On the Seventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

7 embarrassing things about yours truly. Because why not have some fun at my expense?

1. I was unable to take real pills until a few years ago. I had to take chewable Advil and such during high school. I could never take the big capsules until I had Mono and everything kind of had to go out the window since I was taking 32 pills a day. I don’t recommend getting Mono, FYI.

2. This photo.



We all had that awkward stage in our lives. This was probably 7th grade. But why not show you it? This is the oldest picture I have on my computer, so you don’t get the worst of the awkwardness. A close second? Awkward stage #2-side bangs that just did not cooperate with my hair. SIgh.


3. Remember the gingerbread man from this photo?


Where did it come from? The freezer. How old is it? Ohhh maybe 4 years…

Here it is in its original non=frozen glory:


Sooo here’s what happened. This little guy’s leg fell off in the frosting process, so I made a little frosting cast for it. Well, my sister decided to pity the poor broken legged gingerbread man, and hasn’t let anyone eat or throw him away since. Did I mention she’s 21? But I figured-hey I need a gingerbread man for the picture-why not put him to work for the first time in 4 years? And don’t worry, he’s safely back in the freezer. 

4. I can’t exactly swim. My dad is probably reading this and cringing. I mean, I took swimming lessons when I was little, and can doggy paddle as well as the best of them, but I never really worked out the whole breathing while swimming thing. And now I hate putting my head underwater. Which means I won’t be doing a triathlon anytime soon unless they’re snorkel legal.

That all being said-if you throw me into water, no, I won’t drown. But I may hit you. 

5. I once gave myself frostbite. In April. Keep in mind I live in CA and it was about 70 degrees out and I was walking around with frostbite.


It was bad. It blistered and everything. Let’s just say I was a little overeager in icing my foot. This was a fun one to explain why I couldn’t practice, much less walk, to my softball coach…

6. This isn’t really a secret but I’m horrible about cleaning dishes-specifically tupperware. I’ve learned about all kinds of new mold species since coming to college. IN MY DEFENSE-things mold like crazy in our room. On the other hand-I think it was bad enough anyway that that didn’t make an ounce of difference. I’ve actually been really good about keeping my dishes and tupperware clean in the last few months though!

7. I have a lot of gory pictures on my phone. And bruise pictures. So I have a lot of battle scars. But apparently I feel the need to document them all?

And you’re welcome for avoiding the gory pictures (aka box jumps round 1 and 2…)



Getting hit by a softball, getting hit by a softball, wisdom teeth removal face bruise, weightlifting battle scar. 

What’s something embarrassing about you? Spill!

  1. What a fun post!! I totally agree with the Tupperware thing. My mom hates me for leaving them in my locker and forgetting about them for weeks.., oops. I guarantee my awkward phase was much worse than yours, based on the picture! But half the time I think I am still in an awkward phase that I will never grow out of! (; That gingerbread story is hilarious! (: