Happy Saturday! It’s such an incredibly beautiful day here! Which will likely hold lots and lots of studying for me! I’m sorry I’m back up on comments-it gets a little bit confusing with all the Quest giveaway entries! (You still have until tomorrow night to enter!) I’m so glad I’m doing the giveaway-I am constantly tempted to eat them but now I know I can’t! And thankfully my skin is returning back to normal!

I have a few random pictures that pretty much tell my story from the past couple of days.


New haircut.


New favorite breakfast-whole wheat pancakes with plain Greek yogurt and pineapple. I had to carb load up-I did my long run for the week on Friday afternoon, and I wanted to have a very light lunch before!

I drove to the same park where last week’s 5k was held. It was farther than I expected! But the weather was slightly nicer. 

Last week:


This week:


For some reason, lately when I’ve been doing long runs, the goo I take makes me cough like crazy. I decided to try something new.


I taste tested these beforehand so I’d know what to expect. The verdict? They TASTE good but I have no idea how people eat these while running! They’re SUPER chewy, and I had some difficulty not even on the run! Since this wasn’t a race, I decided to use them anyways and just take a lot more time to stop and chew them which was a bit difficult…plus since a serving isn’t just a pouch, you need a way to actually carry them, which was a pain.


I used this little handheld water. I’ve used it before without problem, but for some reason every time I turned it upside down, it leaked. Which was unfortunate given it was more comfortable to carry with my watch hand…All in all, it was a good run! But…11 miles is far! It felt really far!


I took Advil beforehand for my Achilles, and it really helped and was a nonissue. My foot pain/numbness though was a different story. It started early and was pretty bad. At the halfway point I took out my heel inserts which help my Achilles, and it helped the foot pain. Even still, starting at mile 7 or so I had to stop every mile and shake out the pain in my feet. Since I’m doing longer distances now, I think I’m going to try and cut out sugar for the next week before my next long run to see if it helps!

Last night was very low-key for me because this morning I did the Crossfit Open workout 14.2! It was hard. Very hard. Harder than it looked. Like, I’ve never gotten so shaky in 6 minutes before. I used a box to reach the pull up bar, and I almost felt off a few times because my legs were shaking. The workout was this:

3 minutes of:

2 rounds of 10 overhead squats and 10 pull ups

If this is completed, in the next 3 minutes, so 2 rounds of 12 of each. If that is finished, then 3 minutes to complete 14 rounds of each. And so on. 

I made it to the second round, and finished with 84 reps, 4 pull ups away from the moving on to round 3! Of course though, I did banded pull ups because I’m not that strong! One guy in my class made it all the way to the 4th round! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore. Yes, from 6 minutes. 


I need to go study now and do a lab report! But first, I need to share this.


This dining hall parfait. Looks pretty good, right? I was expecting oreos on top, with yogurt, granola, and raspberries/raspberry jam. Umm…I was right about the Oreos and granola, but it also had cool whip and cherry jello…that was a little bit too weird for me! I’m really not a jello person, especially not cherry!

Jello-yes or no?

5 comments on “I Ran a Lot and Lifted Some Heavy Stuff

  1. Christine

    Love the new haircut! You look gorgeous :). And holy heck… 11 miles?! I can’t even fathom running that far haha. Right now, 5 is the most I’m willing to go haha! Give me some of your motivation pleaseee 😉

  2. Luv What You Do

    So jealous of your beautiful running weather!!!

  3. smilemilegirl

    Nope, not a jello person. Especially not with chocolate or anything creamy. Ew.

    Congratulations on that long run!! Wow- that’s SO FAR to run by yourself. Props to you!!

    I love your haircut. You have such gorgeous shiny hair! The color is so pretty too!

  4. Amanda @ MoveLoveEat

    I think Jello is what we call Jelly over here in NZ and I’m not a huge fan either, I have to make it up with less liquid than the box says to be able to stomach it, there’s something about that weird texture!

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