Hi friends! Can you believe tomorrow is Friday? It kind of snuck up on me this week! Tonight I still need to do a lab report and a prelab. Fun stuff. I skipped yoga in favor of homework for once…

WARNING: If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle, today may not be the best example. But such is life. 

I actually slept 8 hours last night. I can’t even remember the last time! I had weird dreams though-driving to softball practice on a motorcycle??

I went to 8am Crossfit. The workout included lots of thrusters and push presses (a brutal combo), and more double unders. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do a million and two single unders-I just had to attempt doubles for one minute each round. Way easier on the calves! And I actually did string some double unders together too-something sort of clicked!



I decided to go to the dining hall to restock on eggs.


And might as well get breakfast while I’m there, right?? Plus, after seeing these vats of yogurt….Swoon.


I also did something crazy…I drank decaf coffee! Who am I? Drinking coffee for a reason other than caffeine?? It was eh. (That’s what I get.)


I decided to pack lunch today-it was time to attempt pumpkin yogurt! Sadly, my yogurt got a little beat up in my bag and ended up leaking all over my lunch bag…it could have been much worse!

Here are the ingredients:


Plain yogurt, pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon. And yes, I did pack the entire cinnamon container-I’m just cool like that. 


Yummmmm. So if we’re keeping a tally-yogurt #2 for the day.

After my Ochem section, I was mentally done. I’ve worked pretty hard this week, and my brain was feeling it. I decided to take a break and just watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother. SO good. Here are a few pre-football snacks:


I mashed up a small avocado with my guac mix and BAM. Instant guac party of one. 


Pumpkin pie filling and sunflower seed butter. Pumpkin pie filling obviously isn’t the most nutritionally sound food, but folks, I have a big can to finish and it’s delicious. Hence, the don’t do as I do. Also, multiply this by more as a later snack.


Snap pea crisps and a pumpkin granola bar from Trader Joe’s. These are not my favorite, but interesting to try.

Then, it was off to my first flag football game of the year! It was really fun-we lost but I wasn’t expecting anything crazy. I got knocked down twice by the same guy and skinned my knee up a tiny bit. #battlescars Ok, technically I ran into him, and when a smaller mass and larger mass collide, guess who falls? Putting my Physics knowledge to use people! 

On the way back to my dorm, I saw my little friend from last year! DAY. MADE.


He actually had a tag this year-his name is Finnegan, and he lives with the Resident Fellows in a dorm nearby. And he always seems to pop up around exam times…

I debated 1. going to yoga 2. going to the dining hall 3. eating in my dorm. I chose the dining hall. Nothing exceptional today-I got some type of fish which was pretty good. Image

They also had a baked potato bar today, which was fun. I got a small potato with all the fixings.


Aaaand because I obviously didn’t have enough sugar in the form of pumpkin pie filling, this happened. 


Soooo yeah. That’s that. The rest of the nigh is homework time for me!  Tomorrow morning, I’m hoping my calf is sufficiently recovered so I can get a solid run in. I’d like to get one more speed workout in-I’m hoping to get 3 miles in-.5 mile there, .5 mile back, and then 8×400 repeats. Cross your fingers!

Do you ever get into food ruts?


5 comments on “The Day I Ate Nothing But Yogurt and Pumpkin

  1. Bree

    I must say that your dining hall’s yogurt area is way prettier than mine. Mine is way boring and sometimes they’re out of granola and then I’m sad. But I eat yogurt and granola at least once a day. I completely understand eating it all.the.time.

  2. Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life

    I miss yogurt and granola so much! I haven’t had any in over a month and a half because, well, I don’t really know. I’m craving some hardcore now! 😉

    1. Aurora

      Haha go get some! You won’t regret it!

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