Hey guys! I’m half posting right now because I can’t go to bed with carrots in the oven, and half because I made a huge mistake in yesterday’s post that I feel so bad about! Thank you to Angela for pointing this out-the arepas were adapted from this Blogilates recipe, and I completely forgot to credit that so I edited it into yesterday’s post. Thank you again!

My day was long. I had a really long commute on public transportation this morning and had to leave before 6am for a 2 hour trip…which included a bus ride through 64 stops…

I packed breakfast because I didn’t think I could eat so early, and it was such a good one, although lacking in the beauty category.

Last night I made chocolate blueberry banana bread, by using my double chocolate banana bread recipe and substituting blueberries for chocolate chips.



I made a delicious yogurt bowl featuring this, fresh blueberries, plain greek yogurt, and sunflower seed butter. I wish the pictures were better though.

IMG_8554 IMG_8558


Lunch was at work again-today’s focus was roasted veggies. I learned that I love roasted parsnips!

IMG_8561 IMG_8562 IMG_8563 IMG_8566


Another favorite was root vegetable gratin. Delicious!

After work, I made it to Crossfit and we did a lot of work on cleans, including a hang clean tabata for conditioning. That was tough! I did some single leg RDLs on my own afterwards because my hamstrings have been feeling light lately and I think those tend to help them.

Dinner was not what I was planning. I wanted to make a vat of fresh guacamole but I only had one small avocado that was ripe, so I whipped up a small amount of it, and then improvised a corn salsa, which I served with leftover parsnips “nachos,” plantain chips, and carrots.



And now it’s very much time for bed. Have a great week!

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  1. Brittany @ DulceVie

    All. Of. That. Food. Looks. AMAZING!! Now I want chocolate banana bread…

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