Guys! We’re a week away from Thanksgiving! And the best part? I have all of next week off! I just need to get through 2 more days…

My morning began with an early, foggy track workout.


It’s always so bizarre to me when I get up in the morning and see people who haven’t gone to bed yet…

I was all prepared for a soggy track workout, but once again, the rain held out for me! I completed the same workout as last week, and improved my overall pace my a second. I’ll take it!

Then, I headed indoors to lift. I’m following Crossfit’s Wednesday strength portion on my own. Today called for backs squats at 85% of my max…3 reps every minute for 10 minutes. 30 squats at 85% of max is HARD. I’m already feeling it. I then did some core/arm strength, and finished with a 500m row. It was supposed to be 1000m but my legs were DONE and were not going to move any faster. 

I made sure to refuel properly this time, adding a protein bar to my morning meal so I have some hope of walking tomorrow.

I packed a crazy amount of asparagus for lunch again, topping it with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.


At this point, it was raining like crazy outside, so I was stuck indoors with nothing but my homework and my asparagus.

I had a rather large snack a bit later-apple chips with cinnamon cream cheese (x2).


Plus a little creation of my own-chocolate. I don’t actually keep any chocolate in my room, so I decided to make some with cocoa powder, coconut cream, and sweetener. I then drizzled it on banana and topped with sea salt. Gourmet 🙂



However, as we all know quite well, I tend to be a bit heavy handed with the cocoa powder, and ended up eating a TON of it, which made me super hot and jittery. Blech. Plus I’ve had the worst stomachache since then!

Then, I biked through a river to get to Bio Office Hours. Seriously-it was a weird experience. There was the DEEPEST puddle in the middle of the road-probably like a foot deep. I had to coast through it and lift my feet WAY up off the pedals, or I would have been pedaling underwater!


Something really awesome and amazing happened after office hours. I was in the library searching for a bathroom, when I just happened to notice this shelf:


Umm scientific nutrition books? Biochem? Metabolism? I was in heaven! I had to stop myself from checking them all out! I’m definitely going to go get one or two for Thanksgiving break! I’m such a nerd, clearly.

It’s funny-this year my school has embraced the rallying cry of “nerd nation,” in response to our football team doing well. I think it’s funny, because I don’t think most people here are nerdy. I mean, some definitely are but that’s not the general impression you get! Or maybe the super nerdy people are living in the basement? That is a thing-Computer Science majors legitimately live in the basement of the CS building. It’s a scary place. I would never be a CS major.

Also, check out this fun idea I stole from Miranda!


Isn’t this just too cute? I wish I had more than a couple days to appreciate it!

I was going to go to the gym to get my row on, but I wanted to digest a little and decided to make tomorrow’s spin workout. Well, i got really caught up in making everything perfect, and two hours later, I finally glanced at the clock. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!



I have to be somewhere a little later tonight, so I knew the workout wouldn’t happen in time, so I went straight to dinner (maybe later tonight I’ll row-we’ll see!). I snacked on this while I raided the fridge.


I had such a great dinner plan, which was foiled when I found out my green beans were moldy. Darn! I officially have no vegetables left. Which is depressing given I just realized how much I love tons of veggies at lunch (maybe this is WHY they’re all gone…). I ended up finding some lettuce that was REALLY on its last legs, and pairing it with fig balsamic, cottage cheese, and a chicken sausage.


Plus some frozen zucchini bread. 

That’s all for today-my lab report calls me!

PS-I really want to do a certain race because they give you a shirt that says “I earned my guacamole.” That’s reason enough for me! Plus, I would love to get quite a few 5ks in before half training starts…I want to get fast!

Favorite veggie?

8 comments on “Nerd Alert and Biking Through Rivers

  1. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    Oh my goodness when I was living on campus in Santa Cruz I used to wake up on Saturday mornings for my run and every single time without fail there were at least 5 stragglers on the field who never made it to bed…

    Nutritional yeast seriously makes everything better. I already love me some veggies, but sprinkle (okay, dump) nooch on them and they are like candy. Oh, and if my chocolate creations aren’t hardened into cute little hearts, it usually ends up on fruit because that is just the perfection combo.

    1. Aurora

      Wow, on the field?? That’s a rough night!

  2. smilemilegirl

    My favorite veggie… Ohhh I can’t choose. Probably bell peppers. I love the creativity of your workouts! It seems like you never do the same thing twice. Good luck on your lab report! (:

    1. Aurora

      Thank you!

    1. Aurora

      I seriously could not be happier!

  3. Angela

    This might sound extremely dumb of me but I don’t get that turkey picture .. what is the meaning behind it? lol

    1. Aurora

      Since Thanksgiving is coming up, it’s on the microwave like it’s being cooked-which is a crime scene!

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