GI is Cool+Food Sensitivities

First and foremost, happiest of birthdays to my dad!


Next, vet school is cool. Learning about stuff is cool. I like knowing how the body works, and with each passing day I have a better picture of what is going on inside us (and our pets, obviously.) I didn’t actually have class today, so after a quick workout (end of my squat program+sprints on the treadmill), I headed to a coffeeshop to study.


I actually spent most of my day doing research for a discussion tomorrow. I looked into a lot about IBS and food sensitivities in cats, and stumbled upon some super cool things along the way.

The first was this article I stumbled upon (but unfortunately only have access to the abstract) about cashew allergies and polyphenols. Apparently, polyphenols, found in pomegranate juice, bind cashew proteins, and thus help prevent somewhat of an immune response.

You better believe I’m going to test that out! I also spent a little more time researching food allergies. What I’ve been tested for is an IgE response for nuts, the typical allergic response with histamine that is usually within minutes. IgG, a different form of immunoglobulin, may be responsible for other non-IgE food sensitivities. I would love to get that kind of test done. Luckily for the cashew trial, the cashew protein binding would prevent both an IgE and IgG response. Note: if you are allergic to nuts DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. My “allergy” or food sensitivity or whatever it is is not that severe. Plus this is new research so I don’t know what will come from it.

Then, I was reading about diets treating food sensitivity-related IBS in dogs, and I came across some VERY interesting information that fit really well into what I’ve already learned about the GI system. The GI system is lined with cells with variable permeability that is regulated by various factors. IBS can increase this permeability, so various food antigens get more exposed to the immune system, and food sensitivities can develop. In some cases, these food sensitivities go away when the IBS is treated and permeability returns to normal. CRAZY. I highlighted and starred and underlined my article.

Today, I also made my obligatory fall TJ’s run. ALL THE PUMPKIN.


I literally only bought pumpkin products, or things to eat with pumpkin products. And a pumpkin. I’m ready, my friends.


Rubber work boots—the newest trend? I went to livestock rounds today and was reminded by how cool cows and their physiology is.

Afterwards, I made more zucchini for dinner. Teriyaki stir fry with brown rice.


And that’s vet school my friends.