Hello! I hope everyone’s weeks are going well. I’m in a good place right now—I’m excited about a lot of things in life, but unfortunately this excitement seems to be cutting into my sleep time so I’m beat!

My morning began with a track workout—a simple 6x400m. The good news is that it felt good and I was fast this morning!

Breakfast was a a throwback, after reading my yogurt evolution post.


Plain greek yogurt topped with pumpkin bread and sunbutter.

Lunch after class was leftovers—a tofu reuben with sauerkraut and a some Borscht (which is a beet soup).

IMG_5971 IMG_5972

I got to do a mouse blood draw today which was really cool!

Snack: (Note how sunny it is!)


Dinner #1: Salmon quinoa cakes with caesar salad and slaw. Plus a GF brownie.


Also I apologize for the choppiness of this post—week 8 brain is real.

Dinner 2:

Leftover tortilla pizza.


One thing I’ve been meaning to do is a post on my stomach condition. The best thing about getting a diagnosis is I’ve been able to do a lot of research on it. I had some theories and thoughts I wanted to throw out there. I also decided to write my final sex and gender in physiology paper on this condition, which means I’ve been doing a ton more research and learning lots more. I wanted to get out some of my initial theories about what happened before I even get into all the research I’ve done for my paper.

Here’s my theory. Maybe I always had this condition minorly. I don’t know. I think that most likely what happened was that last winter I did damage my stomach lining with Advil, which increased the acid in my stomach, making the symptoms of whatever underlying condition there was really severe. The meds treating my stomach lining helped some because they got rid of that aspect. So now I’m just dealing with the gastroparesis. My theory of why cutting out gluten has helped me is that perhaps I had a minor intolerance to it, that under normal conditions might not be super noticeable. This intolerance caused inflammation in my body, and inflammation can lead to gastroparesis flares. Hence why gluten seemed to cause flares.

I apologize again for the thrown together post, I think my brain has officially shut off.

On another note, super excited for the Crossfit Open announcement tomorrow night!

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  1. Sky @ Blonde Freedom

    I’m glad to hear that things are improving with your stomach. That’s really neat that you can use it for research for one of your classes! It’s always so much more interesting to write and research things your interested in. For one of my research papers this semester I’m thinking of researching crossfit and why it is such a huge brand community.

    1. astottler Post author

      I would love to hear the results of that if you choose to do it!

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