Two new workouts!

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I feel like it’s kind of cheating to use one of my spin playlists, but that’s one of the things I’m doing most right now!

Here’s last year’s post.

The first workout is a class I taught a few week ago.

indoor cycling

Some notes:

-Single leg means letting one leg go limp while focusing on the other leg. Do intervals of about 30s for each leg.

-In means sitting, out means standing

-Hand position 2 means hands at the base of the handle bars. Hand position 3 means hands at the ends of the handle bars, such that the rider will be leaning more forwards.

-+1 means one turn up. One turn is generally 1/4 of the way around the resistance knob.


The next workout is a quick bodyweight workout that anyone can fit in in between the holiday madness! I’m planning on pairing it with a 2 miler run today for a quick indoor workout in the rainstorm we’re going to get today!

Perform as many rounds of the following in 15 minutes!

holiday AMRAP

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