YAYYY IT’S FRIDAY! And guess what?? I’m throwing a guacamole party tonight! I’m so pumped, I LOOOOVE Spanish music. And I’m bringing this bad boy out. ImageYes, I own a sombrero.  🙂

I didn’t end up running this morning because I was up a bit late studying for a Psych midterm today. Breakfast was yogurt from the dining hall (non Greek, booo) with banana and sunflower seed butter, plus some pancakes. ImageMy midterm went well, I had an extra half an hour! After the morning’s pancakes, I settled on a south western chicken salad for lunch. ImageAnd I may or may not have gotten some chocolate mousse with my dining hall dollars. 

I’m seriously trying to break my habit of snacking, and in Psych we talked about Classical Conditioning. This is Pavlov’s dog; he rang a bell before feeding them so they started drooling as soon as he rang the bell. Me walking into my room after class is like ringing a bell. Step 1 was clean my room and create a different environment. It seriously needed it! Taking out the recycling….Image#Obsessed.

Step 2 was get a new habit/sport/after school activity. And today it occurred to me! Biking! I love Spin, so it seemed to be the next natural step, right? I twisted my ankle today walking out to my bike (yes, just walking) so I was glad my afternoon activity was biking and not running! It was an absolutely beautiful day, so this was perfect. And actual biking uses slightly different muscles than spinning, so my butt was burning! Also: at one point I had to stop to extricate a small animal from my eye…yayy flies. Here’s a picture I took then.ImageI need to find actual bike trails. I followed a sign to a bike bridge and was super excited, but it really wasn’t that exciting.ImageAnd then I found myself biking on a bike path through a park…which turned out to be SUPER small…ImageOverall though, I loved it! I was able to experience the world around me better than I can while running. I can definitely see this as becoming a hobby. And it is another step towards my dream of becoming a spin teacher!

When I returned, I began the process of cleaning my room while watching the news. I’ve been following the whole thing all day/night. It’s insane, and I am so glad the caught the bombers. Again, my heart goes out to anyone affected, and I give thanks to all the brave people who put these criminals to justice.

This evening, I went grocery shopping with my friends and sister in preparation for my guacamole party tonight. I also restocked yogurt, although they were out of all the non-expired of my favorite yogurts. Darn. It was almost 7 by the time we got back, and my roommate and I decided all we wanted for dinner was yogurt, so I skipped my sorority event and ate in. ImageThe last of my frozen pumpkin bread with vanilla greek yogurt and sunflower butter, and spinach/mixed veggies with a wedge of garlic and herb laughing cow. Hit the spot!

After dinner, I finished cleaning (and vacuumed, yay! The dorm vacuum had been MIA for a while…), and made my playlist for tonight. Have I mentioned I love Spanish music? 

I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow!

Do you have any fun hobbies? Are you “conditioned” to do anything?

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