Tomorrow’s Friday! Woooo! Not a lot happened today. My morning started with a 7am spin class which was excellent. I had the biggest blueberry muffin craving so I went to the dining hall that has blueberry muffins, and it totally hit the spot!ImageI also discovered that this dining hall has Greek yogurt. It’s plain, but so, so good. They had sliced up melon and pineapple, so I ate those together. Yum! Since I’m out of yogurt in my room, I will definitely be going back there for breakfast. 

After my 9 am class, I had time for a nice nap before lunch. I don’t usually go to the dining hall for lunch because I’m usually out, but I went there today, and this is what I came out with:ImageCesar salad, broccoli, tofu, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Plus more salad and a cookie. Yeah, I don’t like eating lunch at the dining hall. I feel like it is too heavy and greasy for a mid day meal. Dining hall meals in general are not very satisfying, which is why I usually end up with some type of dessert…I also had a mango and cinnamon popcorn later on. 

After lunch, I went to my Psych section, and we got to examine and hold human brains! How cool is that?? I briefly considered trying to take a picture for the blog and then decided, yeahh I probably shouldn’t. For many reasons. 

In the evening, I went to a power yoga class, which was awesome as always. As you guys can probably tell, not a lot of excitement happening today. But that’s not a bad thing. Just not the best to blog about!ImageFor dinner, I whipped myself up an egg scramble in the microwave. This combo is one of my favorite meals. Egg whites, spinach, mozzarella, pesto, and avocado. So, so good. 

For dessert I decided to try my hand at a protein mug cake. ImageIt was warm and gooey. HOWEVER. I failed to add any sweetener besides my protein powder, so it basically tasted like cardboard. Yum. Next time folks, next time.

My roommate and I both eat similar things, and like to eat healthily. We also both really dislike our dining hall. She has a better excuse though, she has a pretty big gluten intolerance, and can’t eat hardly anything. So, I had a brilliant idea. We’re each going to make dinner once a week. I’m SOSOSOSO excited! I’m already brainstorming things to make. I love bowl meals, so prepare to see many more of those. And of course, everything should be microwave friendly.

This led into a discussion about food and food blogs. I don’t tell everyone I know about this blog, even though it is my baby. So I actually ended up showing it to her, along with some of my favorite blogs. She loves to bake and she loves photography, so she wants to start a food blog as well! Yay! I told her about how awesome you guys are and I think she’s convinced!

Well, this discussion occurred fairly late at night, when I should have been doing homework. So I went to bed pretty late, considering I woke up at 6:30. But it’s weird. It’s like I don’t need sleep anymore. I’m not tired all the time, and I’ve hardly slept this week. But I tend to stay up talking or whatnot because I’m just not tired. Avoiding grains as much as possible has certainly helped with my energy levels. Or something has. I realize at some point I will start getting tired, but I’m enjoying this while I can! Have a good night everybody!

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    1. astottler

      Greek yogurt is sooo much better than normal yogurt!

    1. astottler

      It gets old reaaaaally quickly.

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