Hey guys! I have been loving all your comments lately! I will respond ASAP! I’m currently knee deep in finals studying-sepcifically physiology and physics. That being said, I gave a presentation on cows yesterday so if you want to know anything about the dairy industry or cows, now would be the time to ask! Now that I think about it…I should definitely do a cow post. I think it’s relevant! And I may be slightly obsessed with ruminants right now. The dreams I’ve had lately have been super crazy…

ANYWAYS. My goal for the week is going really well. Somehow it is mentally easier to plan on thinking about eating well for 2/3 meals of the day-plus eating well earlier sets me up for better choices later in the day! Additionally, the best thing about making good choices for the first 2 meals of the day is that it means that even if I eat a ton of junk later on (which I’m not necessarily saying I am), it still means I’m FEELING better for most of the day, which is important given all the studying!

I realized I rarely post anymore what I actually eat in a day-WIAW tends to be highlights, and when I get behind, I often photo dump. So let’s check it out.

I began my morning with a 5 mile run. Normally I’d love to eat a bite of something beforehand-I was starving!-but I was out of dried fruit and I couldn’t access the sun butter in my fridge because my friend was crashing on my floor and her head was blocking it! Nevertheless, the run felt good and my feet cooperated. The better eating habits seem to be paying off because last week’s runs were a bit sluggish.

I was more than ready for breakfast.


Eggs, a couple of bites of potatoes, apple, and sunflower seed butter. Lately I haven’t been finishing my plate, but I was pretty hungry after the run. I’m really trying to eat slowly in the morning to only take in what I really need, but I always burn more after runs and need more food.

Lunch was another hummus and hard boiled egg salad. I’m really loving these lately-sometimes I feel like my normal chicken+sweet potato+roasted veggie lunches don’t have enough vegetables. This salad has 2 hard boiled eggs, hummus, and lettuce. The lettuce is actually an herb mix, so it’s a little more interesting!


I also had a fruit bar for a little something sweet.

Mid-afternoon I went to a pre-vet event, and had a chocolate chip cookie, which held me over until dinner.

Dinner at the dining hall.


Indian spiced chicken with rice, greens, a bit of a lentil dish that I didn’t really touch-not my favorite combo of flavors, and a bite of veggie lasagna.

For dessert, I had some coconut milk ice cream (this is not normal for the dining hall so I had to take advantage, especially since I’m not really doing dairy right now), plus some molten chocolate cake.


Since chocolate is sort of hit or miss with how my body is going to react right now, after a bit of studying I had some oats+earth balance+maple syrup to buffer it just in case.


Overall, I definitely think it was decent! Maybe a little high in sweets, but I’m not going to worry about that just yet. One goal at a time!

What workout makes you hungriest?

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  1. Matt

    I’m usually hungriest at night!

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