Happy Friday! I meant to be around here earlier than today, but yesterday I was busy cuddling with this guy: IMG_7481

Yesterday I went home to go see an Allergist. After breaking out like crazy after a small amount of peanut butter, I decided it was time! They did an extensive allergy test to a million different foods, and sure enough, I had some reaction to nuts. The reaction was really minor so my throat isn’t going to swell up or anything like that, but he wants me to aggressively cut out all traces of nuts for at least a year, in the hopes that I’ll grow out of it. So no more almond milk for me! And a lot more label reading! I also tested a minor allergy to blueberries and carrots…AKA 2/4 of my top favorite foods (mangoes, avocado, blueberries, roasted carrots). Apparently the DNA of blueberry and carrots looks very similar to that of pollen, so my body is likely recognizing it as pollen. I’ve never noticed any issues though, and he said cooking carrots should make them fine. So I GUESS if I HAVE to roast carrots, I’ll do it. 😉 IMG_6706

So basically what I got out of the appointment is I shouldn’t go super crazy on blueberries, and I should roast my carrots-but more importantly I need to avoid ALL traces of nuts for 12-18 months. In terms of food, here is yesterday’s breakfast: IMG_7476

An English muffin sandwich with cream cheese and hard boiled egg, plus pineapple. And since I was home for my allergy appointment anyways, I got to enjoy a home cooked meal! On the menu was cheese soufflés, thyme mushrooms, and an herb salad with fancy lemon scented olive oil and aged white balsamic. IMG_7478 IMG_7479

Dessert tasted much better than it looked-I melted some Easter candy (which I left all of at home) over some vanilla frozen yogurt. Delicious! IMG_7480

On the fitness front, I’m STILL sore from doing 10 sprints on Wednesday. Clearly, I need to do more of that! I think that’s one big way I can increase my speed! This morning, I had the intention of doing a hilly 5 mile run but I spent too much time eating carrots pre-run, so I cut it to a flat 4 miles. Yes, carrots make great pre-run food. Plus I’m out of granola bars. And bananas. And anything else that wouldn’t require me to make it at 7am. My legs felt kind of heavy. I’m not sure if it’s the soreness or I’m just out of shape because I haven’t run a ton lately. On the plus side, I had a 5 pound PR on my press at Crossfit tonight! On the life front, I’m playing Assassins with my dorm. For those that aren’t familiar with the game, everyone is assigned a “target” and has to “eliminate” the target with their water gun in a certain amount of time, while avoiding getting “killed.” I have until tonight to do it, but I never see my target! So we shall see. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching my back. IMG_7489

Also on the life front, I’m entering my 20s tomorrow! I feel like a new decade is the time for a fresh start. Or something. Time to make big life changes. My roommate had a great point-next year, maybe I can celebrate my 21st by eating peanuts! Haha. I think my goal for the next year of my life is to break my sugar addiction, once and for all. That doesn’t mean never eating it, or not eating it for a whole year. It means getting rid of my dependence and finding a healthier middle ground. So there’s that. Have a great weekend everyone! What are your weekend plans? Any advice for my 20s?

6 comments on “Allergy Testing

  1. Miranda

    I’ve been getting some weird little red bumps after eating some foods (they go away within an hour or two), but I decided if it gets worse, I’ll go get tested. I’m currently mourning your inability to eat anything with nuts!! Does that mean you can’t have sunflower seed butter?! Or anything that “may be processed in the same facility that processes peanuts”?! Looks like the next year for you is going to be quite an adventure- but most likely worth it!

    1. astottler Post author

      I can still have sunflower seeds! And I don’t think I have to be so strict as to avoid things processed in the same place-thank goodness!

  2. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    I would die without nuts! I love PB too much.

    I have always wanted to get a food allergy test done. Was it expensive?

    1. astottler Post author

      My insurance completely covered it!

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