Hello! I have survived week 2! I want to share a few snapshots, focusing on food, fitness, and vet school stuff.

We haven’t started our technical material yet, but I’ve already learned a few things about surviving. First, you HAVE to be organized. I downloaded a checklist app and I’m obsessed with it. It’s called Wunderlist, and it syncs across multiple devices. I have a million little things to do, and this app is literally holding my life together.

I’ve also learned that I need to be flexible with my study habits. I’m 100% a pen and paper person, and I CANNOT type my notes. I was planning on printing out all the slides, but instead I realized that wasn’t reasonable and ordered an iPad to write notes on. So we’ll see how that goes.

Other craziness? My sister’s wedding is next week! What??

Another thing I’m learning? I need to be flexible with my workouts, and they’ll get done. I went to Crossfit 5 times this week, and I went at a different time each day (5:30pm, 5:45am, 4:45pm, 9:30am, 7am). Workouts will get done if you prioritize them and fit them in where you can.

So snapshots:


Zucchini is still going strong. Really strong. I’m not buying it again when I run out this time though. I’m getting really sick of spending my life grating it, and pulling zucchini fragments out of the sink. This is a scramble with zucchini, egg whites, and garlic and herb soft cheese. On the side, I put some pasta sauce on bread and topped it with cheese.


Do I look like a vet student yet? I spent Sunday morning volunteering at a pop-up clinic and had the absolute best time. This particular organization is one I think I’m going to make a priority this year.


Post-volunteering Subway salad because I wasted something that contained zero zucchini.


Baseball! I went to a minor league game. The Giant’s AAA team is super close by, and I knew I wanted to stop by before the end of the season. For any baseball fans out there, apparently Ryan Howard is now in the Rockies organization, playing for their AAA team.


More scenes:

IMG_5208 IMG_5212 IMG_5214 IMG_5215

Food featured: black bean burger and fries, mango shave ice type of thing.


Vet school thus far has had abundant sweets, so I’ve been trying to eat healthier at home. Breakfast of a yogurt bowl with nectarine and sunbutter, plus mango.

IMG_5217 IMG_5220 IMG_5221

Obligatory eclipse photos. Someone brought special glass to look through, and it was super cool! I’ve never seen an eclipse like that before.


After eating zucchini with eggs a million times, I mixed it up and made zoodles with pasta sauce, cheese, and precooked lemon chicken. Extra sautéed zucchini on the side because I had trouble spiralizing the ends.


My avocado <3


Breakfast of toast with sunbutter and banana, plus mango.


My other, less photographed, roommate. She’s a sweetie!


On Wednesday, I was eating lunch outside when I realized it actually felt pretty warm (we’re always cold inside so outside is thaw time). I went to evening Crossfit, and it was 100 degrees when I pulled up! Crossfit is most definitely not air conditioned. It was actually fine once we got moving though!

The Farmer’s Market here is quite the event. There was beer, which tells you everything you need to know.



I got what was probably the best chicken tamale I’ve had for dinner. The stand had other veggie flavors that sounded amazing, but they were out by the time I got my dinner. I also got honey lavender ice cream because it was 100 degrees.



I also FINALLY found the perfect, most beautiful figs.




^breakfast figs



^Surprise ice cream sundaes!


Still going strong with the zucchini scrambles. Plus avocado toast with everything bagel seasoning.


I am coming to love this kitty! The other night I got back late, and she was waiting for me like, “Um, excuse me, where have you been?”IMG_5261 IMG_5264

That’s all for now! I have a very full weekend coming up, I hope yours is great as well!