Hello! I don’t have work today since I’m working Sunday, so I went to a 5:45am spin class this morning. I’m running on about 4.5 hours of sleep and am definitely going to take a nap soon! I wanted to do another day in the life post for while I work my summer job.

6:05am alarm goes off (with a day in the life post reminder)


Then I get ready for Crossfit and packed everything up for the day!

Then, I come downstairs to be greeted by a crazy puppy. Full disclosure-we’re having some behavioral issues right now.


Pre-Crossfit snack/breakfast: a little baking experiment-carrot oatmeal raisin granola bars!



6:45am: leave for Crossfit.


7-8am Crossfit




3 rounds- 20 double unders, 8 bent over rows, 100m farmer’s carry with 2 25# plates



pulls ups

wall balls

kettle bell swings

The original workout called for burpees instead of wall balls but my hip isn’t that great so I subbed wall balls with a shallow squat

We then finished with some ab work.

8am: Clean up and change into scrubs. I’ve never actually gone straight from Crossfit to work before so this part was new for me.


8:15am: Hang out in car, eat, browse blogs.



9am: Start work. It’s a fairly slow day at the vet today.

1-2pm: Lunch break! I don’t normally work 9-6, but it’s one of my favorite schedules because it’s pretty normal. When I start later or earlier, I eat at either 11 or 2/3!

Leftovers: BBQ chicken, coleslaw, mashed sweet potatoes.



I eat lunch in the break room with coworkers and also enjoy a few break room snacks. One of the vets brought in Jamba Juice for us!

IMG_2875 IMG_2876

6pm: Done with work! I get out right on time today. It’s a pretty dark sky.



I was planning on going to the track, but I get a text from a friend wanting to hang out, so I spend time eating a snack and debating my options.


Plus 2 squares of dark chocolate

6:20 Decide to do a slightly shorter track workout. Regret eating dark chocolate because 2 squares of 72% is a lot of caffeine for me right now!

Track workout was originally 8x400m, but I end up with 5x400m. Given I’ve done 0 speed work lately, that’s good enough for me.


7:10pm: Arrive home, and make myself a quick and easy dinner. I’m not super hungry since I just had a snack, so I make some frozen veggie/potato snacks. One flavor is sweet potato, the other is broccoli. With ketchup. Yes, they are Spongebob shaped.


Plus s small slice of my granola bar with sun butter.


Then, I shower off all the animals and get ready to go.


8pm: Leave to make the 25 min drive to school where my friends are living for the summer. I arrive around 8:30.


After debating what to do, since I have a car we go to get boba. They realize how small my car actually is. It’s actually kind of ridiculous.


I ended up getting Rose-Aloe tea. I think it was rose tea with chunks of gelatinous aloe? I would have preferred pearls, but I actually had no clue what I was ordering-all I cared was that it was decaf, and my friend got this and knew it was decaf!

Around 10, we head back to campus and meet up with my other 2 friends. I stay there until around midnight, and am in bed by about 12:30! If I had work the next day, I definitely would not have been out so late!

What is your typical day like?

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  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    BAH! SUCH a long long long day! You are making me tired just reading this, LOL!!! When did you take your little pooch out to pee? LOL!

    1. astottler Post author

      She’s staying at home with my mom!

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