Guessss who has Internet now? This girl! I have super fast Internet too-my campus has Google Fiber-I only recently learned this. I just thought my Internet at home was slow! Spoiled, I know. (Note, please excuse the weird photo quality. My iPhoto was screwing up so I had to screenshot all my photos which came out a little weird.)

Sooo who wants to see college food?? I would just like to start out by saying I’m failing miserably on this Mini Whole30 thing…but I am noticing some things so I guess that’s good. And look, when the dining hall has Indian food, you don’t question it. At least I skipped the rice and naan, right??

Ok, here it is-my first dining hall meal! And guess what I found in the salad? A lone sliver of avocado. Day. Made.


Then this morning pre-run I made a weird version of 2 ingredient pancakes (egg and banana) plus cocoa powder. The sad thing is my weird pancakes in a bowl actually look better than yesterday’s ugly ones. Here are today’s:


Aaaand just for shits and giggles (note the pun here), here are yesterday’s:


Since I was technically supposed to be super super Paleo, I tried a different pre-run breakfast than my normal Thinkthin bar and fruit. The verdict? This was definitely easier on my stomach, and took less time to digest. I’m not sure if it was sufficient fuel though. I’ll have to experiment with that a little more. I was a little hungry starting my run.

I decided to break the super super Paleo thing though for my running fuel and just take a goo, I guess my cleaner eating these past few days has had an effect though, because I kind of felt jittery.

Post run brunch:


Potatoes, eggs, and salad. Totally normal. I do think I feel better while eating Paleo-more in control. I guess what would work best for my is not so strict Paleo. I had a Thinkthin as a snack later and felt a little bleh, and then had some grains at dinner and found myself craving dessert (which ended up being granola and yogurt).

Here’s dinner. Indian food! The line was RIDIC today though! Silly freshman. 


Before I get onto the fitness portion, how about a little life update? I stepped on my mirror today. 7 years of bad luck for that…plus a broken mirror. I WAS going to throw it away, but realistically I won’t be taking out my trash for a looong time (so responsible), so I decided to turn it into a little DIY. I mean, what can’t duct tape fix?? I had an empty space next to my wardrobe where I was either going to put a mirror or a decoration, so why not combine the two? I patched up the little guy and pasted some pictures on there. Good as new-no one will ever know 😉



Ok, now on to fitness! I had my first workout of the school year today-an 11 mile run! I rocked my fanny pack wearable water bottle, which despite my distain actually was really great. I didn’t fill it up 100% though, and wished I had when I ran out of water on mile 9 or so. So how was the run? Slow. Really, really slow. My slowest long run. But I’m totally fine with that-it was my first time tackling hills on a long run, and I took on the big daddy of hills around these parts. I walked more than ever really, but given my feet issues, that was just fine with me. My legs definitely didn’t feel as taxed as with a faster pace, but my Crossfit soreness from Saturday appeared post run. 

Obligatory post run compression socks picture:


So…what does this all mean for this week’s runs? I’m trying to mix it up to be easier on my feet. I’m going to do some speedwork-breaking up my runs into smaller sets will give my feet some recovery. I’ll also do some hills, because climbing and descending puts pressure on different parts of my feet. Here’s what the week will look like:

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 8x400m repeats, 1 mile cool down

Thursday: Run the Dish (from my dorm, this is a total of 6 miles, with hills)

Friday: 1.5 mile run to hills, hill sprints, 1.5 back for a total of 4 miles.

Sunday: 12 miles TBD-I don’t have a problem taking this slow. It’s my last run before getting my new inserts and when I start tapering I’ll pick up the speed a bit.

As for other workouts-I’m trying a new Crossfit box tomorrow! I’m nervous/excited. I keep obsessively refreshing the website to see the WOD. So I’m still not sure what my Crossfit schedule will look like for this quarter. I also need to sign up for spin and yoga. I’m hoping to squeeze in my own spin workout sometime this week as practice for when I’m certified. So we’ll see how all that fits into my schedule. And since I know my parents will read this-school definitely comes first! 

I’ll keep you all updated on everything as it happens of course! WIsh me luck at my new box!

One more thing-I have an opportunity to join a flag football team, but they practice like everyday and I’m not sure I want that type of commitment. Thoughts?

What did you do this weekend?


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