On Wednesday night, I took a yoga class.My first in over 3 months. My first since hurting my shoulder.

When the teacher asked us to set an intention for the class, I decided on “healing and moving forward.” That was cause for some reflection. There I was, standing on my mat. My shoulder was strong, my stomach was calm.

2015 was a difficult year health wise for me. Just to be clear, overall I actually really loved 2015.


But 2016 will be the year of healing. Healing and moving on from the issues that plagued me throughout the past year. It’s time to look forward with optimism.

Another thing that’s bringing on this post is how much better my stomach has been lately since making some changes. It’s definitely not perfect, and I have to be very vigilant, but I feel like a new person. Now, it’s easy to fall into bad habits that might harm my stomach (aka overeating) so this is a precarious balance, but I’m hoping that knowledge is power and I’ll continue on as I am.

Last night was a senior night. On senior nights, my school buses the seniors to and from downtown. I wasn’t actually able to make any last quarter due to scheduling conflicts, but I remember wanting really badly to go to the one the first week of class last quarter but being too sick to go.

Last night, I was able to go. And I was so grateful. Grateful for my health. Grateful to be able to have fun like a normal personal without the intense worry about how my stomach would behave. It was such a stark contrast to how I was that time last quarter.


Right now, I’m grateful for my health and all that I can do, because it is not something to ever take for granted!