Hey guys! I’m not going to go into today’s eats much today…maybe tomorrow. Plus today included a ton of snacking (which is always a bad sign for me). I woke up this morning for Spin, but barely. I seriously wanted to crawl back into bed. But I went. And I’m glad I did. And it was raining! What the heck? This is California, darn it! On another note, my bike is causing me great annoyance, which is a problem considering campus is HUGE and I definitely need to bike everywhere. First, my brakes started jamming. The front brake will brake just fine, but when I stop pressing on the brake, it won’t go off. Awesome. So I have to reach down to the wheel and pull the little spring-type things apart manually.Image

(That thing.)

The good news? Upon further examination, I think this problem can be solved with a few pieces of well placed duct tape. Please tell me I’m not the only one who used to think duct tape was tape with pictures of ducks on it?

Also noteworthy: I tried Overnight Oats for the first time! I actually broke into them last night for a snack. I didn’t expect them to be so thick! Also, a note to first timer OOers, remember before you taste your first bite that the oats contain an entire container of rather tart yogurt. Image

I just had it with some sunflower seed butter. I had the other half today with some thawed blueberries and sunflower seed butter. I just opened a new crunchy sunflower seed butter, and it’s my new favorite!Image

Overall, I’m not a HUGE fan of overnight oats, but I would probably make them again. I’m thinking they have some serious staying power!

This afternoon was spent snacking (GAH I blame you again nap!) and looking into becoming a Spin instructor. The general requirements for group fitness at my local gym require a group fitness certification as well as 1 year of experience….but I have no experience, so I’m going to look into tons of other things. 

And now onto the topic of this post. Some of you may recall that the night before my birthday, I declared I’d give up desserts for the rest of the school year. Now, it’s been almost 2 weeks! (My record is 3 weeks, for anyone that cares.) And to be honest? I don’t miss desserts at all. To be fair, I am still having some sweet things, but these healthier alternatives are still cutting my sugar intake and keeping me sane. In my previous sugar challenges, these are items I probably would have done without. But those have all failed. So this time, I decided to take a more low-key approach and allow some things. Like this deliciousness: Image

And I’ve had some granola with chocolate chips. And who needs oreos when you could have this beautiful combo? (Flax snacks with the sesame seed butter.)Image

Ok, I admit, this one kind of pushes the boundaries, as both items are sweet. But they’re almost gone. 😉

Another thing I noticed, a few days in to my challenge: a lot of things just tasted sweet. I had my yogurt+sunflower seed butter+pumpkin bread combo, and it wasn’t as enjoyable as it had been before. The point is, my taste buds have adapted and I don’t miss everything all that much. Ok, I know I’m painting this up to be all daisies and sunshine; there have been some very difficult things to pass up. Like in Yosemite when all my friends were eating Oreos and M&Ms. Or on my Mom’s birthday when the table ordered a ton of specialty desserts. But I’m glad I did choose to pass up. In the long run, I know this is better for me, and I’ve reached the point where it is mostly smooth sailing. That being said, maybe a few less ThinkThin Divine bars wouldn’t hurt. (Yeah. I had 3 today. But now they’re gone so that’s that.)

The point is, once your taste buds readjust, there is no turning back! I love healthier alternatives. Last quarter I had many bananas mashed with cocoa powder.ImageImageImageThere’s seriously one picture every day from the beginning of last quarter. (Try this one guys! I haven’t had it lately because my bananas haven’t stuck around long enough and because it was awesome with peanut butter. Which makes my face blow up. Just microwave a banana, and mash it up with cocoa powder!)

There are tons of healthy alternatives out there (and I will most likely spend my summer finding them). I’m still deciding what I want to do when my so-called “challenge” is over. I think I might continue. I wish I was one of those people who could have a bite of chocolate and be good to go. I’m definitely an all or nothing personality type. And eating sweets is a VERY slippery slope for me. Although you guys don’t see it on the blog, previous to teh challenge I was eating a ton of sugar. It just doesn’t usually stick around long enough to be photographed! 

On another note, I’m considering trying Paleo again now that my yogurt phase has more or less come to an end. Every time I’ve tried Paleo for a few days, I’ve loved how I’ve felt. ANd to be honest, yogurt was a BIG reason why I didn’t want to try it again. Plus I’ve been feeling so-so with my food choices as of late. Thoughts?

Would you ever or have you ever given up desserts? What was it like?

2 comments on “How I Gave Up Desserts

  1. Kaitlin

    Good for you! I try various methods of reducing my sugar and “giving up sweets” but it never really lasts long. There was a time where I did it for two weeks and felt great. It’s interesting to note how my body reacts to sugar. I think it comes from experiencing the negative reactions of sugar (maybe too much…guilty) and then understanding your body and really how you WANT to feel.

    Eating whole foods and even finding subs like the banana froyo are clutch but I’m always a sucker for a slice of cheesecake or frozen yogurt. I think it’s key to have people around you who support your goal or are even doing the same thing. Usually I’ll start a food challenge and then my friends will bring out the junk or there will be a special occasion. But, that’s just another question about will power.

    Not sure if you are a pumpkin fan, but it makes a mean overnight oats. I like to use different flavors of yogurt too, but I guess they have a lot of sugar.

    I also have been interested in trying paleo, but I’m a huge yogurt fan. Guess, that’ll have to wait.

    1. astottler

      Haha I was rethinking the whole idea of Paleo as I walked by vats of yogurt in the dining hall this morning…For this sugar challenge, I told EVERYONE around me, so they didn’t try to give me sweets! The way sugar interacts with our bodies is such an interesting thing for me…I haven’t eliminated all sugar, but I’m hoping to cut down a bit more.

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