First of all, Happy 4th of July to you all! I’m meeting up with my high school friends for a BBQ for lunch, and then this afternoon maybe I’ll see a movie. My family is grilling tonight, so lots of barbecues!

Normally, we make  flag cake for 4th of July-Devil’s food cake, vanilla buttercream, and decorated with blueberries and raspberries. 
Last year, I was trying to cut back on sugar so we made strawberry shortcakes instead (with a major fail from me-I put a little too much egg coating and ended with scrambled eggs on top-it was still delicious though!). This year, I decided on Blueberry Crisp because A) it’s the best thing ever and B) I had devil’s food cake for my birthday. 
Blueberry crisp is so delicious, but that devil’s food cake sounds pretty perfect just about now! 

I have to share dinner from last night with you guys-so delicious!

Butternut squash and roast chicken soup, Paleo Zucchini fries, and balled honeydew. Everything is better in balled form. That’s a fact. 
And ketchup is a food group. Here’s the zucchini fries recipe. They were sooo good, but a tad salty.  I think we’re going to try the same recipe with other veggies as well. Suggestions? 

And let’s keep this post light with probably the only reason you clicked on it-kitten pictures! Some of the previously really tiny kittens moved into the main nursery this week (and my favorite litter left 🙁 ). It’s crazy how grown up they are, given I bottle fed them a few weeks ago!
I bottle fed that little tabby in the front and he fell asleep on me!

What are you doing for 4th of July?

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  1. yogachic1212

    Oh my gosh where can I get one of those cutie pies?! They’re adorable!! Happy Fourth! 🙂

    1. Aurora

      You too!

    1. Aurora

      Do it!

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