Wow, long time no blog, huh? These past few days have been absolutely crazy for me! Lots of fun packed into the weekend, and then lots of homework!

I currently am on Day 3 of having no voice. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever come back…Strangely enough I probably appear to be sort of dying, but I’m 80% sure I’m not even sick. I think I had a tiny baby cough from allergies, and then I went home for a few hours yesterday and hung out with my cat (who I’m allergic to) and have been sniffling like crazy ever since. And oh, my voice. I have never so completely lost my voice before. It’s weird because my throat is totally fine. My voice is just gone. I think it was well earned though. Between screaming like crazy during the Giants parade and then Halloween, I think I’m all screamed out!

Friday was just an amazing day. I can’t remember the last time I had as great of a day. I saw almost all of my favorite people! The Halloween recap of Friday will be a separate post. Let’s talk about the parade!

I didn’t go to either of the last 2 victory parades, so I decided I had to make it work for this one.

I woke up at 6am to leave at 7am for a 12pm parade.


My beautiful outfit:

IMG_9752 IMG_9753

Transportation was complicated. Bike to bus to train then walk a mile to meet up with a friend from Berkeley on the parade route.

I met up with her around 9am. She had been there since 8, and scored us some prime spots. Seriously-we could not have had better spots. For one thing, we were SITTING! We sat on top of a newspaper dispenser, so not only did we have seats, but we were right at the front and higher than most people! It was amazing!

It was also wet. 3 hours of just sitting there, getting rained on. I had a rain jacket, but that did nothing for my legs or feet!

IMG_9754 IMG_9760

By the time the parade started, we were FREEZING and SO, SO wet. But I could not have cared less. It was AMAZING.


To give you a sense of how close we were.




The first float of players^Crawford+Belt

IMG_9778 IMG_9786 IMG_9785 IMG_9794

IMG_9804 IMG_9814 IMG_9819 IMG_9827 IMG_9836 IMG_9835

And of course, the World Series MVP:
IMG_9853 IMG_9855

And the trophy!


It was so, so amazing. It was also less rowdy than I was expecting, although we were also above the crowds. The area I was watching from seemed to be mostly families!

Getting down from our perch was interesting. It was about a 4 foot drop, and our legs had been immobile and freezing for 5 hours. We couldn’t walk at first because our legs were rubber!


Ignore the crazy hair.


Instead of braving the subway traffic, we stopped in the mall nearby for some lunch. AKA warm soup. AKA the best, most amazing thing ever. I didn’t even care that I spilled it all over myself and then smelled like chicken for the rest of the afternoon!

It was such a great experience. I’m so glad I finally put other things aside to go!

Halloween recap coming soon. 🙂


4 comments on “Giants Parade 2014

  1. Sky @ Blonde Freedom

    Wow! You and your friend are dedicated fans for sitting out in the rain for hours to watch a parade! That’s so neat that you went and I can tell it meant a lot to you to be there. Congrats on your Giants winning the World Series!

    1. astottler Post author

      Thank you 🙂

  2. caileejoy

    I’m sorry you lost your voice!! I’m sorry it was so rainy and wet… but I’m so glad you had fun at least! Talk about a committed fan! 🙂

    1. astottler Post author

      It was so worth it!

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