I can’t believe I’m actually blogging from my phone. I’m working to get my Internet up and running, but right now it’s not cooperating with me. I had this same issue last year. Long story short-little freshman me who could barely ride a bike had to bike far to the Apple store for an appointment, in a maze of a mall. I was almost in years by the time I got there…only to find out I was the on the wrong day. #freshman
I’m hoping this will resolve itself. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile.
I’m finally all moved in! I have a few more things to put away, but here are some pictures.

Here’s the view from my window. Not bad, right?
And here are some shots of my room. Please note the fall decor!




But lets back up a bit. Friday morning was my last 5:10am wakeup for spin! It was an awesome class. I was supposed to do a hilly 4 miles but my legs just needed a break. I had a heavy week if workouts, so it was much needed. I wasn’t too hungry after spin but knew I needed something for recovery, so I had some leftover scramble with potatoes.

I had a paleo faileo snack-I got hungry mid morning so I mixed up almond meal, cocoa powder, and almond milk. Which was all well and good until I heated it all up and the almond meal seemed to disappear.

20130921-181115.jpg plus, it wasn’t very good. I wasn’t super hungry when lunch rolled around so I had some spinach bites.

I ended up eating them with applesauce. I had some leftover so I microwaved it up with some spices and egg. The result was a little too bland-not enough applesauce. Fail again.

On the plus side, my shirt for race day came! I’m so pumped.

After spending all day packing and sneezing from the dust, I headed out to a softball party to visit our giant trophy-my team won the championship! (While I was in Hawaii…)

The softball commissioner is currently trying to recruit my sis and I for flag football. Should I go for it??
I couldn’t really eat anything besides a random carrot stick at the party. Pizza=not Whole30. By the time we left, I was craving MEAT. #paleoprobs
After much deliberation, we stopped to get take out turkey burgers. OMG just what I was wanting! SO GOOD.

And the fries for some reason were amazing today. And I never eat or want fries.
Breakfast this morning was really ugly. I can’t even post the picture, it was that bad. But it tasted fine! Technically mimicking pancakes is cheating, but it was pre workout and I didn’t want to do anything too crazy. For my pancakes, I simply mixed an egg, a ripe banana, and cocoa powder. Tomorrow’s pre run breakfast will look similar. It also was ugly because I tried to make 1 big pancake…and came out with 3 brown logs. Yeah. Not pretty.
Crossfit killed me today. It was 7 rounds of 15 kb swings, 15 power cleans, and 15 box jumps. The cleans were really light for me, but I just felt slow. Yeahh too many fries last night??
As I drove home, it started POURING. I love it-it really feels like fall!

This mini Whole30 thing isn’t really working for me. There are some foods that just make sense for me. My body really craved chocolate milk post workout, so I just made some (with weird ingredients-I took everything else to school.) Eating so strictly Paleo has been leading me to overeat, or eat the “wrong” healthy food. Like yesterday’s almond meal disaster. It’s also a little hard for me because I won’t eat pork or red meat, and I really can’t be eating nuts. That doesn’t leave a whole lot besides eggs.
Also-I love my probiotic gummies. I got capsules instead for this week, but I don’t like them as much-they don’t work as well for me.
So I definitely haven’t been perfect. I had ketchup with a little sugar, sunflower seed butter with a little sugar, “pancakes”…
I want to try and finish this out as well as possible, but in some ways it just isn’t practical for me.

Aaa and tomorrow is 11 miles! I’m planning on wearing my really old running shoes with my nice inserts. I’m truly at a loss with what to do to manage my feet pain. I wanted to try out my old shoes with these inserts before the long run, but that just didn’t happen. The only plus side is I loop by my dorm at mile 4 tomorrow, so I can make a shoe change if necessary.
Also-so you like the green laces? They’re both green now, I just wanted to show the comparison.

And one more random side note-my dorm has co-Ed bathrooms, which for some reason I’m not digging. Ehh live and learn.
Hopefully my next post will be with a working computer! Wish me luck with my feet over tomorrow’s hilly 11!

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  1. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    I adore the shirt! And I have to say I am a bit jealous that you get to live on such a beautiful campus…

    1. Aurora

      Thank you 🙂 I do have a pretty amazing view!

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