothie picture but it wasn’t happening! The smoothie was really good—the only time I tried an avocado smoothie in the past, I didn’t like it but this one was delicious! Turns out the key is honey. The one I made once had banana. The smoothie had avocado, honey, yogurt, and milk.

And that’s a wrap!

What is your favorite avocado item?


Distinct Lack of Donuts

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Mine was good! On Friday I got to spend some time with pigs, rabbits, and a dog in a lab animal class I’m currently in. I finished class for the week around 2:30 and had a very low key afternoon watching Monk. Has anyone seen that? It’s been off the air for a while now but I still love it! No evening workout for me—I went to Crossfit that morning and it wore me out. We did a nice little interval workout: 3 rounds of 250m row, 10 kb swings, 10 burpees, 10 kb swings, 10 burpees, 250m row. It was an all out sprint, and then we had ample recovery time between rounds.

Friday evening my house had our Special Dinner for the quarter, a big event where everyone dresses to a theme. Since my house is called Roth, our theme was Hoth, or Star Wars themed. So…I haven’t actually really seen Star Wars. At all. I was at a loss for what to wear, so I ended up as the worst ewok ever haha.

IMG_5702 IMG_5705

The food was of course delicious. We had Indian food catered, and I tried my best to keep my portions modest but it was so good! Even better? There was gluten free blueberry cake for dessert.


Saturday morning began with a short run. I wanted a rest day, but my stomach was kind of in recovery mode from my flare earlier that week and exercise usually helps, so I went for a low-key 2.5 mile jog.

For lunch, I met up with some of my friends from my freshman dorm, back at our old dining hall. So weird to be back! I had pho and some rice pudding.


After lunch, my friends and I drove up to San Francisco to one of my favorite coffeeshops, Dynamo Donuts. It’s my favorite for several reasons. The coffee is amazing (Foru Barrel), and the milk foam is perfect. It’s right off the highway to it’s easy to go to. And they have amazing donuts, including gluten free. I’ve been there 2x before so I was excited to go back.

After spending about 30 minutes finding a parking spot and parallel parking (not my strong point in the car I drive now), we arrived only to find they were out of donuts. SO sad. At least the coffee was just as fantastic as I remembered!


We spent a few hours there working on schoolwork—I got a couple of problem sets done, one of which isn’t due for another week so I was happy!

Sunday has been pretty low key so far. I began my morning with a 3 mile run. My race is in a week, so I wanted to see a bit what i could do with the pace. I feel ready and excited! I hit my goal pace perfectly and wasn’t dying, which is always a plus. After my run, my friends and I were on kitchen cleanup duty for the weekend. Everyone has to clean the kitchen once a quarter, thoroughly. My job was the fridge clean out, which was kind of a mess thanks to our special dinner and leftovers from that that were dripped everywhere. I also had to toss the leftovers from the week, which there were a lot of. I ended up actually not being able to carry the compost bag of food, and needed my friend to carry it out to the bin with me. Once at the bin, I couldn’t exactly lift the bag high enough to get it into the bin. It was a heavy bag, because I’m decently strong! I had to have my friend tilt the bin, and I swung it up with all my might. As it landed in the bin, it splashed ALL over us. Like, food scraps all over our faces. I just burst out laughing, because it was so ridiculous. I was just glad that I had been the one filling the bag so I could identify that it was in fact marinara sauce all over our faces.

The rest of the day has been spent doing laundry, schoolwork, and procrastinating. My friends and I are also planning a trip to Seattle over spring break, so we booked our tickets and are working on a place to stay. It should be fun!