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This a question I’ve been asking myself lately. What more could I or should I be offering you guys? I’ve come up with a few things.

1. Tackling the tougher issues. Frankly, I don’t really do this. Why? Maybe I’m afraid. I try to avoid controversy. Of the few posts I’ve attempting, I’ve tread very carefully. I’m scared of offending people. But with that fear, can I really be a “good” blogger? I get basically no negative comments on my blog. Which I guess is good, but maybe I should inject my opinions a little more? It’s not that I don’t have them. I suppose I’m just scared. I feel like things are mostly rainbows and sunshine over here on the blog. Which I’m fine with-when I started my blog, I wanted it to be a place for positivity. Specifically-I didn’t want it to be a place to beat myself up over food choices or body shame, so I’m happy about that. However, as my blog matures, some of the more serious topics should be tackled.

Why else might I not blog about these things? Maybe I’m young and naive. 


Maybe those serious topics don’t even cross my mind. I am a relatively young blogger. Or maybe I need to take a closer look at things instead of glossing over them, pretending all is as it should be. 

What else makes a good blogger?

I feel like most of the most popular healthy living bloggers have already arrived at health. They eat what they need for their bodies (both healthy and unhealthy foods, but in a balance that works for them). They have it all figured out. 

I certainly haven’t. 

I really thought I did though.

ImageThis time last year, I had the healthy thing all figured out. I felt like I had for a few years. But this past year…

I feel like my first year of college chewed me up and spit me out. It knocked me around and pushed me down, but now I’ve emerged once again, standing. 

ImageI always thought I was a strong person, until this year. I feel like this past year broke me, but I’ll hopefully be a better person from it. 

My healthy habits that had been instilled in me for years vanished, masked by crew-my eating habits were bad but I exercised so much that of course I didn’t gain weight. 

But of course health isn’t it. Being in an environment with all new people, most of whom are freaking geniuses who are CEOs of their own successful start ups, or who have traveled the world making a difference, all at the ripe old age of 18. Classes were much more challenging that high school. I didn’t sleep. Eating was the last thing on my mind-except it wasn’t. I was focusing on my poor eating habits, just enough to stress me out, but not enough for me to make a change. Awesome. 

Winter quarter was dark-no sleep, high stress, poor school performance, crew stress-mentally and physically. Something was bound to break. And it did. I became the sickest I’ve been in my life, and then developed the worst eating habits of my life. 

Mono stripped my body of the nutrients it needed to function. After weeks of not being able to tolerate food, I ate. I just ate. My body craved food, desperately trying to restore itself. And that’s the story of how I managed to gain 20 pounds in just weeks. 

Spring quarter I’ve eaten worse than ever in my life-and gained weight faster than ever in my life. 4000 calories everyday will do that for you…

Also note-eating like a rower when you’re NOT a rower is not a good idea. 

ImageDo I blame the mono for the weight gain? Yes. But it wasn’t the beginning of the disruption of my health-not at all. You know, I had been patting myself on the back all year for not gaining the freshman 15, not gaining my usual holiday weight. Hah. little did I know what was coming for me….

That is the story of how I lost my health, which I am still trying to find. I’ve definitely restored a lot of the balance, but the damage is done and it will take a lot of hard work. I do truly believe that the experience will be for the better in the long term. I am stronger now than I was a year ago. Sure, several pounds heavier, but stronger. Yeah, being sick was awful. Gaining weight was awful. Feeling like crap all the time was awful. But I learned so much about myself. I believe that I can now pick myself off the ground, and continue on. 

So do I qualify as a perfect healthy living blogger? No. The above-mentioned unravel occurred during the life of this blog. But the restitching will also occur on this blog. What falls apart can be put back together-it has to be. What’s life without a little journey? The bitter only makes the sweet even better. ImageLife goes on. In 30 years, I want to look back on my illness and recognize it as a new beginning. Not the end of my healthy journey, but just a bump in the road, a fresh start. So do I have it all figured out? No! Maybe someday I will. Maybe not. That’s okay too. As long as each day I get one step closer, I’m happy. I have confidence in myself that I’ll figure things out. 

And when I do, I’ll make sure that my blog covers it. Because that’s the kind of blogger I am-not there yet, but someday. 

What makes a good blogger?

9 comments on “What Makes a Good Blogger?

  1. skylar35

    I don’t think you have to tackle the deep down serious issues to be a good health/fitness blogger. Actually, you kind of do tackle some more serious issues, like on this post where you talk about your sickness and recovering from it. That’s pretty serious. I think a good health/fitness blogger shares their ups and downs. If they don’t then they just don’t seem as real. Great post 🙂

    1. Aurora

      That’s definitely true-life is a journey and very few-if any-have “arrived.”

  2. Holly Douglas

    i think being a good blogger is all about staying true to yourself. as a reader i can tell you put a lot of passion into your posts & you don’t come across as fake, phony, or trying to be like other blogs out there. i think it is important to be genuine, even if that means just being positive and keeping the negative on the backburner. people come back for the content & you are consistent with delivering lots of fun posts that reflect your personality!

    1. Aurora

      Thank you! This kind of relates to my philosophy that healthy living is more a passion than a physical condition. If you love it, it’s infectious!

  3. Kaitlin

    You bring up some excellent points about blogging. It can be tough to see all the full time (or part time) bloggers out there, bringing up the best in health and fitness, etc. What’s great about blogging is that we are all different and so what’s “good” for one blogger may be different for another. We all have areas of expertise and it enables us all to learn more than we could have ever imagined or even learned on our own!

    I think a good blogger is someone who writes about what he or she truly believes in and not something to jump on a bandwagon. I take days off from writing because I don’t have anything to say or am not in the mood. I like seeing bloggers who are real and true, yet don’t let life get them down. I love your perspective about a beginning and I can’t wait to hear about your second year at Stanford 🙂

    1. Aurora

      Thank you! Funny you should mention bandwagon…I have a post in mind that most definitely isn’t on the bandwagon…

  4. jessielovestorun

    I think being a good blogger is always being true to yourself. If there’s someone who doesn’t like the way you write, or care for your blog than they don’t have to read it. Never change who you are, because if you do that.. it’s just fake <3

    1. Aurora

      So true!

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