Happy WIAW! As always, a giant thanks to Jenn for hosting this weekly party!


Since starting 12 Days of Christmas, I haven’t gotten to talk about my day to day eats in a while, so let’s dive in, shall we?

The most exciting thing I did before returning to college? Meal prep! I wanted something veggie packed and easy to grab and go, so I made a TON of egg cups-they’re filled with egg, chopped kale or spinach, and cheese-some gouda, some parmesan. 




Post oven.

I also made one with cranberry sauce and turkey, if you’re wondering. 

I wanted quick grab and go sweet breakfasts as well, so I made mini versions with egg and blueberries, plus a little cinnamon. The most genius thing I did though was mix up some of my pumpkin starter with egg, and top with cinnamon cream cheese. YUM.


I also made a few with fig balsamic and goat cheese (the bottom ones).

I made an extra batch to freeze as well, since everything was already out! I used the pumpkin starter again but added blueberries.


I’ve also been eating a lot of leftover butternut squash soup, from Thanksgiving. SO GOOD. I top it with cranberry relish and creme fraiche.


Another use of leftovers? On my last night home, we used turkey to make quesadillas with jack cheese, spinach, and mushrooms.


My roommate is seriously the best. She brought back an entire crate of fruit from her trees at home, and it’s like 3 layers deep in persimmons. 


Obviously, those have been kind of a staple in my diet lately.


Additionally, the giant plate of asparagus at lunch has returned-I topped them with a fresh herb seasoning mixture, and then nutritional yeast. Plus my turkey egg cup.


And because I have to show you our holiday decorations:




This candy was outside our door, but it’s currently all gone!

And because I already miss him:


Have a great day!

Favorite holiday food?

2 comments on “WIAW-Meal Prep Edition

  1. jessielovestorun

    I think it’s safe to say your good on egg muffins for the week. I love all the different combination of flavors you used – especially the turkey one.

    1. Aurora

      The turkey one was one of my favorites! I wish I had made more than just one!

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