Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for much for your responses to my last post. I was a little bit concerned-I didn’t want to come off like I was dissing anyone’s way of eating!

I’ve had a lot of excitement going on lately. 

First, blog related excitement. Since I finally bought my own domain, it was time for some shirts. I figure it’s not THAT egotistical since “Fitness is Sweet” is a reasonable saying to have on a shirt…right? Well, I ordered the shirts last week and they came within a few days!

ImageImageYeah, I’m pretty pumped. I think I’m going to iron-on print my website on the back of the first one-I think it would be a good race shirt, and hey, a little publicity doesn’t hurt either, right? 😉

Saturday morning I went to a Spin class at my gym that was a little bit different. I had to pay, but there was a live DJ, and the proceeds benefited the Challenged Athlete Foundation. The class was a ton of fun-my teacher is so full of energy! And this one was particularly hard! Afterwards, they even gave us swag bags.

ImageImageThen, after putting on a dry shirt, it was off to the 1 year anniversary of my Crossfit box. There was a WOD that morning, so I figured showing up sweaty wouldn’t really matter. I brought deviled eggs. 

ImageMy parents came with me, and it was a lot of fun. I got to introduce them to the whole Crossfit environment and show them the box. Plus, there was lots of good food!


Someone also brought cake pops. How ridiculously cute are these??Image

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key. We finally broke down and got some doughnuts, after wanting them for a super long time. And being too lazy to make them…hah…

And of course, Sunday was my long run. It’s amazing how short 9 miles feels after running 12! 

Overall, the run felt really good. On my last run I felt like I could have pushed the pace a little more, but died at the end because I just ran out of fuel. Well, this time, I was right on my ultimate goal pace! Plus, my foot problem didn’t bother me a ton, despite the fact that I have yet to get the insoles that the foot doctor recommended. IMG_3315IMG_3316
That all sounds just dandy, right? Well, here’s the problem. Around mile 6, my toes started to bother me. I walked a few steps here or there to shake it out which helps, but I also change my step a little bit. I run a little more on the outside of my foot, and point my toes inwards a little. Around mile 7, my right calf started hurting. It wasn’t sharp, just sore. It wasn’t terrible so I kept going. I was fully prepared to stop if it got too bad. Well here’s the problem. It tightened up pretty badly after my run. I’ve been stretching and rolling it out a ton. It felt a lot better this morning but I went to Crossfit, and unlike normal sore muscles, it started hurting more after a little running instead of less. I’m a little concerned about it. I just finished icing it with my trusty bag of frozen peas. I guess my calves may have been sore like this after long runs before, so maybe it’s not a big deal. It just worries me more since it’s only one leg. The current plan is to skip running tomorrow and cross train (I think I’ll use the rowing machine+spin). From there, I’ll see how it feels. I’m hoping to be able to do more or less my normal schedule; I was pumped for the length of these runs-3,4, and 3. But I’m so close to race day that it just isn’t worth getting injured.
Speaking of Race Day, I’m just under 2 weeks out! Last night I made my Race Day playlist-not sure how that’s going to be since I haven’t done any runs longer than 8ish miles without an audiobook…But I’m getting exciting! After yesterday’s run and last week’s 12 miles, I feel pretty confident going in. ALthough I’ll feel better when my calf pain is gone…
Also, I’m going to San Luis Obispo this weekend. Any suggestions for things to do/see/eat there? I have an 8 mile run, and I found a reasonable flat but pretty bike trail. Plus, we’re going to do a hike and see Hearst castle. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
And lastly, here are some other fun eats from this weekend!
That’s actually not scrambled eggs-it’s polenta with garlic and herb laughing cow. I would recommend this combo!
Runners-any advice on my calf? What’s going on?
What’s the best thing you ate this weekend?

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