8 holiday traditions!

Before I get into today’s day of Christmas, I want to talk about fitness for a moment, since I haven’t gotten much chance to since starting 12 days

I may have mentioned this before, but my feet have been trying to murder me in a new and interesting way as of late. My arches have been KILLING-the worst was the night of the turkey trot, when I was stuck on my feet for hours Black Friday shopping, but they’ve been bad for about a month. I’m pretty sure it’s related to my Achilles tendon-I’ve had tendonitis there in the past, and I think the problems with my Achilles are pulling on whatever connects to the arch of my feet. It’s been bad-earlier this week I was limping something fierce-it hasn’t been a huge issue for my running because it feels much better in the morning than later in the day, and I can stretch and make it feel better. The good news is it’s been getting way better this week, and I finally may have a cure. I FINALLY made it out to yoga tonight-I thought that all the stretching would loosen up my Achilles and make it feel better. However, I think I discovered the real cause-all the little muscles in my ankle and lower calf/Achilles area have gotten insanely weak-when we did balances on one foot, I was shaking like crazy and my muscles were painfully exhausted. This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise I guess-we all know how many times I rolled my ankles during half training! 

Anyways, this was kind of a big reminder to me-I’ve gotten kind of stuck into my routine of running, Crossfit, and spin. Which isn’t a bad mix, but I really think I need to do more agility type workouts to strengthen the little muscles-I never had any weird injury type things when I played softball and moved in so many more ways! 

Also-I just have to mention how cold it’s been here (all you East Coasters-feel free to laugh) Today was a low of TWENTY EIGHT. So naturally I woke up at 6am for a dark track workout. (It actually wasn’t that bad-gloves are amazing and saved my butt).


I survived!

And that called for an upgrade-a MEDIUM cappuccino. Well, that and the 5 hours of sleep…


And for your enjoyment-this is what I wore to yoga.




8 Holiday Traditions!

1. Go to Benihuana’s on Christmas Eve. We’ve done this for YEARS now-and I love it! Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure I had a weight lifting session with my trainer the past two years on Chrsitmas EVE before Benihuana’s…








2. Making and decorating sugar cookies with my crazy friends. 



Gingerbread house turned murder scene…



3. Making Spritz cookies with my family (sensing a theme here?)


4. My dad’s company Christmas party. I think I actually enjoy this-I feel like every year either my mom or my sister gets out of this, and it’s just me and my dad-but I’ve gone every year for a LONG time nonetheless!


5. Loading into the car, dog in tow, on Christmas Eve, to see all the Christmas lights and blast Christmas music.


6. Cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer-always!Image

7. NEW tradition-take the train down to the city (San Francisco) on Christmas Eve and enjoy the Christmas bustle.


8. Send out Christmas cards. The following either appeared in Christmas cards, or were close seconds.





Ok-I admit that last one was just an excuse to show you all cat pictures…

What are your holiday traditions?



13 comments on “On the Eighth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

  1. Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life

    You’re such a crazy cat lady! 😉 I had problems with my arches too until I got custom insoles made for my feet. I have crazy high arches so I need some extra support! Christmas traditions… Seeing all the lights, making krumkaka and spritz cookies, and leaving out dry oats for the reindeer and cookies & milk for Santa!

    1. Aurora

      Oooo I like the idea of dry oats for the reindeer! And I fully embrace my crazy cat lady side 🙂

  2. gorunnaked

    I had to laugh at the picture with the cookies for Santa and the carrots for the Reindeer because we still do that too, even though my brother is 18 and I’m 20! Just shows that you’re never too old for Santa 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Definitely not!

  3. Jen@PregnantDiabetic

    For the last few years we head to the mall to go see Santa and then lunch at Rainforest cafe, making and leaving cookies for Santa and watching Elf on Christmas eve are the only traditions that have really stuck with this crazy family!

    1. Aurora

      Those sound like great traditions! I’ve only seen Elf once, but since everyone loves it so much I may need to rewatch it!

  4. Rina

    My family’s not huge on Christmas, but we always have a Christmas lunch or dinner with my mother’s side of the family. We always walk out of the restaurant stuffed!

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  6. smilemilegirl

    I am still in shock that you are wearing sleeveless dresses on Christmas eve. Chicago is a bit different (; I love those traditions!! I think I need to start some new traditions with my family (: These are all so nice!

    1. Aurora

      Haha yeah I can’t imagine sleeveless dresses in Chicago in the winter would be a good idea…I’m so lucky to have such moderate weather here!

      1. smilemilegirl

        I would love to live on the west coast!! (:

        1. Aurora

          Yes! Come on over!

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