One amazing family.

Last year’s Day 1.

Well, today is the first day of the countdown to my blogiversary! How perfect that it falls right around Thanksgiving.

My family is seriously the best. Cats and dogs included.

They get up before 6am on a holiday to go to a turkey trot with me.

Last year vs this year:

IMG_5455 IMG_0145

Gotta love my kitty!


The race went well. Last year I went out super fast and was DYING for most of the race. This time I reigned my pace in so it was a more fun experience!



Last year there was a guy who ran the whole race dressed as a pirate while carrying a pirate ship. I think the same guy this year was dressed as the death star.

Much less heavy!


Anyways, so grateful for my family. After cleaning ourselves up, we headed to Napa for the big meal, and stopped by to see my grandparents.

IMG_0584 IMG_0590 IMG_0174

I also love my pets, despite the fact that I’m very allergic to them…


Then, we arrived in Napa and it was time for the feast!



We went to a buffet, and the set up was absolutely beautiful.




They labeled everything with pumpkins! How cute is that? Plate #1 was salad+soup. The soup. Guys. It was amazing. It was pumpkin with gruyere, and the best part is that they had the recipe listed on a pumpkin so I WILL be making it.

Plate #2:


And of course, desserts. My family takes buffets seriously, especially the desserts. We don’t mess around with the tiny dessert plates.

IMG_0181 IMG_0182

^The set up, not my plate unfortunately. Here’s my plate:


Pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate mouse cake, mango cake, pudding cup, and chocolate covered strawberry. The chocolate cake may have been my favorite this year!

I have to say, I’m all for healthy living but Thanksgiving is not the time to worry about that. Although in my old age I feel like I haven’t eaten at much at Thanksgiving as in the past-I miss being a growing teenager with a bottomless stomach!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoyed good food with their loved ones. I know I have a lot to be thankful for!




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  1. Rina

    Wow, your Thanksgiving spread looks amazing! The store-bought turkey at my house was a flop–luckily my roast sweet potatoes saved the day!

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