WHEW. This is going to be quite the week-3 midterms and 2 problem sets, followed by my half marathon on Sunday! And since midterm #1 is in the books, I get to take time to write a WIAW! And guess what? Today was the most noteworthy day of eats in…a very long time. How lucky! Thanks as always to Jenn!



I began the morning in the best way possible-with 8am Crossfit! The workout was a good one-max overhead squats (which I did way heavier than I was expecting! I could have done more but I couldn’t get the bar up there…), followed by 3 rounds of:

15 OH squats

18 push ups

21 wall balls

I had originally planned to run right after Crossfit and before class, but it was going to be tight so I rushed out. Unfortunately, I left my sweatshirt there. It’s been one of those weeks folks. The stress finally hit yesterday; and I left my water bottle in class yesterday which meant a)I had no water for a couple of classes which is tragic when you get thirsty every 20 min and b)I walked into a full class in session twice to try and get it. 

ANYWAY. Back to the food. Before Crossfit, I had half a protein bar and some dates. I’m absolutely obsessed with dried fruit right now. After Crossfit, I was kind of hungry, so I ended up nixing the run and eating and getting coffee-a good decision!Image

I love my cappuccinos! 

Also consumed was this granola bar and tons of dried mango.


Somehow I managed to make myself almost late to my first class, despite having in theory extra time since I skipped the run. I was running around at the last minute, and I SWEAR we have a dorm elf taking my things. There are things I KNOW I have that I can’t find. Like plastic silverware. And my bigger, more salad friendly tupperwear. And random toiletries. It irritates me to no end! I think a deep cleaning (slash digging) is in order for this weekend. That or a major shopping trip!

ANYWAYS. Back to the embarrassing/sad part. Here’s my baby salad. Because I couldn’t find any bigger tupperwear, and I haven’t resorted to eating salads out of ziplock bags yet. YET.


It was a delicious salad though! Goat cheese has been missing from my life in a major way, so I finally went out and bought some. This features goat cheese, hummus, and an egg. The worst part? I only have 2 forks. And I’m out of plastic wear. And class was starting in 3 minutes. And I had no clean forks. I had to pack a dirty fork plus my cleaning supplies to clean the fork before eating at lunchtime. Yes folks, it is midterms week.

It may come as a shock to you guys, but I have a kind of random quirk. Pencils. In the past, I’ve tried to get my pencils like this-now, I was too lazy/never got a chance to start a new pencil. But given the amount of comments I was getting, I realized it was time.


Does anyone else use pencils down to the stubs? I used to try and use them until I literally couldn’t sharpen them anymore. Every pencil had a different grip. And I wish I was at home to show you guys a picture, but I have a box filled with all the stubs. This guy isn’t NEARLY as small as a lot of them!

Given I had a 2 hour midterm though, it was time.


Back to the food. Between classes, I had a craving for pumpkin bread so strong that I biked across campus and back to get some. That’s at least 2 miles!


It was the last piece, and it was the heel so it was kind of dry, but the flavor was there. This little escapade convinced me it’s time to bake my own. The recipe I have makes 2 loaves-I’m thinking one with raisins and one without-but I’m thinking of doing a cream cheese topping on part of it. Here’s my question: cream cheese and honey or cream cheese and maple syrup? Which flavor works better? I need your guys’s help!

And back to the food. I made a really awesome dinner-a throwback to one of my favorites from summer! Grilled Peach and Chicken salad.

This took some planning. I had to steal grilled chicken from the dining hall, and buy the other ingredients. The dorm version wasn’t as good as the original-store bought dressing and non-grilled peaches-but still WAY better than any of the dining hall food!



And then I decided to throw a few things together for granola bars. What I came up with was either a)a soft baked granola bar or b) thick baked oatmeal.


I was going to do regular granola bars, but then I added applesauce, which softened things up a ton. Here’s what I did:

melt 2 T sunflower seed butter and 2 T brown rice syrup in a bowl with 1/2 c applesauce. Add flavorings-vanilla extract and cinnamon, or your choice.

stir in the following:

2 packets of instant oatmeal (or 1.5 c oats)

2 T chia seeds

handful coconut flakes

1 egg

mix ins-I used chopped date and mango. You could use anything (I can’t eat nuts), but if you choose chocolate chips, make sure to stir them in last as the mixture is likely hot. 

Microwave for about 2 minutes or until set and baked through. 

These were really good! I liked the bites with date in them better than those with mango-and next time I’d be less lazy and do a better job chopping the dates and add more. I originally wanted to use raisins, but I didn’t have any. I think the dates really go well with the texture of this bar though. I might also have to try a pumpkin version of this!

That’s all I have for you today! I still have a problem set to do by Thursday, and there’s a morning workout on my schedule!

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  1. Kammie

    that granola bar does not look like a granola bar but like a brownie and I’m liiiiking it 🙂 your eats look great!

    1. Aurora

      Thank you 🙂 haha that’s never a bad thing!

      1. Kammie

        Absolutely not. In fact, it’s preferable 😉

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