Aaaaand it is What I Ate Wednesday, once again! Thanks a ton Jenn!


As the quarter ends, I am getting down to the dregs of my food supply, so these pst few days have included more dining hall food and creativity. As a result, I’ll through some things from the past few days.

Yesterday night, I convinced myself I had strep throat. I have had allergies for a week, so my throat was a little scratchy. Plus, I was probably a bit dehydrated. In the afternoon I talked to someone in my dorm, who told me he had strep. That got me thinking…hmm maybe this isn’t allergies? Maybe I have strep? A few hours later, I was totally convinced that I was suffering from a severe case of strep throat. I was sitting in a meeting thinking, yeah, you know I AM kind of sore (yeah, that’s what lifting heavy things will do to you!). By the end of the meeting, I was burning up. Yeah, burning up at 98.6. So no, I’m not sick. I’m actually totally fine! (Physically, hah!) Phew! Since I was so sick a few months ago, the prospect of being sick again was kind of devastating. But never fear! I am fine!

Yesterday morning began with a great workout-weights plus a 4 mile run (training for my half). Weights included back squats, cleans to back lunges, push press, and assisted pull-ups. One set in to the push press/pull-up set, I realized how much I’ve been neglected my upper body lately. And now my armpits are sore. But on to the food!

I made something similar to my Dark Chocolate Blueberry smoothie. (It’s funny, the post with the recipe also talks about me thinking I am sick….I swear I don’t think that THAT often!) I can’t wait until I am home and can make this with better quality blueberries, and frozen bananas.


I packed a light lunch of hard boiled eggs and fruit. I realized halfway into my egg that I didn’t take ย picture. And then started to take a picture of a half-eaten egg, when I realized, this looks kind of gross, these people really don’t need to see this!


So here’s a sun picture!

After my lunch, I decided to go to a local cafe in search of my Mystery bread. I have no clue what is in it, but it is sooo good. Sadly, they were out, so I settled for Mystery Bread 2.0, which I think turned out to be zucchini bread (judging by the green pieces).



Awkward selfie while reading in the sun…


Dining hall dinner…I am counting the days until I can eat at home! This may not look bad, but when it is all there is every. single. day. It gets old.

Here is Sunday’s dinner.


Basically the same thing, but in sandwich form. And they put wayyy too much cheese on here for my taste…Image

And a late night freshly baked gluten free banana muffin. Oh how I love my roommate. We get along well. She likes to bake, and I like to eat ๐Ÿ™‚

Breakfast after spin was basically a repeat. Leftover smoothie (the banana I made it with was HUGE) and another muffin.ย ImageImage

For my 9 am class, it was the last class of the year, so my teacher brought breakfast. ANOTHER muffin, and some much needed coffee. I really liked the coffee. It seemed a lot blander than the kind at the dining hall, or my cappuccinos. Funny how that is a good thing for me. Coffee lover I am not.


Dining hall for lunch…meh. The salad had way too much dressing and was super soggy.


But in other news, I started packing today, and sent a carload of stuff home (yes, I have THAT much stuff in my room).ย Image

My mom stopped at Trader Joe’s and brought me some goodies.


These things are seriously the best. And it’s no secret I LOVE mango.


Also, today, I discovered the impossible. Given how many search terms I get for my blog relating to “healthy mug brownie” it seems like everyone is looking for the secret that is in itself a contradiction. Well guys, I think I may have stumbled upon the answer. Yes, the true meaning in life.


I wasn’t even trying to make a mug brownie. I was just trying to make a chocolate version of the microwave coconut macaroon I recently discovered. But we all know I am a bit heavy handed with cocoa powder. And apparently milk….This creation was a bit liquidy, but in the mix was milk, unsweetened coconut, chocolate protein powder, sweetener, and TONS of cocoa powder. Over break I’m going to play around with this a little bit and get back to you guys with a recipe. Expect a lot of deliciousness starting in one week! I have a TON of ideas. I think I’ll also do a review on said sweetener.

Also, guess what guys???


Ohhh yes. Half #2 here I come (yes I still have yet to do #1…).

What is the best thing you ate today? Any races or events coming up?

16 comments on “WIAW-College Edition

  1. Christine

    Ugh I know what you mean when you say dining common food gets old! I NEED to be back home where I can do more cooking and eat some of my mama’s home cookin’. Those freeze dried mangoes from TJ are so good!

    1. Aurora

      Food is seriously the best part about coming home! (Well, besides cats!)

  2. Miranda @ Miranda Runs

    The Nike Women’s half seems like the best!! Tiffany necklaces handed out by attractive men? Don’t mind if I do ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aurora

      Right? Haha I can’t wait!

  3. Theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    I have been trying to get creative with my food supply too, I honestly think its a little fun to have to throw random thing together because sometimes you come up with a stellar meal! YAY another half marathon! I just signed up for one in July and I already want to register for another ha!

    1. Aurora

      Haha it’s addicting!

  4. Heather (@hwglamour)

    I saw your cherries and starting drooling! I too have enjoyed a huge handful of them today. I have done one half, and have recently gotten the itch to sign up for #2. Good luck in your training!

    1. Aurora

      Thank you!

  5. Kaitlin

    Your food looks good but I know what you mean about dining halls. They do get old after awhile. The novelty wears off ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so excited about your half! I did that one twice and LOVED IT! I will be living through your posts ๐Ÿ™‚ And I most certainly need to experiment with brownie mugs again. So delish

    1. Aurora

      That’s awesome! I’m super excited!

  6. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    Awh I know what you mean about dining hall food. While I’m happy that my school tends to have better food than most, it still does get repetitive after a while.

    And, uh, I’m about to email you about Nike Women’s.

  7. jessiebearwhat

    I LITERALLY convince myself ALL the time that I’m sick when I’m not really hahaha. Also that banana gluten free muffin thing looks ammaaaazzziiiing. And I can;t wait for the recipe for the last pic!!

    1. Aurora

      It’ll definitely be coming!

  8. Alyssa @ Road to RD

    Ooh that smoothie sounds delicious! I love rainier cherries ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Aurora

      They’re so pretty too!

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