Guys, my brain is shot. 3 hours of Biochem on a Monday night? That does me in!

I wanted to get back to the typical day by day blog posts, so here we go!

On Saturday, I went for a walk and listened to several podcasts on Gastroparesis, and I think I got some helpful scientific insights. I have several theories on it, and on why I’m having problems. I love that my 4 (almost) years of college education have some really practical purposes. This is why I love Biology—it’s so applicable! I can listen to scientific talks and read studies, and critically interpret them. It gave me a renewed motivation and some ideas for how to manage my stomach condition.

I’m trying to get out of the habit a little bit of having random bites of things, so I’m trying to fit everything on a plate to take a picture because it makes things easier to track, and tracking food makes it easier to manage my stomach. So let’s go!



Cranberry Orange bread. I’m loving this in the mornings! It wasn’t actually cooked all the way in the middle, but I froze most of the loaf so I microwaved it a bit longer to firm it up!

Then, it was Crossfit time! We started with 6 sets of 5 squats, every 90s, and 6 sets of 5 strict pull ups every 90s. With a band for me! The squats were only 55-60% 1RM but I’m definitely feeling it.

The workout was basic and yucky. 800m run+50 wall balls+30 burpees. I think out coach is preparing us well for the open—so many wall balls and burpees lately!


The rest of my yogurt from the weekend, the last of my berries, and sun butter. Classic.


Post breakfast was one of the more interesting showers I’ve taken. The hot water was not working at the house, but I decided to suck it up. Unfortunately, I think the water was shut off too because there was just a drizzle. I only could use a tiny dab of shampoo in the front and called it good enough.



Some cream of asparagus soup, and some turkey Bolognese sauce over lettuce, topped with cheese. I had gluten free noodles on the side. I’m realizing I’m not a huge fan of pasta, and I enjoyed the sauce much better over greens. I ate the past on the side and pretended it was crackers. Normal, I know.


Honeybell. These are February’s fruit from my fruit and cheese club! I thought they were oranges, but it turns out they are a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, which is exactly what they taste like! Totally reelable too which is a plus.



Since I had Biochem, I went home. The main dish was pear, sweet potato, and leek soup, with GF croutons.


On the side was caprese salad—the perfect complement for some greens and protein!


For dessert, I had a small slice of GF apple pie from the freezer.

Snack/Dinner #2:

A new granola bar in Biochem. I always get super excited when I find new bars I can actually eat so this was enjoyed!

That’s all I have in me today. I have 1000 things to do, and I am scared to start writing my to-do list! I think sleep may be approaching soon too!

What’s your favorite granola bar?

3 comments on “3 Hours of Biochem

  1. Rina

    My favorite granola bar is the KIND oat and honey bar. It’s slightly chewy and crunchy, and not too sweet. I also like Quest bars if I’m having a bottomless pit stomach day–it does a good job at tiding me over. I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

    1. astottler Post author

      The KIND oat bars and definitely delicious! I think I like the blueberry best.

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