Hello! I finished my tasks for the night and thought this would be a fun and interesting post to write.

I typically eat yogurt for breakfast every morning. While I’ve gone through a few phases where this hasn’t been the case, for the most part of 6 years I have, but it definitely has evolved over the years. Shall we take a look?

High school: my first major yogurt eating began when I started going to the gym in the mornings, and then straight to school. The cups were nice and easy to pack, and I would often do the Fage yogurts with honey on the side, so I could add as much or as little as I liked. I love how the honey gets cold!

As I started getting more interested in nutrition/sugar, I amped up the nutrition, and added apples and walnuts to plain Greek yogurt instead.


My friend caught me eating it in class!

Freshman in college: pre-mono. I didn’t eat yogurt that much, but a couple of times I mixed plain Greek yogurt with brown rice syrup and cocoa powder for a post-workout snack.


Freshman post-mono: When I had mono, I took 1,002 antibiotics, so I was really trying to get more probiotics in my system, which is when I rediscovered yogurt. It quickly became an obsession. The best combo? Vanilla Greek yogurt+pumpkin bread+sunbutter. YUMM. I still think this is the best combo, I just never seem to have it anymore.

IMG_2056 IMG_2057

Obsession level:


Summer after freshman year: I went through a granola/cereal in yogurt phase. With flavored yogurts, like pineapple. Topped with fruit and sunbutter.


Soph fall: not a ton of yogurt, but I did go through a major pumpkin obsession, so all the pumpkin products went into yogurt! A favorite was pumpkin butter+sunbutter+some type of quick bread.


Soph winter: a very brief foray into overnight oats. Sometimes I got cravings for them, but I only like them with flavored yogurts!


Soph winter: During my real foods project, I discovered the beauty of full fat yogurt. I topped it with no sugar sunbutter (which I sometimes, but rarely, crave in this specific context) and berries on the stove. One of the best discoveries over.


Soph spring: I didn’t really have cooking facilities in a dorm, so berries like the above were not always available to me, so I adapted to the dining hall. Every morning I wanted pancakes, so I compromised by topping yogurt with dining hall fruit and a pancake.


DC summer: For most of the summer, I wasn’t feeling the yogurt thanks to the heat, but by the end of the summer I discovered a delicious and healthier alternative to my quick bread in yogurt desire: heat banana and mash with cocoa powder. Put on plain yogurt, top with sun butter. SO good.


Junior year: The dining hall had sunbutter! I made my whole breakfast work there. Plain Greek yogurt, sun butter, and fruit, often canned pears.


Summer 2015: I did more of flavored yogurts without toppings. Partly because when I had to start work at 7am and eat breakfast really early, I wasn’t in the mood for much.


Fall Senior:

2 choices: yogurt with just something sweet like jam, or pumpkin butter or yogurt with fruit+sunbutter (especially persimmons).

IMG_4550 IMG_4980

Last month:

Plain Greek with jam (tropical or homemade berry)+sunbutter.


This week:

Back to the berry compote and sun butter!


So now I think I need to recreate basically all of these. YUM

What’s your favorite way to eat yogurt? I would love to find a new phase 🙂



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  1. snackiebird

    I ate plain Greek yogurt + banana + sun butter during few weeks for breakfast!

    1. astottler Post author


  2. Rina

    I love eating plain Greek yogurt on top of a baked oatmeal. For example, I made a maple pecan baked oatmeal and topped that with super-thick Fage Greek yogurt. It was the bomb. Seriously.

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