Happy Friday everybody! 

I can’t believe I only have 3 days left of classes! How crazy is that? What’s on tap for me in these next few week? I have 3 finals, only 1 of which I am actually worried about. My half marathon training continues-more on that in a minute. This weekend I have a sorority fancy dinner, a pledge class planned party, a banquet for my dorm, and sorority initiation. Next weekend I have Kitten Nursery orientation! For those that don’t know, I am volunteering at an animal shelter this summer, and I will be working with kittens-so unbelievably pumped. ImageThrowback to Charlie’s kitten days!

This week I have been in a bit of a food and exercise rut. I’ve missed quite a few workouts due to schoolwork, and I haven’t been feeling that great since schoolwork=not sufficient sleep, plus my allergies have been bothering me. I’ve also had a weird headache, which might be allergy related…it is really stupid though because it is likely that my allergies will improve if I change my air filter….but I have so far been too lazy. Whoops!

As far as workouts go, I got some good stuff in Tuesday. Wednesday was devoted to paper writing and studying. Thursday was morning spin. Today I got in a quick weight lifting workout-nothing too crazy, just to get the blood pumping. So what is the common factor that is missing from my week? That’s right, half marathon training. So far I’ve missed 2 runs, but given that it is midterm/finals season, I’m not too concerned. It is still week 1 and the runs are still short. I want to make one of them up today, but I might do that later tonight after my fancy dinner because I feel like I literally just showered, and don’t particularly care to shower yet again. It is sad that being freshly showered (aka being too clean) has prevented me more than once from doing a workout…

But now on to eats! Yesterday, I went to 4 coffee shops, and spent time working in 3 of them. Don’t worry, I did not get coffee 4 times. Otherwise yesterday’s post would HAVE BEEN LIKE THISSSSSSS.

Here is some deliciousness from the past couple of days:ImageImageSalad with hard boiled egg, garlic hummus, and some type of corn salad. This was surprisingly delicious- I’ll need to recreate it this summer for sure!ImageI made a chicken burger at the dining hall with a piece of grilled chicken and a whole wheat english muffin. I don’t know why I’ve never done this before-it was so good! Plus a vat of ketchup on the side. My side of the dining hall always runs out of ketchup, so I had to run to the other side to grab a bowl of it. Yes, a whole bowl of it. If I was going to that much effort, I didn’t want to run out!ImageYesterday morning I didn’t feel that great (thanks 4+ hours of sleep) so after spin, all my body was craving was a green smoothie. I put a ton of spinach in, and this was still tasty! Spinach, yogurt, peaches, strawberries, banana. I think the key was using water to blend it instead of milk. Sidenote- I topped my egg whites with cream cheese to make them more interesting. However, I first topped them with whipped cream on accident…not feeling that!
IMG_2657 />Yesterday’s cappuccino. I had to share this picture because in taking it, I spilled my drink everywhere. The things I do for you guys!ImageDelicious salad- blue cheese, apples, pears, walnuts. I also realized yesterday that if I want any hope of going to the Healthy Living Summit, I need to stop shelling out so much money on expensive salads and fancy coffee drinks. ImageMore delicious mystery bread. I have absolutely no clue what is in it, but it’s sooo good. I know it at least has sunflower seeds, carrots, and raisins. Not sure what else though. I need to ask sometime! Hey, I’ll take another excuse to go back!

This afternoon has been pretty low key so far. I am expecting a fun and busy weekend though! I have 3 days of classes, and then Dead Day. Yes, one day (welcome to college…), and then finals! Finals are Fri, Sat, Mon, Tues, Weds, but my first isn’t until Monday. Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Do you ever skip workouts?

10 comments on “Almost Done!

  1. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    Ahh I can’t wait to see picture of precious kittens! They’re so. Friggin. Adorable. And your blue cheese, apple, pear, and walnut looks and sounds SO good!

    Don’t beat yourself up too much about missing runs/workouts. It’s understandable because it’s finals week, and I don’t think working out and training should ever be a chore or something you fee like you “have” to do!

    1. Aurora

      I’m not too concerned-school has to come first!

  2. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    I can totally relate to missing workouts because of school! I’m just entering into my finals and I know that it’ll be the same way for me with missing workouts. I hate how you have to sacrifice your health sometimes for a letter grade!
    Also, Charlie looks SO similar to my kitty! What a coincidence 🙂

    1. Aurora

      That’s so funny!

  3. Carleigh

    I have definitely skipped workouts because I felt I was too clean! Plus finals week is super stressful. You’ll get back on track!

    1. Aurora

      It’s almost summer- I’ll have plenty of time for workouts then 🙂

  4. skylar35

    I definitely missed some workouts during finals week and a couple of weeks that I was insanely busy with sorority stuff. School comes first so don’t worry about missing them 🙂 I went through a week or two where I had next to zero motivation to work out too. It can be hard.

    1. Aurora

      I’m so ready for summer!

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