After yesterday‘s overconsumption of sweets, I want to show that bouncing back from a blah day really isn’t hard. Here are a few tips:

1. Morning workout-this is pretty much guaranteed to make me feel better.

2. Probiotics. Kevita/kombucha saves me from stomachaches every time.


This is probably my favorite flavor. I’m not thrilled that Kevita has stevia though…not a fan.

3. Eat something delicious and wholesome-this means lots of veggies!

Let’s start with the first one. 


I know that this workout would be a doozy given the paces for the run, and the fact that the squat portion (5 pounds lighter) immobilized me for quite a few days last week. I also knew it would be a bit of a time crunch since I had to race between the track and gym (although they are across the street), and let’s be honest-when I have to get to morning classes, I always run out of time. 

The run kicked my butt. That was totally expected. I had to walk a little between sets, which was not called for on the workout but whatever. I also definitely didn’t hit the paces-the workout was probably made for someone a lot faster than me. I was pretty close/sometimes on the pace for the 3 minutes, but it’t not exactly a recovery pace for me! Overall, I loved this one though-quick and incredibly effective. This may become a workout staple as I try to pick up speed.

The squats were no where near as bad as I expected, and I doubt I’ll be super sore like last time-the difference a week makes! I didn’t get through all the push presses/good mornings, or the hollow rocks and one of the rows. I’m planning on squeezing in a full rowing workout tomorrow evening since I have nothing else on the schedule. 

My arches have been bothering me a lot lately-I think it’s due to tendonitis in my achilles. Fun fact-I had bad tendonitis in my achilles in third grade. Yes, third grade. That right there should tell you something about my genes (i.e. they suck). I haven’t had much of a problem with tendonitis basically since then though. I think the long run a couple of weeks ago, maybe combined with a different style of running (fast), and maybe mainly aggravated by some intense rolling out of the achilles tendons in Crossfit-they’ve been feeling wonky since then and I think maybe that caused something to flare up. I’m hoping advil will help bring down the inflammation. The good news is it’s the type of thing that feels a lot better after rolling out with a lacrosse ball, and is pretty much fine once I’m warmed up. You don’t warm up to walk around in daily life though! 

The only food pictures I have for you today are these:


I think I’m in love with persimmons. End of story.

And this delicious feast, courtesy of Carrots n Cake


Brussels sprouts, garlic and herb laughing cow, chicken sausage. So delicious. Such perfection. 

Tell me something about your week!

9 comments on “Bouncing Back

  1. Julie

    Oh wow, I need to try your dinner – that looks so good.

    1. Aurora

      Do it!

  2. caileejoy

    I was just reading about what happens when you eat sugar and I couldn’t help but agree… completely!! I can eat so healthy, but then when I eat sugar I just crave more and more of it! I am gluten intolerant so that cuts out most pastries and stuff… but I can still eat chocolate and too much of it!! haha… a little over a week ago I decided to really limit sugary foods just for special treats… at least for a while. I’ve studied sugar a lot, I’ve done a speech on it, research paper, etc. And it really is addicting… but good for your for getting back on track, though!! Looking forward to seeing how it all goes!!
    Sincerely, Cailee @

    1. Aurora

      I’m similar-I love researching sugar, and what it does to your body is so interesting but so scary!

  3. Brittany @ Dulce Vie

    I need to try Kevita! I have heard such great things!

    1. Aurora

      I like it but the whole stevia thing is not my favorite.

  4. Matt @ Runner Savvy

    We all have bad eating days.It’s part of life. I think the best thing to do is MOVE ON and just get back on track. Don’t overthink it.

    1. Aurora

      That’s very true.

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