Hey guys! Today was pretty low key. My guacamole party last night was awesome! I wish I had more pictures but my phone was hooked up to my speakers! A lot people had who recently joined frats or sororities were gone, so pretty much everyone else in my dorm came to my room to hang out.


Sorry for the terrible picture! I even got to talk to a pro-fro. That’s what we call prospective frosh (freshman). And if they’re committed here, they become fasho-fro (for sure frosh). We like our abbreviations here! Next weekend is admit weekend, and I get my very own pro-fro. It’s crazy that my freshman year is coming to an end. I feel like I was just at admit weekend!

This morning I started my day off right; mango and yogurt!Image

My morning was pretty low key. I have yet to do a workout today, but I ate an early dinner so I can do something later tonight. Lunch involved avocado, yay!


Mexican salad, with tons of guac! 3/4 of a waffle were also involved (because I seriously fail at making half waffles).

After lunch, I participated in a Psych study, which involved virtual reality. Very cool! I have to participate in 7 hours of Psych studies for my Psych class. Yay for being a guinea pig.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, and my sorority had a picnic to try and recruit new members. There was lots of delicious food, and we hung at in the fountain for a while (I swear that’s a normal thing to do here) to stay cool. I however had a few too many chocolate covered pretzels, and returned with a racing heart. Which transitions perfectly into the title of this post. Anyone interested in a challenge?

It’s that time of year. New year’s resolutions are long gone. The weather is getting nicer. If you’re like me and are constantly around sweets, maybe you’re also like me and have started giving in to them a tad too much. So who’s up for some Spring Cleaning? How about a no sweets challenge? Finish the month off right and join me in abstaining from sweets for the rest of this month. “Sweets” is kind of a loose term, so interpret it however works best and is most practical for you. For me, it means to avoid desserts, baked goods, muffins, waffles, etc. Anything too sweet. My yogurt is going to be as sweet as it gets. If you want to join in, just comment below and I’ll post tomorrow with everyone’s links! It’ll be fun, I promise! And I can offer some tips throughout the challenge. The most beneficial part of this challenge is it forces you to reflect on what you are really eating. And for me personally, it is an opportunity to get back into the healthier habits that I never seemed to be able to find after Spring Break.

On a similar note about healthy habits, I am currently trying to retrain myself to have a different routine upon entering my room. I completely cleaned up my room, so the environment is different. I am trying to train myself to chew gum upon returning, rather than snacking. Don’t you just love doing science experiments on yourself?

After the picnic, I wanted a light dinner so I went with another meal of yogurt. Image

I got this new Yoplait greek yogurt, and was surprised it only had 7 grams of sugar. Yet I had a vague feeling at the back of my mind that there was a reason I had never gotten it before. Sure enough, I realized it had Sucralose (artificial sweetener). Blech. I ate it anyway, since I don’t have that much yogurt, but it kind of stunk. I wish food labels had to advertise that they have artificial sweetener.

My night hopefully holds a workout. Maybe a bike ride before it gets dark, or some kind of gym thing if it’s later. I want to do my 6 mile run tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend!

Will you join my in my Spring Cleaning No Sweets Challenge? Comment below!

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  1. Andrea

    I will try to avoid dessert for the rest of April!

    1. astottler


    1. astottler

      And when they’re on sale, well, you just have no choice but to buy them!

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