Hey guys! I’m a bit more behind than I realized…

For Mother’s Day, my sister and her boyfriend, and I surprised my mom at lunch. Here are some pictures from the day:ImageYogurt. No kidding. 

ImageSalad at lunch. Unfortunately it had bacon (which I don’t eat) so I picked it off. My dad enjoyed the picked off bacon with his meal though!

ImageI made dinner! This meal was inspired by a Korean restaurant I went to a while ago. Herbed quinoa and brown rice, spinach and mushrooms sauteed in teriyaki, and topped with an egg over easy. So simple and delicious! There are tons of different flavors going on!

Image“Dessert”-cereal and blueberry pomegranate kefir with sunflower seed butter.

ImageObligatory cat pictures.ImageThis little guy woke me up at 4:30 am Monday because he wanted to cuddle and be petted. And I can’t exactly be mad for that…

Monday morning I went to abs class (so hard!) and then thus began my juice cleanse. ImageI always seem to overestimate my love for veggie juice. This would have gone a lot better if I actually, you know, could tolerate it. 

Breakfast was a mix of the beet-y juice and the pineapple cucumber. It was chugged very quickly. Classy, I know.ImageThe pineapple cucumber would have been super good if I didn’t despise cucumbers! Isn’t that a strange vegetable to hate?

On a side note- my kitty Lilly is in the habit of chewing up tissues in the box, so my mom put the box upside down. Did that help? You tell me.ImageImage

Lunch was a blend of 2 green juices. 

Well at least it was a beautiful day!
When I returned to my dorm, I found a gift from my Big awaiting me! I love her already!
And a friend for my avocado plant!
I had been saving the Cashew juice for “dinner” but I was kind of fed up with the whole juice thing at this point. I didn’t drink much juice since I didn’t really like it, so I didn’t have a lot in my system. Then I had some of these freeze dried edamame:IMG_2516
Then I had a banana with sunflower seed butter. I figured, hey, it’s still produce (sort of) so TECHNICALLY I’m still doing this thing. And then this happened.IMG_2519
And delicious it was. Plus a protein bar…so I ended up kind of stuffed.
Overall, the whole juice cleanse didn’t really work for me. Partly because I hate veggie juice (and am never buying it again) and partly because I don’t exactly believe in it, simply because the juices have so much sugar. If I were to do a cleanse, I’d do a fruit and veggie cleanse, and eat the whole veggie. Why are vegetables so much better not in juice form??
Other highlight of yesterday: I went to my PO Box on campus. For the first time. Yes, I realize that is bad and pitiful and I’m a terrible human being. Especially since my friends from high school sent these months ago:
I was coming back from a sorority meeting in an are I was unfamiliar with, and somehow ran into the back of the post office.
Since this post is super long, here are some shots from today:IMG_2522
Literally the perfect apple. I love Harry and David!
Have a great day everyone!
Would you ever do a juice cleanse?

7 comments on “FAIL

  1. Carleigh

    I hate cucumbers too! Always have

    1. astottler

      Everyone says they’re bland but I beg to differ.

    1. astottler

      Yeah, but pigs are just too cute! (Such a great reason, haha.)

  2. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    Your salad looks SO good. I love bacon on salads! Also, I cracked up at your cat and the tissue box. Reminds me of our puppy–no matter what we try to hide from her, she’ll find a way to get it. Our pets are smart little creatures!

    1. astottler

      They really are! There’s no outsmarting them.

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