Hello from DC! Today was my first day here, and I spent the day trying to figure out where things are and getting the things I still needed. I’ve been eating really well since getting here as well! I’m just going to do a brief recap since it’s around midnight here, but I’m sort of on the wrong time zone still so…

The first thing I saw on the drive to the hotel? First monument sighting!



When I woke up this morning, I was a bit dazed (thank you jet lag). The last couple of nights I’ve had dreams that it was morning and I was in bed after waking up…so it’s just confusing all around. For some reason when I woke up this morning I was sure it was Wednesday and that I needed to get my WIAW post up!

Naturally, coffee was necessary.



As we walk around, I’ve been making note of places nearby that have cappuccinos! For breakfast, we ate at the hotel restaurant. I ordered a side of eggs and a side of fruit.



After breakfast, I headed over to my new Crossfit! It’s at the bottom of what is probably the nicest gym I’ve ever been to-and a membership to the gym and all its group fitness classes comes with my Crossfit membership!



I’m sure I made a great first impression on my first day….guess who decided she wanted to have matching box jump scars?



Yeah…Not fun. At all. If you’ve never hit your shin on a box, you can’t truly understand the experience. I ended up patching myself up and (carefully) doing the rest of the workout, but box jumps are not something I would recommend you push yourself in because missing a jump is the WORST. I made the first one and it was a bit iffy-I knew I shouldn’t have done a second. I haven’t bashed my shin in over 2 years-and my scar on the right side is from doing it twice. It’s really, really awful. This wasn’t even a scrape-it was a dent where basically the skin imploded. I’m also bummed I got a bit of blood on my new Crossfit shoes…

This whole experience definitely shook me up-something about the shock of the injury, plus repeated exposure to lots of gore (I never wanted to see that deep into my leg….) For those especially concerned, we talked to my sister who is an EMT and she confirmed that an ER visit was not necessary, but this has still been a rather unpleasant experience, especially since we’ve basically been walking everywhere around here. After my bash, we walked to a nearby place for lunch, where they were kind enough to give me some much needed ice.

For my meal, I had a salmon salad with goat cheese-delicious! For some reason, I never see salmon salads on the menu, or never order them.



For dinner, we met with some of my parents’ old friends at a nice restaurant. The food was amazing! It’s been a while since I’ve eaten at such a fancy place!

To start, my dad and I split a crab stuffed avocado dish that came with greens with truffle oil dressing. And we know I will never pass up avocado…



For my main dish, I ordered salmon over purple potatoes, which was also excellent. I’ve never been asked how I wanted my salmon cooked before (Medium, Well done, etc), but I was asked twice today. Is this a normal thing? And East Coast thing? I think in CA it’s just always well done…



And for dessert-chocolate lava cake with a molten center.



And now I have to go-it’s past my bedtime in some time zone! And it looks like my run through the monuments won’t happen tomorrow, barring some miracle that magically closes the gash in my shin and makes the bruises disappear…

4 comments on “What Not to Do

  1. Emily @smilemilegirl

    Yum!! Avocado and purple tomatoes?? How cool. And nope, I have never ever been asked how I want my salmon cooked. Maybe it’s just an east coast thing. How did you answer that?? 🙂 I wouldn’t know what to say!

    1. astottler Post author

      I asked the options first because I was confused, and then went with well-done! I think well-done is the default in CA.

  2. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    Ouch! Glad you’re OK.

    Drooling over that dinner…

  3. Caileejoy

    We are seriously so alike!! Haha… fruit and eggs is my ‘go-to’ breakfast out! And salmon?! I love it! I like mine done well! But I’ve never been asked how I like it! haha…so I don’t know! But that dessert looks amazing!! YUM! I love love LOVE chocolate 🙂 …and ice cream!

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