Hey guys! I’m just going to pop in here quickly today! I think it may be nap time soon. Even if I stay up late, I cannot sleep in to save my life. Naps, however, are a completely different story. 


Yesterday, I finally did another timed mile. It was 20 seconds faster than my last one, but still way slower than I need to be, or am used to being. It made me really realize that I need to work on speed work a ton. I also did some sprints of various distances, and then core. I’m actually kind of sore from that yesterday. 


At breakfast, at first I couldn’t figure out why I was so hungry, until I realized that it was already 10 am. I love that classes don’t start until later for me on Fridays!ImageYogurt bowl, plus half a whole wheat bagel topped with cream cheese and egg whites. 


It was such a beautiful day yesterday. WIndy, but very clear. Image


I stopped at a cafe to pick up lunch between classes. I grabbed a yogurt parfait and a packaged burrito. The burrito was a really strange choice for me; it is definitely not something I would normally buy. I’m not a big burrito eater, especially not pre-packaged ones, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to be underwhelmed. I decided to just eat the beans out of the middle. Classy, right?Image


And since I really don’t have that much to say, here are a few more pictures. One more note: I AM GETTING SPIN SHOES TODAY! SO PUMPED! Any advice?ImageGuac. Guac. Guac.


ImageYeah. No one wakes up early.ImageImageI was in the mood for a waffle this morning, and I decided to just go for it, instead of fight it. I would probably end up losing that battle anyways. I topped it with blueberries- delish!


Ok, two more notes: Only 2 weeks left of school! And then I swear the food part of my blog will be much healthier/more interesting. And, is anyone going to the Healthy Living Summit? I really want to go, and I am just trying to figure out if that would be at all feasible for me. It is before school starts, so it is a possibility! I’d love to meet some of you guys!


Have a GREAT 3-day weekend!

Any fun weekend plans?










6 comments on “3-Day Weekend

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    We need to figure out how to make a college healthy living conference!

    1. Aurora

      I agree! There are sooo many of us!

  2. Matt (@AthletesPlate)

    I used to LOVE the waffles at the dining hall while I was in school!

    1. Aurora

      Ours even have the school logo on them!

  3. moderngirlnutrition

    Congrats on the mile! Just running a mile is an accomplishment, no matter the time 🙂 That breakfast looks delicious- fruit and granola are hard to beat!

    1. Aurora

      Definitely! Always a winner.

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