GUESS WHAT GUYS!?!? I got Spin shoes! I am so excited! I plan to go to the gym later tonight to try them out! And look how pretty they are!ImageImageAnd the best part? REI was having a weekend long sale, plus I had store credit, so my total balance was only $10. Not bad!

Ok. Now that that excitement is over, I’ll go over the last couple of days. Last night, my sister drove me to REI to get Spin shoes, and then we stopped at a Ramen restaurant afterwards for dinner. I’ve never actually had Ramen before (besides Cup o Noodles).

We started off with some delicious Japanese salads and edamame. ImageImageChopsticks are most definitely not my strong point; especially chopsticks with a salad! Jeez. 

I had chicken ramen for dinner, which was really delicious and warm. It’s been a tad chilly here lately (relatively of course).Image

Upon returning to school, I decided to do a little “baking” experimentation. My friends had been talking about making coconut bread, so the idea had been planted in my mind. I really don’t have a lot in the way of ingredients; I am out of eggs. So I figured, why not try egg white protein powder?ImageI mixed up some unsweetened shredded coconut, egg white vanilla protein powder, vanilla, and a bit of sweetener, and then popped it in the microwave. I was not expecting the result- it tasted just like a coconut macaroon! I will post the recipe as soon as I perfect it. (Well, as soon as I get my act together enough to actually measure it). I tried it again today, and cooked it for a bit less, so it was almost like a pudding. ImageImageAs you may notice in the first picture, my hand is a bit colorful. Yesterday, I tie-dyed with my dorm. I’ve never done it before, and I had a ton of fun with it!ImageIt had to sit in a plastic bag for 24 hours, and it is currently lying in my room attempting to dye every surface. I’ll post a picture as soon as it goes through the wash! 

Today, I went on a rafting trip with my dorm, and had a great time despite some initial difficulties. The river we were going to was about a two hour drive away. An hour in, the check engine light when on in the bus, and we pulled over. The driver got out and inspected things, and then we were back on the road….for less than an exit. We didn’t even make it onto an offramp before the bus driver pulled over again. The engine was pretty badly overheated and the steering was locked up. There was smoke or steam coming out of the back of the bus. We had to call for another bus which was coming from pretty far away, and wouldn’t be there for another hour. The bus driver finally agreed to at least pull off the freeway, and from there, we had a little freedom to walk around and find food. I ended up with a chocolate banana smoothie from Starbucks. It was also around this time that I realized I had lost my lunch. The dining hall gave us all packed lunches for the trip. I’m pretty sure someone stole my lunch because a lot of people had more than one, and I had…zero. Near my seat, I found a lunch that had been ransacked (as in, no sandwich or chips), so I rescued an apple out of it. 

We ended up getting to the rafting place about two hours later than we had planned. 

Before I go on, let me just clarify that this is no white water rafting. It is way tamer! We were in big rafts and had paddles, in a river with a slight current. Being out on the water made me realize how much I missed rowing! I had so much trouble rowing forward. I ended up just turning around and rowing crew-style. Of course, this wasn’t exactly heavy duty rowing. The whole trip was just super relaxing, and it was a great end of the year dorm event. I’m going to miss living with these people! It’s insane that in a little over 2 weeks, my freshman year will be over! At the same time, this has been a pretty long year in that I’ve had soooo many experiences, and so many memories. Jeez, now I’m getting nostalgic! I’m sure week 9, midterms (yes, I have a midterm in week 9), and finals will take my mind off of that! 

How has your long weekend been? What did you do?

13 comments on “Excitement

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    I hate bus problems! In 8th grade, one of the under-the-seat heaters overheated and started burning the plastic seat. It was smokey and smelled HORRIBLE. Blech! I’m glad the trip was a blast! Oh and you got an awesome deal on those shoes!

    1. Aurora

      That’s so scary! I’ve never had bus problems before!

  2. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    Spin shoes? You fancy, girl! 😛 They look super intense!

    Come to think of it, I’ve never had “real” ramen either…I didn’t actually know “real” ramen was a thing. I think this officially means I’m a terrible Asian. All of your food looks fabulous, though! Have a great Memorial Day, chica!

    1. Aurora

      Happy Memorial Day! Haha I’m not sure it is actually any different, but it was at a restaurant, so I guess I’ll call it “real.”

  3. LC

    Question about the spin shoes – how did you finally decide on a pair? There are lots of options out there, so I was just wondering 🙂 Congrats on the awesome bargain!!

    1. Aurora

      I haven’t actually used them yet-apparently they need another piece that screws on to the bottom, but I did some research and found I would need 2 holed cleats. After that, it was mostly based on the selection and price. Since it is just Spin, I didn’t want to buy a super high end shoe.

  4. Health, Love, and Chocolate

    That macaroon type creation sounds delicious! Using egg protein in place of eggs is pretty genius.

    1. Aurora

      Laziness at its finest!

  5. Brittany @ DulceVie

    I have yet to attend a spin class.. I should probably try one! Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Matt (@AthletesPlate)

    I used to buy that protein powder but it has some funky ingredients! Now I buy Vega, Sunwarrior, or grass-fed whey.

    1. Aurora

      Yeah, I only bought a tiny pouch of it! I’m kind of scared of protein powders in general, and don’t use them much. I like the CONCEPT of them, but I’m not sure about the actual thing!

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