Yayyy! Or at least I made it-it’s now Thanksgiving break, meaning I have entire week off school. It’s so weird to not technically have to be doing anything right now…go figure. Before I go any further, here’s the big question: what do I wear for my Turkey Trot?? I’m doing a 10k, so I don’t want anything to uncomfortable. Anyone know where I could get knee high turkey socks? Image

Let’s back up a bit and go over some workouts and eats. Yesterday morning, I took myself through a Spin class I spent two hours making. It was a good one!


I freaking love this. I cannot wait until I can share my classes with others! Speaking of which, I should get on that during break…

I’ve actually had the worst stomachaches this past week. I think it’s probably just granola bar overdose, but I’m thankfully feeling much better today! Does anyone else have trouble telling when they’re full when they have stomachaches? That kind of compounded the problem! Anyways, yesterday at lunch I biked across campus just for kombucha.


I also picked up some other things at the campus store, including more dried mango (in the bag).

I was trying to take it easy on my stomach, but around 3pm that day I was having major vegetable cravings. And I have no veggies in my room, so I went to the dining hall just for my produce fix.


Apparently, the dining hall is making a gingerbread model of our iconic church on campus. How cool is that??


Crossfit yesterday didn’t actually feel that bad at the time, but left me quite sore today. Strength was deadlifts that were slow on the way down. And for the WOD, there were lots of push presses, which my shoulders are definitely feeling today!

Yesterday evening was devoted to Chem (hence no post), but I did have time to squeeze in a guac break with my floor-mates-we had to eat the avocados from our CSA box before break!


There’s a 5k on Super Bowl sunday that I’m seriously considering signing up for because they give you a shirt that says “I earned my guacamole.” Totally worth it. I’m considering on signing up for a 5k a month until my next half in April. I’m really, really loving the speedwork and my workouts for this shorter distance, and I think I’ll have even more time to improve AFTER my December Santa Run.

On that note, I was up bright and early for a track workout-one of my favorite workouts of the week. Last week was 1000m repeats. This was wayyy too long for me! Today was 6x600m repeats. It was a chilly morning-lows in the high 30s! I needed to wear pants…and I’m no fashionista, but this is just embarrassing.


Yep. It’s time to do laundry. I have no normal socks, so I was rocking this chic look. On the plus side, I busted out my new shoes since there was no chance of rain!


My gosh, it’s amazing how much I didn’t realize I needed new shoes! These guys hugged the pavement-I think the soles of my old shoes must have been really worn down! I felt like when I was tired and wanting to slow down, my feet wouldn’t let me because the grip on the track was so amazing. 

However, this would be the one day EVER I would actually see someone I know at 6:30am at the track. The track team was practicing, and a guy in my dorm last and this year is on the track team. He’s an Olympian, no big deal. He actually did super well too-final 8! Needless to say I can’t wait to watch the next Olympics! 

After my workout, I had to get my last cappuccino before the break. Image

We had a casual afternoon in Bio:


My Professor is retiring (he’s been teaching this class since the 70s!), so we threw him a little going away party since this was his last lecture. The school band came in and surprised him (hence all the chaos), as well as all of the Bio faculty, sporting wigs of his signature white curls! 

After a looong chem lab of separating pigments in spinach, I stopped by the library for a little light break reading:


SO excited!

I had every intention of working out this evening, but a nap was in order. And then dinner:



A salad with way too much dressing and hummus, rice, yams, and fish (with way too much tartar sauce-I shouldn’t have put any!). And a genius dessert:


Yams with chocolate chips, plus yogurt (I wasn’t sure if yogurt or cottage cheese would go better-yogurt was the winner).

My night is looking pretty low-key. I want to read my nutrition books. Maybe workout. CLEAN MY ROOM (oops). Maybe make an appearance at a birthday party. We shall see!

What are your weekend plans?

12 comments on “We Made It!

  1. caileejoy

    YUM!! I love that you went to the caf to get your ‘produce fix’! 🙂 Also, what a genius idea!! Yams and chocolate chips!! I LOVE yams!! Soooo good 🙂
    Sincerely, Cailee @ http://hellohealthyeating.com

    1. Aurora

      You should try it! Honestly, what could NOT be better with chocolate?

  2. Ashley @MilesonOats

    Seriously, you eat some of the best food and I don’t even live on campus!! ha ha, I need to step my game up. I am so motivated by you and the fact that you got certified to be a spin instructor. When I graduate ASU in the summer I am planning on getting certified too. I also want to be a zumba instructor because the “seasoned instructors” are killing me with routines form the 70’s! ha ha, lovely post, as always!


    1. Aurora

      You’re too kind! You definitely should get certified! Certification was something I was so intimidated by, but it really shouldn’t be! I learned so much and actually feel prepared(ish) to teach!

    1. Aurora

      It is SO nice.

  3. smilemilegirl

    That’s so cool that you met an Olympian!!! You know, just working out with an Olympian.. haha (: I would say definitely do that 5k. The shirt would make it all worth it. I have tummy troubles all the time. I wish someone would tell me how to fix it, since I seriously have no idea. I think I may try probiotics to see if that helps.

    1. Aurora

      I’m in love with probiotics-they help me so much! I’ve definitely drank kombucha with stomachaches and had them disappear. And if I don’t take probiotics, I feel the difference.

      1. smilemilegirl

        Good to know. What brand/kind do you get?

        1. Aurora

          For probiotics, I usually take the gummies. I also have normal pills-they’re both generic brands. I want to move away from the gummies though because they so have quite a lot of sugar-but I also want a type that doesn’t need refrigeration!

  4. Rina

    I didn’t sign up for a Turkey Trot, but I’m thinking of doing my own 10K around the neighborhood on Thanksgiving. And incorporating more CrossFit-style and speed workouts into my routine!

    1. Aurora

      That’s a great idea! Any way to prepare for the big meal 🙂

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