Happy Wednesday! I finally actually have time for a WIAW post, AND I actually took pictures! Thanks Jenn for hosting!


I am proud to announce, I’m FINALLY out of my food rut. Which equals being out of my blogging rut-phew! Do you ever read blogs that inspire you to eat better? I recently discovered The Oatmeal Artist-the oatmeal is so creative, all I want to do is eat oatmeal, and eat make oatmeal creations of my favorite desserts! I really want to try the banana-mango. I love that idea! To be perfectly honest-I’ve never made baked oatmeal, and I’ve never made stove top oatmeal…I’ve always had instant either with instant hot water, or the microwave! Or overnight oats, of course. So I think that may need to happen!

Ok, on to the ACTUAL food (and exercise).

So…I haven’t been to yoga in FOREVER. Last week, it occurred to me that there is a yoga class after spin in the morning…and I always have an extra hour after spin in the morning before class…so it really made no sense NOT to go! Plus, after softball last night after not so much as picking up a ball since last summer, I was a bit sore!

After spin, I headed over to yoga. As I brought myself into the first down dog of the day, I had that feeling. You know-the revelation of “I’ve been SO stupid.” The entire back of my legs was SO tight, from my hamstring all the way down to my achilles. Then I remembered how I have the tendency to get sort of injured whenever I’m running and I neglect yoga, which is why I think my Achilles tendonitis has flared up so badly lately. I left the class feeling fantastic (and apparently all my yoga muscles have withered away…whoops). When I woke up this morning, my Achilles was so painful I could barely walk and I was expecting it to be “one of those days.” After yoga, it was pretty fine. You better believe I’m going back on Thursday!

And since this is, after all, What I ATE Wednesday, let’s get on with the food!

Breakfast was a current favorite-Whole milk Greek yogurt with berry compote and sunflower seed butter, plus a mango on the side. I have to say, I may be a sort of convert to Whole Milk yogurt. It’s just SO creamy!



Lunch was packed, thanks to my freezer! I thawed out the grilled chicken with mashed butter-sage sweet potatoes last night, and then added some of my precious roasted carrots this morning. It always amazes me how well chicken freezes!



For dessert, I had some dates with unsweetened chocolate (more than just this picture). I credit dates for helping get me out of my food rut. Why have I waited so long to restock them?



Today, it was quite hot out.



I actually didn’t feel the heat TOO much, which I’m taking as a good sign given I’ll be battling the heat and humidity of Washington DC all summer! Anyways, to cool off, I had a raspberry chia kombucha.



And the last of my roasted carrots. It’s always a sad, sad day when I finish them off!



Crossfit today was a bit rough. We worked on cleans as the strength, and then the WOD was the following:

3 rounds:

30 overhead walking lunges

30 wall balls

30 push ups

So, yeah-my shoulders are done.

For dinner, I made a giant salad with all kinds of fun things-carrot/raisin salad, zucchini, chicken, sunflower seeds. I also has a veggie soufflĂ© on the side-I couldn’t find any smaller plates or bowls so I just threw it on top. Classy, as always.

IMG_7639 IMG_7640


Not necessarily the prettiest, but it got the job done! For dessert, I had some cereal on top of plain Greek yogurt. I ate the top of the yogurt and brought the rest back to my dorm for tomorrow’s breakfast.



Food rut=obliterated! Happy Wednesday!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

8 comments on “WIAW-Yoga FINALLY

  1. Ashley @MilesonOats

    This is totally off topic but I vote that you stop by AZ before you leave for the summer and hangout with me for a day. The best thing I’ve eaten this week has been my crazy froyo bowls. I am breaking up with kabocha as of last night. I am weaping tears from the pumpkin heavens. I have gained about 6lbs in the past month and I think my half a kabocha at night is the culprit. Siggggggh.

    1. astottler Post author

      Haha #squashloverproblems And I vote that you come to CA before I leave because freaking summer in AZ? You’re crazy! I was thinking of you today because it was almost 100 here…I don’t know how you survive AZ summers!

  2. Sky @ The Blonde In Black

    The best thing I’ve eaten this week was my green chile ravioli from last night! I’ve also started to realize how I need to get into yoga again so I can stretch my body and relax my mind more. And roasted carrots are my favorite!! They are so sweet and savory.

    1. astottler Post author

      It’s amazing what yoga can do! …and how easy it is to neglect it!

  3. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    Whole milk yogurt is amazing! I mainly by 2% to get a mix of both worlds.

    1. astottler Post author

      I sometimes get 2% as well, but I can get fat free for free in the dining hall, so I might just mix that with whole milk yogurt to be cheap!

  4. Emily @smilemilegirl

    I love yoga but it’s sure not easy!! I feel like I am always tight.

    1. astottler Post author

      Runner problems, right??

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