Hey guys! First I’ve been meaning to say this-I’ve been really awful about commenting on other people’s posts lately. I’m still reading blogs but I’ve gotten a little lazy! 

This morning I had an early doctor’s appointment, so I just had a quick breakfast. I tried my new caramel pineapple Chobani!


It was pretty good. I liked it but it’s not my first choice. 


My friend Jessica tweeted me the other day saying that she didn’t like this flavor, and Chobani tweeted her back! Whoops!

After my appointment, I finished up some work in the lab, since it’s right next to the doctor. Afterwards, my mom and I stopped by Fleet Feet, the place I got my running shoes, to pick up some more Cliff goo, since that’s the only place I’ve seen it. I like Cliff because it has all normal ingredients, and therefore tastes fine. We walked through the downtown area, and suddenly felt tea-deprived. Since we were South-ish, I remembered a place about 20 minutes away that I’ve been wanting to try ever since I saw it on Gina‘s blog: Bumble. 

ImageIt’s a super cute place. It has “tea for two” as well as a lot of other healthy and delicious sounding things. My mom and I chose the tea for two. This would be a great place to take kids as well; they even had a sandbox in the front. 


We ordered a pot of Earl Grey-it seemed like the perfect tea for a ‘tea party.’

ImageImageThe “tea for two” included 2 scones, 2 tea sandwiches of choice, and 2 cookies. We decided on the egg salad, and the Brie, honey, and pecan.

ImageOne scone was chocolate chip with cinnamon, and the other was savory with cheddar cheese and bacon. We split them, but I picked out the bacon. They were both delicious. I know, I said I would avoid gluten this week. To kind of make up for it, I ate my sandwiches open faced. That kind of helps, right? The cookies were chocolate chip and chocolate with peanut butter chips. 

Everything was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed. It was about the right amount of food-I was worried it would be too much, but I left full but not overly stuffed. However,given all the bread products, a nap was in order, with my favorite nap buddy. 


I ended up skipping today’s run. I was sore and tired, and with the running I’ve done in Crossfit, I only really am a mile short of the weekly plan so I have no problem with that. Crossfit tonight was surprisingly deadly. It was all the things I’m the worst at. In general, I’m not a fast person. Anything with bodyweight will be bad more me just because I’m slow. I do way better at anything with weights-I can Rx most lifts, but I can’t even do a pull up! This was the workout:

5 rounds of:

200m run

10 push ups

15 burpees

20 lunges (each leg)

This is a workout any of you guys can do-no special equipment or experience necessary! While this killed me (I barely made it under the cutoff time…), I think it’s something I can drastically improve on. I want to try it in a month or so to see how much I can improve. Now that I’m not doing softball, I don’t do a ton involving speed. And half marathon training doesn’t exactly make you quick. So we’ll see. Also, my Crossfit coach wanted me to enter a rookie Crossfit competition in August, but I’m leaving for Hawaii that day! Darn! That would have been so fun! (Not that Hawaii won’t be fun…) I really want to do a competition at some point though. It might help if I can do a pull up first…

Anyways, here’s dinner. ImageTeriyaki chicken, tomatoes and basil, steamed veggies, an artichoke, and some sourdough. Hit the spot!

Have a great weekend! 

Do you like to compete?

17 comments on “Bodyweight Benchmark

  1. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    That tea place looks adorable! I’m so obsessed with mini anything and those sandwiches look so cute and quaint. Side note: your kitty looks EXACTLY like mine haha! Aww our boogers are so adorable <3

    1. Aurora

      I haven’t seen your kitty! You need to post more pics!

  2. Sky @ The Blonde In Black

    Scones and tea sound really good right now! Cute place too! Playing sports since I was in elementary through high school has definitely made me a competitive person. That’s why I love to play volleyball still and run in races.

    1. Aurora

      It’s definitely something I miss about not doing a sport.

  3. Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now

    I love to compete – except in running. Soccer or any other sport? Heck yeah. But running is my chill time, and I want it to stay fun.

    1. Aurora

      I’m kind of the same. I don’t really like running with people-I’d rather go at my own pace and not worry.

    1. Aurora

      Haha you should! Although I guess it’s probably less of a guy thing…

  4. Brittany @ DulceVie

    What a fun day!! I looove tea, so I will have to go there when I am finally in college 66 more days! I can’t wait 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Yes! It would actually be a pretty good place to meet up-I think it’s roughly between our schools!

  5. emilysmilesformiles27

    It’s not just me! I’ve been so bad at commenting on blogs lately too. That chobani looks good, I need to try that flavor! Crossfit sounds so hard! I totally give you credit for doing all that. I’m way too afraid!

    1. Aurora

      It’s not as bad as I thought it would be! You should try it! You can go through the workout as slow as you want (especially if you’re me), so it’s actually really manageable!

  6. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    Yeah, I am so glad that you finally got to try Bumble! I have now been there for breakfast lunch and dinner and loved them all. Also, I am pretty sure they have to Clif gel at Zombie Runner in Palo Alto and at some of the Whole Foods I’ve been too. 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Thanks for the advice! I’ll check there next time!

  7. Davida @The Healthy Maven

    That tea place looks so cute! Wish we had a place like that in Toronto. Going to have to do some searching now…

    1. Aurora

      I was so glad I heard about it-I’ve been wanting to go to a tea place for ages!

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