5 Things I Never Thought I’d Do Until I Became a Blogger

4 holiday starters

3 recipes

2 workouts

and 1 amazing family

1. Selfies. On selfies on selfies. Until I started blogging, I think I’d taken a total of 1 seflie ever. In my life. Now?


2. Obsessively check the yogurt aisle. Or get ridiculously excited over yogurt in general. When coconut Chobani came out, I would obsessively check every grocery store for it. Heck, I still do. And I have yet to find it anywhere!


3. Take pictures of literally EVERYTHING I eat. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. So why do I have a million of the same picture?


And this only proves my Coupa cappuccino addiction. Feel free to send help.

4. Take a picture of a stupid watch. I mean, how many normal people (aka not bloggers-let’s be honest, none of us are normal) would take a picture of their watch? Heck, I used to never even wear a watch. 



(And yes, I did choose particularly special runs for the watch photos.)

5. Actually made an effort to make my food pretty. Well, sometimes. Example 1: makeover of “banana mush”-then and now.






You’re welcome. 

Ok-not all my food looks pretty. But it’s a lot better! Some of my early blogging photos…shudder

What do you do now that you’re a blogger?

9 comments on “On the Fifth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

  1. Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life

    Be overly obsessed with pumpkin anything! SO MANY SELFIES. Log all my exercise. Eat cold oatmeal, out of the jar. Haha!

    1. Aurora

      Haha definitely eat cold oatmeal out of a jar-what normal person does that?

    1. Aurora


  2. smilemilegirl

    I wish I made my food pretty… 5 isn’t quite there yet for me (; Selfies! They will never stop feeling awkward. Haha (:

    1. Aurora

      Haha I never know whether to smile or look silly or…? I finally gave up in making faces because I looked so ridiculous!

  3. jessielovestorun

    You’re gorgeous, Aurora. The main thing I’ve started doing since becoming a blogger would be trying to make my food loo pretty.

    1. Aurora

      You’re so sweet! It’s so satisfying when your food comes out looking amazing!

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