Here we are, another week, another Thursday! Another regular post from yours truly 🙂

I hope you guys had some fun with yesterday’s yogurt post. Writing it, I learned 2 things. 1. I need to start putting quick breads on my yogurt ASAP. I have mass quantities of banana pumpkin bread at my freezer at home that are just crying out to be put on yogurt. 2. I’ve been parting my hair wrong lately. Too far to the center. So I fixed that today.


But back to Thursday. I started my morning with some pre-run GF crackers. My run was 3 miles at an 8:45-9:00 pace. I had originally planned on 8:45 or below but my legs were feeling heavy. I’m pretty sure my legs are actually sore from teaching spin last night, which never happens! We did HIIT intervals.



Sunbutter, fruit compote, plain full fat Greek yogurt.

After breakfast, I cranked out the end of a paper due next week. I’ve been trying to get it done this week because I have tons to do this weekend! It’s actually a pretty interesting topic. The class is Sex and Gender in Physiology, so my paper was on whether relationship differences in people with anosmia (no sense of smell) were due to biological or cultural influences.



More leftover soup. Plus a side of spinach. Guys, this is half of a giant container. What. The. Heck. It kept shrinking more and more! I seasoned it with a Trader Joe’s spice blend—smoky!

Snack 1: Banana in class. We are actually learning about Gravitational Waves in Cosmology this week, which lines up totally perfectly with the announcement this morning on the discovery of gravitational waves! How crazy is that?

Snack 2: Upon arriving at the house, I raided the fridge and came out with a bun-less black bean burger and some artichoke/feta/olive salad.


Plus a GF oreo (Glutino brand).



I went to a pre-vet club meeting, where I got to hear presentations from students about their summer projects, and I also got to learn about a vet school in the UK. Dinner was provided for the meeting, and I actually had some good options!


Brown rice+salad with chicken and avocado. Since soy sauce has gluten, I figured the dipping sauces might be a safer bet to put on the rice.

Snack/Dinner #2:

Ok, I’m kind of angry about this one. The main event was GF brown sugar flax oatmeal with carob chips (kind of disappointing but maybe just not what I was in the mood for).


Part 2 was a turkey meatball:


At my house, we have the concept of requesting late plates. If you miss a meal, someone will make you a plate for later. Everyone in the house has to help make plates for a different meal each week—it’s one of our jobs. I’ve never gotten one before, but dinner sounded good and I wanted something for leftovers. You put dietary restrictions next to your name on the board, so I put GF. Frustratingly, the plates were all the same and weren’t labeled with names like they are supposed to be. I obviously didn’t eat the pumpkin bread they gave me, but I figured a turkey meatball was fine because the meatballs the chef has made in the past have been GF. So for part 2 I ate a meatball.

About an hour later, my roommate informed me that the meatballs had wheat:/

I don’t know how much, or how I’ll react, but currently feeling not the greatest. I took all my stomach meds, so I’m hoping this doesn’t become a full on flare up, but so frustrating because it’s supposed to be labeled! I guess I need to be even more careful, and I guess this answers the question of whether or not gluten actually affects me. So right now I’m just sitting here waiting to see if I’m going to be dying or not haha.

And I guess that’s a good place to end.

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  1. Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me

    I’ve never been a fan of chocolate chips in my oatmeal! I’ve tried it a few times, but it is never as good as I hope for it to be. You’re not alone in your disappointment!

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