Earth Day Celebrations

Happy Earth Day! Did everyone realize it was Earth Day? I would have totally forgotten if it weren’t for several Earth Day Celebrations around campus. In honor of Mother Earth, let’s go through some Earth Day eats, shall we? As always, a huge THANKS to Jenn for hosting!


Also, you will have to excuse me for my mind is mush. I just spent 3 hours typing away on a paper, and I’ve spent about 6 hours total today alone on it. But it is done! Yay! And it was a super cool topic that I loved researching-the effect of exercise on recovery from drug addiction. If anyone is interested in this, let me know and I can talk more about it or provide links!

My morning started off with a KIND bar before spin. Normally I don’t eat before Spin, but I was starving so I went for it!

After spin?


While sure, the designs that have been decorating my milk foam lately are cute, nothing compares to the flavor of unadulterated milk foam.

Then, it was time for Operation Eat All the Eggs part 2. This morning, I mashed up a couple of eggs with a triangle of garlic and herb laughing cow, and served it with a mango.





Nothing too crazy to share from the middle of the day except this fun fruit snacks I received in my Easter basket. I regret not brining more than 2 back to school with me!


They made the perfect pre-workout fuel, when paired with an egg!

I had planned on going to Crossfit tonight, but because of the aforementioned paper due tonight at 11:59pm, I wanted something quicker. I randomly remembered the Nike Training Center app I downloaded a few months ago and never tried. I decided to try and advanced cardio workout, which used minimal equipment and included lots of jumps. I want to work on plyos/agility/sprints more so this was perfect. I really liked the workout-my quads were burning in a way they haven’t in a while from all the jumping! If anyone is interested, I did the Heartthrob. I have to say though, the practicality of using a app was not necessarily there. I don’t have my phone armband with me…so I was holding my phone with my headphones and instructions. And my headphones kept getting involved in my jumps. Plus, I would have loved more space. I think in the future, I’d skip the medicine ball (which I only used for like 1 movement) and take this workout outside, where I’d have more space and where I could blast it out loud without having to hold it or have headphones. And I think this would be absolutely amazing paired with some sprints (which I also really should work on). And now it sounds like I’m talking about fine wine…

The app talks to you while you workout, telling you how much time/what exercise/etc. But it also gives encouragement, which I found sort of funny because a very monotone, sort of computer sounding voice kept saying things like “Fight through the pain.” Seriously, I think my GPS has more animation! I will definitely be using it again though!

I didn’t realize the dining halls were doing anything special for Earth Day until I saw a Facebook post of some of the food they posted (yes, I am friends with my school’s dining hall on Facebook-that just about describes my life). I didn’t realize it was a huge event, but I ended up going with some friends anyway in the hopes of better than normal food.

This dinner experience literally made my life. IMG_7398

There were plants everywhere, and special booths set up giving out free food samples, fresh herbs and strawberries, and even seedlings!


And there were piles and piles of salads-salads as far as the eye could see. My favorite was the beet and goat cheese-the goat cheese was so soft and creamy! And I appreciated that none of the salads had nuts! Also a highlight was some delicious, actually cooked and seasoned cauliflower! Without a doubt the best meal at this dining hall ever.


Sadly, you can’t see in this picture, but I picked up a bunch of fresh mint (although it wilted pretty fast!) which I intend to throw in a smoothie later this week!

I also sampled a little whole wheat, mustard greens filled tart which was delicious.


While I was contemplating a fresh, local, organic ice cream sandwich, I somehow got pulled into the “Trash-ion Show” which was a contest to build the best outfit out of trash or discarded materials. I took the matter at hand very seriously, and spent a majority of the time fashioning an attractive and structurally sound hat out of leaves and a plastic basket. I thought our finished product was fantastic-we had a nice little matching ribbon thing going there!-and apparently the judges did as well-we won!




Besides the glory of victory, each member of my team received a super fancy trophy and an amazing gift basket!

IMG_7404 IMG_7407



The gift basket included all kinds of organic goodies like apple chips, pasta, almond milk, and Annie’s pretzel bunnies. I’m also pretty excited for the basket, not going to lie. Think of how many mangoes that thing can fit! Mango shopping clearly needs to happen soon.

To celebrate my victory, I split an ice cream sandwich with a friend.IMG_7406

On the way out, there was a table giving out baby plants. And you know I’m not one to pass up on that! I think this guy is a little baby Oregano, but I’m not sure!


He has found a new, probably temporary home with my big old plumeria!


Aaaand now I’m off to an early night’s sleep. Well, relatively at least!

How did you celebrate Earth Day?








Calm Down Year-Ago-Aurora

Yesterday, when I was finding a link for the post, I found myself reading some posts from this time last year.


It was an interesting experience. And it’s amazing how much I’ve changed since then-in terms of who am I am, why I do, my writing style, and what I talk about.  (Here’s a random post from a year ago.)

Year-Ago-Aurora? You’re freaking crazy. Calm down! I guess that’s part of being a freshman, and the freedom I felt last spring with very few obligations after rowing ended. The first few weeks of spring quarter last year were insane. I had just been stuck at home for months with mono, and all of the sudden I had a ton of free time and catching up with friends to do. I got into some bizarre and unhealthy habits-like not sleeping and eating insane amounts of yogurt. I mean, I love yogurt still-and the old pictures made me crave some of those awesome yogurt bowls-but I was definitely not in the healthiest place. My hormones were all crazy from being sick, and the late nights led to this crazy night time snacking problem-I mean, the snacks were mostly yogurt bowls, but en masse. I think I gained the Freshman 15 in like 3 weeks? From yogurt alone?


What really makes me cringe is all the “food revelations.” No Aurora, you do not have a grain sensitivity. You feel like awful because you’re eating junk and not sleeping…I mean, a lot of those posts are so embarrassing to look back on. But I’ve definitely come so far as a person-in healthy habits, in ways of thinking, in the things I chose to publish on the great Internet.

I also don’t know how I had so much freaking time then! Now I feel like I’m always busy! I guess there was the whole ‘not sleeping’ thing that added several hours to the day…and the fact that classes are so much more work sophomore year!IMG_2331


I also made a lot of broad proclamations, which I’m not really comfortable doing anymore. Like “I won’t eat grains anymore,” or “I’m going Paleo.” Now, I guess I feel silly saying those things. Because I think I got to the point where it was something different each day. I think I was desperately looking for a solution to my out of control eating habits. (Past-Aurora: sleep probably would have helped.)




I feel so much more secure in myself now. I’m not a freshman-I don’t have to worry about having friends and what people think of me in the same way. I have amazing friends-and maybe because I surround myself with the right people, I don’t really have to worry what anyone thinks of me. (Or is this just laziness? TBD…) I have zero problems sitting in my room by myself on a Friday night watching Netflix. Not that I spend my life with Netflix, but I don’t feel like I need to try to be social when all I want to do is relax and sleep. I remember fall of my freshman year, I went to bed pretty early (comparatively to the rest of the freshman in my dorm), and I would always hear people talking and partying, and I was stressed that I was missing out on meeting people. Now, I know that I don’t have to worry about that. I guess this is what maturity does to you, huh?



What’s crazy to me is that I felt so grown up at the time, and while I was writing those posts. And like I said, I look back on them and cringe. Calm down Aurora! You’re crazy!

Do you ever go back and read your old posts? What do you think?

Egg Diaries Day 1

Happy Marathon Monday! Of course I had to start my morning with a run-not 26.2 miles unfortunately! I did an easy 3 first thing in the morning, which felt surprisingly good given the sugar coma I had all weekend! Run fuel? Maybe?

Did anyone watch the Boston Marathon this year? I didn’t but I had fun following the various tweets about it! My first real experience with marathons came a few summers ago when I somehow got hooked on the marathon running. Which is an unfortunate event to be hooked on, given how long the race is! Everyone thought I was crazy for being so enthralled-who knew that now I’d have run 3 half marathons?

I also love the outpouring of support for Boston. I’ve seen a few Boston Strong t-shirts here on my super isolated campus. I remember last year being sort of upset by the fact that no one here seemed to care-I wrote a rather heated blog post about it at the time!

I also remember wishing I could run 10 miles on my birthday that year….but knowing that wouldn’t be possible. But guess what? My birthday is in 2 weeks-this year, I could run 10 miles on my birthday if I wanted to. I probably won’t, but it wouldn’t be that big of a deal anymore. It’s amazing how much can change in a year!

Today, in terms of food, I began my journey to eat the Easter eggs. I can’t believe my mother sent me home with 18 hard boiled eggs…and that I didn’t realize it! So…expect a lot of eggs for a while. I may need to pick up an avocado for avocado egg salad.



Egg #1-totally necessary to match my eggs to my clothing. Clearly.

And eggs #2,3, and 4.



This is the before.




And the after-egg salad with spinach and tortilla chips. What do you guys put in your egg salad? I usually do mayo, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. I didn’t have any lemons so I improvised with an old orange that was too sour to eat anyways! My family likes relish in it but…blech. It’s not for me!

So, Mission Eat 18 Eggs Day 1 has ended. I am 4 eggs in. Stay tuned.

What’s your favorite use of leftover eggs?

Easter 2014-Mind Blowing Revelations in Bread Pudding

I hope everyone had a Marvelous Easter!


I definitely had a fabulous day. First thing in the morning, I prettied myself up and drove home for an Easter Brunch with my family. IMG_0116   IMG_0118

After a few obligatory pictures, we were off to a fancy hotel for a snazzy Easter feast! I really tried to pace myself this year. My family takes buffets really seriously, and I think I committed a foul by filling up on cookies the previous day and having reduced stomach space today. And yes, we even had a conversation about how you can “win” a buffet. Ohh my crazy family. IMG_7380

First course-I guess I’ll call it the appetizers? Blueberry bread, fancy cheeses, watermelon, a cauliflower salad, and the star-a cheese blintz. IMG_7381

Course 2: real food. Mahi mahi, jasmine rice, a whole wheat roll, and bread pudding part 1. It was a sampler, ya know? IMG_7383

Course 3 was real dessert. My mom and I got some things to share (although you better believe that the bread pudding was all for me.) Super rich chocolate cake, berry rhubarb pie, baby chocolate eclair, a petit 4, and of course, bread pudding. My family certainly has a thing for bread pudding. We have an amazing family recipe (which I should totally post if we make it again. I could even try a healthier version?), and normally I don’t go for other types. But this, my friends, was amazing. It was made with croissants. CROISSANTS! What a revolutionary idea! Seriously, SO good. So buttery and custardy, with a deliciously creamy custard sauce. This definitely stole the show today! After waddling away from brunch, it was time to search for Easter baskets and then embark on the annual Easter egg hunt! IMG_0125 IMG_0122

We found them all this year! Nothing like finding little plastic eggs in July… IMG_7384

After some Easter candy and a subsequent food coma, I headed over to my neighbors house for a conversation in Spanish. I had to record it for a class, but it was a lot of fun! Sadly, my understanding of Spanish is far superior to my speaking ability-but that’s just something to work on! Another Easter tradition happened as well-dying of eggs! We didn’t do anything too crazy this year, but I think they turned out quite well! IMG_7385 IMG_7386

So now I basically have a million colorful eggs to eat! There are certainly worse problems to have! Somehow I ended up taking them ALL back with me. So expect nothing but eggs on here for the next week. But actually… I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday! What are your Easter traditions?

Lack of Motivation and Cupcake Art

Hey guys! I’ve seriously been neglecting blogging lately. I’m sort of lacking blogging motivation: I feel like there hasn’t been that much to say, and I’ve been busy! But here I am back! I do have some new things to share-such as what continent I’ll be on this summer! Seriously-SO relived to finally have that all figured out.

Where to even start? How about Thursday. I woke up early for a run-I did 3 miles with a mile at tempo speed. It felt pretty good. I was going to do 4 miles but since I haven’t run much since my half, I wanted to keep it easy. I was sore after Tuesday’s 4 mile run! I don’t have any halts planned for a while, so right now I’m keeping it chill on the running front. Eventually, I’ll move back over to speed work, but I haven’t felt a lot of running motivation lately so I’m going to wait until I feel ready. I always feel a bit burned out after training for halfs!

Breakfast was a classic-plain Greek yogurt, sun butter, and berry compote. Such a good combo.


And then…I FINALLY decided/found out where I’ll be this summer! I have an internship in Washington DC-so if anyone is going to be there this summer (or in the area) let me know and we should hang out! In my Internship I’m going to be working on Child Nutrition things, and I literally could not imagine a job I would rather be doing. An added bonus? My friend is in DC this summer as well so we’re trying to find a place to live together! SO excited!

Thursday I also got my second sound wave treatment. It was MUCH more painful than the first-I think the guy found the tender spots a lithe bit better. Hopefully this all works!

This week has also sort of been the week of sugar for me-we’ve had a lot of informal recruitment events for my sorority, and my roommate has been doing a lot of baking for it. The events are basically us getting together and eating good food.


Check out these cupcakes! One of my other friends did the frosting-she busted out some amazing cupcake decorating skills out of nowhere! So beautiful! And the cupcakes were of course, delicious. Especially the vanilla, which was a surprise for me given I’m normally chocolate all the way!

I don’t have a lot to show for food pictures. Things have been pretty basic around here lately, so let’s talk a bit about workouts! Friday morning I did Spin on my own. I’ve been loving HIIT on the spin bike lately, so I did my HIIT class I wrote, and just subbed in a different playlist to mix it up! I had to modify and cut it a bit short though because I couldn’t really stand on the bike after the sound wave treatment. I’m not supposed to use my Achilles for 24 hours after the treatment, and this time it was definitely sore and inflamed afterwards. I ended up icing it Thursday night because it was sore and hot!

This morning, I went to Crossfit. It was hard. Which was great. We did Kelly, which I’ve done once before. I think it’s definitely one of the harder Crossfit workouts I’ve done, partly because it’s a long one.


5 rounds:

400m run

30 box jumps

30 wall balls


It just adds up super fast! 150 box jumps is a lot! I didn’t beat my previous time, unfortunately, but it was certainly a good one!

Tomorrow, I’m going home for Easter. We’re going out to a nice Brunch, and then doing an Easter egg hunt, as always. I love how some traditions never change! One year, we had a squirrel hijack our Easter egg hunt-he took a couple of plastic eggs high up into the trees and chewed holes in them!


That’s all I have for today! Have a fabulous Easter!

Back to Life (WIAW)

WHEW. What an absolutely insane couple of days! My schedule was insane and I’m still running around a bit like a crazy person but it’s whatever. Since I haven’t posted food in forever, this will double as WIAW!


Things didn’t get too super crazy until Friday. Thursday I got sound wave treatment on my Achilles. It was kind of strange, kind of painful, and extremely short. I have to go back 2 more times. I think it helped? I’ve been on my feet ALL weekend which normally KILLS my achilles, and I have been able to walk so I’m taking that as a good sign! Here’s some Thursday food: IMG_7321 IMG_7322 IMG_7323

So, the dining hall has been stepping up breakfast lately. Bread pudding? Of course I’m going to try that! I’m kind of in love with the blueberry bread pudding. SO good. But really sweet for breakfast! Next time I might bring some back for later! They also had sticky buns. IMG_7329

Lunch-carrots and meatballs. With a side of finally declaring my major! Bio all the way! IMG_7328

I love the shirt, haha! IMG_7332

Super simple dinner-chicken caesar salad and a warm, buttery roll. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. This was followed by a treat thought-the dining hall had a big fat of HOT brownie! IMG_7333

Umm YUM. Friday morning I did a weight lifting work out that didn’t use my achilles so it could rest after the treatment. I did front squats, good mornings, back squats, and RDLs, and then finished with abs. IMG_0030

Breakfast was actually in the dining hall! I tried a weird mixture of steel cut oats, cottage cheese, golden raisins, and later banana, and really wasn’t feeling it. Also pictured is blueberry bread pudding. :) IMG_0031

Hey, you can’t win them all! So, the craziness REALLY got underway. Friday I met with a girl in my sorority for dinner….at 3:45….to talk about her experience abroad in Chile. We had to meet to start prepping everything at 4:30. Last weekend was formal recruitment for my sorority. The way my school handles this is that every girl has to go to these little “parties” with every chapter. So Friday we were there 4:30-12:30, and I didn’t get in bed until 3. My entire Saturday consisted of sleeping ish in, Crossfit, a quick trip to Whole Foods, a nap, and then returning for night 2 of recruitment. I went to Whole Foods for one reason: it’s the absolute best time of year. IMG_7337

MANGO SEASON. When they start going on sale is when they really start being great. I bought 8 mangoes. Which I will admit is a far cry from the 29 I had last year… I also picked up a quick lunch. Brunch? Dinner? IMG_7338

A green smoothie and a blueberry muffin. My meal schedule was so weird. I had very few actual meals. Saturday, we were there from 5pm-2am, when we were physically kicked out of the building. Sunday, unless you count the pb&j (ish) tortilla at 2, my dinner consisted of animal crackers. So there’s that. I was really dreading rush, I must admit, but it ended up being pretty fun. I met and talked to some pretty cool people, and had a shockingly good time performing a ridiculous dance for all our potential new members. There is a video, but I’m pretty sure the Internet does not need to see that. I also developed some bizarre allergy thing on Friday, AKA right as all this craziness started. I must be allergic to something that was blooming, because it’s a lot better now. However, my weird allergy thing plus talking to people for 7 hours a night, plus screaming and singing insanely, my voice has been GONE since Saturday. By the end of the night, I could barely make a sound. The last girl I talked to was legitimately concerned for me! The craziness continued after rush for me-I got out at midnight on Sunday night, and had the pleasure of going home to write and prepare an oral presentation for the next day, as well as write a Spanish paper.  Monday was filled with class and meetings, and a bid day party for our new members. We didn’t get as many as we would have liked, especially given all the time and energy we put into the process, but it is what it is. IMG_0029

Me plus my giraffe, and a baby giraffe for a new member. The craziness continued through this morning. We hosted a breakfast for new members…in my dorm room at 7am. So my room needed to be clean, and I needed to be awake. I didn’t get a chance for a workout at all yesterday, and the day before all I had time for was 20 minutes of HIIT on the Spin bike! Craziness! IMG_7344 IMG_7345

Breakfast was matzah eggs and fruit, since it’s Passover and we’re a historically Jewish sorority. And before class, I made sure to grab coffee. I actually went with my sister! My real sister who despite the fact that she goes to the same school as me, you never see her pop up on here because I never see her! IMG_7346

Big sis and little sis coffee. I will never understand how she can handle so much more caffeine than I can! Ok-WHEW. We’re almost caught up. On the workout front, I decided to run TO Crossfit today. It’s just over 2 miles each way, so it made for a good first run post-half marathon. It was definitely more difficult on the way back though! And LASTLY (I promise, I know this has been a marathon post), dinner tonight: a beautiful avocado atop sweet potato, turkey meatball, and salsa.                           IMG_7347IMG_7348

And now, I’m off to get a start on the million and one things I need to do today!

Catch me up on your lives-what’s new?

iPhoto Dump #2

Hey guys! Things have been absolutely crazy on my end for the last few days and aren’t let tin yup for a while! I’m running around like a crazy person and don’t even know what continent I’m going to be on this summer! I promise for a full, normal post tomorrow but for now, here’s a picture from now, plus a million old ones to get to know me a little better! I promise I’ll respond to comments soon as well!


I’ve done one of these before, and thought it would be fun to do another one! So here we go!


Pig slippers. Fall leaves. Enough said. This was a day after I bashed my knee open because I wiped out on a run. The funny thing? I was running to meet my family for brunch, and my mom took a picture of me running up with blood running down my knee, before she even realized I had blood running down my knee. I decided to spare you all that picture.


Pig slippers are always acceptable attire, right?


My sister was known as the cookie girl in high school. I was her trusty sidekick, the cookie eating girl.


Why yes Charlie, I DID get a violin case just for you to sit in.


This used to be milk. Thanks dad.


What can I say? Whiteboards help me think!



This is a cake. My sister made it. Isn’t it amazing??


Avocado birthing.


I swear I didn’t search for this!



Have a great day!

Snacks I’ve Been Loving Lately

Happy Friday! Disclaimer: I’m in the middle of a paper which has to be orally presented on Monday+ like 20 hours of rush stuff before then+getting my passport+obsessing over Latin American culture, things have been busy in these parts and I won’t really get to posting until after this weekend! Here’s a post I wrote last summer (please ignore the summer references-but know that right now we ARE getting 80 degree weather so it kind of works). Here are some go to snacks. One thing I will add though is my latest obsession: roasted carrots+mango. The best thing in the world. 


1. Fruit. This is such an easy one, and I especially love it during the hot summer because it just seems so refreshing!


2. Veggies and guac. I snacked on this quite a bit during the school year. If you buy a pouch of the guacamole spices, it’s as easy as mashing up half an avocado and dipping.


3. Part of a bar. During the school year, before a workout I’d grab half of a Thinkthin bar. Right now, I’m sampling my wide selection of quest bars. I’m finding I enjoy them in small pieces because for me they start tasting funny by the end of the bar, and they’re pretty dense which can be hard on my stomach. Eating a bite or two of a bar here and there may be obnoxious if you live with people who would actually like to eat a WHOLE said bar, but the Quest bars are mine so no shame.


4. Laughing Cow with carrots. This is the perfect mix of protein and produce. It’s just what I need to make it through the afternoon!


5. Yogurt. Specifically, stand-alone yogurt. For a snack, I prefer something that is satisfying as is. For example, vanilla yogurt wouldn’t be a good snack for me because I’d need granola and sunflower seed butter. Coconut yogurt is perfect for this.


6. Coffee with milk. Sometimes you do need a little pick me up, especially in the morning. If you’re like me and like the milk to coffee ration more on the milk side, this is perfect. The milk has protein and some carbohydrates. And yes, I’ve used this as a post-workout recovery drink. No shame.


7. Leftovers. Many times, snacks are seriously lacking in nutritional value. Leftovers are the perfect mini-meal, and they often include easy to grab veggies. The other day I grabbed some leftover sweet potato wedges for a snack-more delicious and nutritious than chips!


8. This smoothie. I do best when my snacks are on the light side, especially if it’s right before a workout. This smoothie really hits the spot because it’s super refreshing, tasty, and sneaks in some veggies.

1 cup dark chocolate almond milk

handful of spinach

half of a frozen banana

large handful of ice

pinch of xantham gum

Blend and enjoy!


9. Dark chocolate. Sometimes all you want is something sweet. This will fulfill that while offering antioxidants and a small caffeine boost.



What are some of your favorite snacks?

What’s New?

Hey guys! This is sort of a crazy week for me but I wanted to talk about a few things I’m doing right now!

The reason for the crazy week? I’m in a sorority and this is rush week. The way we do rush is sort of crazy. For example, Friday night is from 4:30-12:30…Another example of how it is crazy-starting a paper at 12:30 AFTER rush last night…oy.

I’m just going to go in list form to give this some sort of rough structure!

1: I’m writing a huge quarter long research paper on exercise addiction. I’m really excited about this! It’s a little more complicated than that, but this is the most blog relevant part!

2. I had my first cappuccino of the quarter the other day, and it was fabulous. I have to be super careful about caffeine because I’m worried I’ll give myself heart issues (family history+heart racing last quarter) so I laid off completely and now I’m fine if I keep it to a small cappuccino or a baby cup, only when I really need it!


3. I cannot get enough of these new KIND bars!

IMG_7306 IMG_7312


4. Food. So, I’ve been doing this thing sort of. I’m semi-roughly following a meal plan, which I actually love because I’ve found some new things that are healthy and delicious. Which is why you may have seen some different things as of late. I’m looking at the Blogilates 12 week meal plan, but I’m really just taking some of the delicious sounding food and recipes and incorporating them into something that works for me. For some reason though, I’m really not feeling this week’s breakfast, which is essentially overnight oats. Here’s what’s crazy-the recipe calls for Greek yogurt and oats to sit over night, but no liquid! That’s craziness! So I definitely added almond milk. Not sure why I’m not feeling it-I liked over night oats in the past, but maybe that was because it was with fruity yogurt. In contrast, I LOVED last week’s egg cups and quinoa, which surprised me because I thought it was going to be a blah breakfast.IMG_7308 IMG_7314

Other things: chicken meatballs+roasted carrots. As I study addictions, the more I’m convinced I have a carrot addiction. It’s a problem.

IMG_7309 IMG_7311Another fun find from the meal plan? Turkey wraps with tomato and basil laughing cow+turkey+spinach+red pepper. I have the ingredients in my room and it makes a fabulous light dinner.

IMG_7313 IMG_7320


5. Crossfit today was rough. I actually tore my hand in the last round of pull ups, which is something I’ve never done before. It was weird though because I was not expecting to tear my hand in that place…here’s the workout:

100 wall balls

100 pull ups

100 dumb bell snatches

100 push ups

6. My achilles magically feels good right now, despite having difficulties walking after standing up in rush events last night. The probable reason? I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow! I’m getting some type of treatment on it that is supposed to magically make it better. I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe all I need to do is go to the doctor for it to be better-that’s what happened last time!

7. Here’s something crazy-I’m seriously considering studying abroad this summer. I was planning on doing it next spring, but there seem to be some spots left in the summer program and I don’t have anything that meaningful planned for the summer, plus it would give me more time for my major classes during the school year. Two downsides: it’s winter there…and my Spanish ability…this is my first quarter of Spanish in college. Granted, I took 4 years of Spanish in high school, including AP, but it’s still coming back to me. And all the classes are taught in Spanish. So I’d need to mega cram my Spanish before then. I already told my roommate that we’re going to have a Spanish only rule for our dorm room.

Want to know one of the firs things I looked up when I started considering this? Crossfit boxes in the area. How cool would that be? I think it would be a great way to meet locals and insert myself into life there.

That’s all I have for today!

Did you study abroad? Where? How did you like it?


Living the Self Hosted Life

Hey guys! How are you feeling? I’m feeling sore. My achilles was in a lot of pain this morning but that seems to be fading, but my QUADS are super sore. And thanks to my magic compression socks, my calves are fine. However, biking around wasn’t the most fun thing in the world this morning.

Clearly I did not do a morning workout! I slept in and it was fabulous. I think I’m still behind on sleep though because I needed an afternoon nap as well!

Breakfast was a classic-overnight oats. It was super thick though. I think I need more liquid next time!

IMG_7299Oats, plain yogurt, chia seeds, dried cranberries, and apple. Topped with very thoroughly cooked berries!

So, something strange and frustrating happened this morning. I lost my turkey. I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE while I was making my lunch, and I was rely angry because that meant it had likely gotten lost in transit and it was a lot of nice turkey that was going to make up quite a few of this week’s meals!

Well, this afternoon I found it. I somehow managed to throw it away this morning in the process of looking for it. It was actually still kinda cold! But I think I’m getting new turkey…SO frustrating though! At least it wasn’t sitting in my car all day today like I was worried it was!

Lunch was supposed to be a Chef’s salad, but without turkey it was just kind of a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and avocado.

IMG_7300Still good, but would have been better with turkey.

So, this quarter I’m in Spanish 3. The class is entirely in Spanish. Which is fine, except I have Bio 10 minutes afterward, and it’s surprisingly confusing to have to switch around the way that I think. It’s funny because when I take Spanish, I definitely think in Spanish a lot.

Snack was carrots with a beautiful pool of sunflower seed butter.

IMG_7303And dinner was dining hall food. Not too shabby today-some type of Mexican seasoned chicken, salad, and my new favorite combo thanks to last week’s breakfasts: quinoa and sunflower seeds! Seriously-you need to try this!

IMG_7305And dessert-a Honey Oats and Coconut KIND bar. I’m really excited that KIND has come out with these new, nut-free granola bars! This one only has 7g of sugar!


IMG_7306And now onto today’s topic-living the self hosted life.

In summary: I don’t like it so far. Sure, I have more theme and style options. I got search engine optimization, which I’m still working on setting up. Fun fact-one of my top searches last week was “items made in the year 1842.” Ummm ok? Clearly need to work on that optimization!

I know there are more benefits-does anyone have any specific suggestions for me?

Now the cons. My number one annoyance right now is spam. I have to filter it myself, and there’s a whole lot more than I thought. And some things I have to make a decision about whether or not are spam. It’s a pain. And I still get email notifications about every spam comment which I really should turn off.

Next problem-is it just me or does my blog take forever to load? It was taking FOREVER to load the other day. And then my pictures came up black and I started freaking out. Until I realized it was my computer that sometimes likes to spaz out and freeze up when I go on the Internet. So maybe it doesn’t take forever to load for you guys and it’s just me? Let me know!

Last problem-I’m not sure how the transfer affects different blog reader sites, so I’m fairly certain I’ve lost readers as a result. For a while, the new posts weren’t coming up on Bloglovin if you followed my account, but now they are and as a result I see 3 Fitness is Sweet posts on my Bloglovin reader every time I post so I can tell it’s working!

So what do you guys think about self hosting-like, love, or hate it?