Hello! I’m popping in on a Friday night while watching college football. My team is actually on ESPN so I get it here! It’s not going well though…

I don’t normally do workout recaps for the week, but I figured, why not this week?

But first. Food.


And cheetah.

After work on Thursday, some of the interns and I made a trip to Fitz’s for root beer floats. Ignore the fact that I froze outside all day…

For my main meal, I had a black bean burger on a GF bun. This thing was massive.


But of course the floats were the main event. These things were crazy.


I got the Ghostbuster, simply because I wanted chocolate syrup. It also had a little bit of marshmallow fluff. Rootbeer on the bottom, of course!


It was delicious, but so, so messy. And I kind of wish the ice cream was IN the root beer. I ended up scraped a lot of the ice cream off to reach the root beer!

Sadly, no one was able to finish this monstrosity. But not a bad way to spend a Thursday nigh!

One thing I do want to mention before I get back to workouts is that I’ve been focusing more on half meals lately, and in just a few days I noticed a big difference both in my body composition and in how I felt. It’s crazy how well my body responds to more, smaller meals. Go figure. That being said, I’m currently stuffed as I write this. But more on that in a later post. But workouts!


Crossfit-Back squat 5 sets of max reps at tempo (I got 5 reps at 145#)

5×6 bent over row

3 sets max pul ups+10 pistols+20 hollow rocks

Teach spin. I’m going to attempt to link my spotify playlist here.


Blogilates Extreme Abs

Crossfit-Bench press+WOD: 5 rounds 15 push ups, 20 lunge jumps, 25 sit ups


Crossfit-4×3 Sumo deadlift @ 175#+ 15 Min Partner AMRAP of Fran: 21-15-9  Thrusters (65#)+Pull ups

One partner did 21 thrusters, the next did 21 thrusters while the first rested. And so on. We got through 1 full round and a few reps. I thought for sure I was going to rip my hands…

Rest and Restore Yoga (super slow and relaxing)


Run 3 miles.


I learned that my runs feel better if I don’t do them after PM Crossfit. That being said, my feet have been feeling a little beat up this week. I don’t know if I’ve been standing a lot more at work, or what, but it feels like it! I spend a ton of time at the zoo either walking on standing, so it can be a little hard on my feet.


Crossfit-1 rep max full snatch. HAH. This did not go well. I’ve actually always been way better at either hang or power snatches, because I have trouble getting in position and stabilizing the bar overhead. I got super strong last summer before partially dislocating my shoulder. I was only just getting back into snatches when I got my stress fracture and had to shut it down again, and haven’t done a ton of snatching since. It’s easy to forget that my shoulder still isn’t the same. I only got up 74# today, despite my 1 rep max being 108. I just couldn’t stabilize it overhead, partly due to lack of stability in my shoulder, partly due to poor positioning, and partly due to lack of confidence and getting in my own head at some point. I missed 80 twice despite it not feeling super heavy, I just couldn’t stabilize. I ended up just dropping down the weight and working on my form. But not how I like starting the morning. The WOD was good though.

3 rounds:

15 pull ups

15 hang power cleans

15 front squats

I used 75# for this. I scaled from 105. I wasn’t trying to die, and I know heavier cleans would kill my grip for pull ups. I think I finished in a little over 14 minutes.


Teach 8am spin!

What was your favorite workout this week?