Hey guys! I swear one of these days I’ll do a WIAW…but let’s just do a normal post, shall we? I lifted weights this morning. Since yesterday‘s workout included a bit of everything, especially arms (I’m looking at you snatches), I wanted to focus on legs. So, I figured, why not demolish my legs? Here’s a picture of what was on tap for my day, although the sprints and abs were in the afternoon:Image

I started with squats to a fairly heavy weight, and then settled into 135# for my typical back squat workout of 2 squats every 30 seconds for 8 minutes. I followed that up with the workout on the card, the Metcon Honky Tonky. Yeah. My legs were pretty much done. SO naturally the logical step was to move on to RDLs and calf raises. Go hard or go home, right? I finished with a few sets of single leg squats and hamstring rolls. Can you say JELLO? Legs=demolished. 

Breakfast:ImagePlain greek yogurt topped with granola and frozen blueberries. Plus a biscuit. I LOVE BISCUITS!

Aaaand here’s lunch: salad with a hard boiled egg and garlic hummus.ImageAfter lunch, I had the pleasure of taking my Ochem midterm. It seemed difficult, but crossing my fingers, I think I pulled it off. 

After class, this was waiting for me in my room:ImageIt’s Big-Little week! My big is awesome, I can already tell. I got more mangos today, and here’s what I got last night:ImageShe knows me too well! Mangos and avocados?? I’m soo spoiled!

After a quick snack of freeze dried edamame and a mango, I went outside to do some sprints and abs (see workouts above). The sprint workout was from my old agility/conditioning coach I used to train with my sophomore and junior year of high school. Is it weird that I get nostalgic about workouts? And then I started to really miss softball. I miss everything about it, pitching, hitting, running after balls. And yes, I did love softball conditioning. Sigh.

Before dinner, I whipped up some Overnight Oats. I’ve never had them before, but given I’m on a yogurt kick, and my last yogurt expires tomorrow, I figured I’d give it a try. I seem to have lost my almond milk…so I used sunflower seed milk. It’s not my favorite, but that’s ok. I also discovered after dinner when I was eating a banana with sunflower seed butter, that I have a nearly empty jar! So that’s going to happen. I swear, either a) my room eats things or b) I’m going to find a ton of random things when I move out (in three weeks!!!). Also missing: a bowl (I only had 2 so this is bad…), 2 knives, and now my almond milk. 

Dinner was very unsatisfying (which explains why it was followed by the banana and a Thinkthin Divine bar). I had some avocados in the fridge which I thought went bad a while ago, so I brought those to dinner. The avocados were fine, but even they could not save a sub-par dinner. Our dining hall is so bad that NO ONE goes there anymore. It was pretty empty. How can a salad with chicken be so unsatisfying?ImagePlus parsnips. Those were good, I’ll give them that. I eat so much more at the dining hall when the food is bad, ironically. So I made a vow to never eat there for dinner again for the rest of the year. I brought some spinach back to my room so I can make an omelet for dinner tomorrow, now that I know I have some decent avocados. 

Also, I haven’t forgotten about this Miranda! Thanks for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award!


The Rules:

1) Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post
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3) Share seven things about yourself
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 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I have a Youtube video with over 38,000 hits. Find it here. But here’s the thing. It’s a softball skills video I made to show to college coaches. It should have less than 1000 views. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why it has so many. If anyone knows, please clue me in. Image

2. I wanted to play softball in college, and got some good offers, but ultimately I turned it down in favor of the academics at the school I am at now. And I miss it like crazy. Image

3. When Lilly was a kitten, she loved sitting on shoulders. And heads. (Ok, this isn’t really me, but let’s go with it.)Image(Ignore the gross face and focus on the cat).

4. I drive a Prius (at least last year. Now My sister has priority access).Image

5. I’ve gone all over the country to play softball. Vegas, Southern California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida. And of course all the armpits of CA: Hemet, Stockton, Fresno (sorry if any of you guys live there…but would you really disagree?).Image

One year in Vegas we played in 117 degree heat. Soo much fun. GAH I can’t believe I won’t be traveling everywhere this year!

6. I don’t think I’m a very patient person…

7.  The one Midnight premier I’ve gone to is the Hunger Games, with all my friends in Senior year. The next morning was one of the first times I’d attempted coffee…and naturally I tried to drink it black. It didn’t work. 

Ok, 15 bloggers! I’m not sure who has gotten what already, but here are some! SOrry if I missed you or if you’ve already been nominated!

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Hmmm pretty sure a lot of you other guys have been nominated! Have a great day!

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  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    So I just added another hit to your video 😉 Dayyungggg girl you’re a smarty! 2260 SAT?!

    1. astottler

      Haha totally forgot that was on there!

    1. astottler

      I could seriously eat them every day! This is a dangerous thing!

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