Happy WIAW! Thanks to Jenn for starting this!


I started my morning with Crossfit. We worked on pull ups, and then did 21-15-9 toes to bar and box jumps. I worked on trying to string together my toes to bar better!



Flapjacked Double Chocolate mighty Muffin and blueberries.



I needed to be out of the house, so I went to a coffeeshop and blogged/discussed careers with my mom. I had Hibiscus tea, and brought pumpkin spice Cheerios (yes, I still have a stash!).

I start work next week, so I’m trying to try some midday fitness classes this week. I went to a noon spin class. It was…bizarre. First of all, it was sensory overload. The lights were off and there were black lights and intense disco lights. Normally I would consider this a pretty cool feature of a spin class, but it was just a little too much, which is saying something for me! In addition, the music was mind-bendingly loud. Again, for me this is saying a lot! I couldn’t hear the instructor very well at all, and because it was dark it was even harder to follow. On top of that, as a spin instructor myself, I didn’t really approve of some of the things we did. We spent a lot of time running out of the saddle, and part of this was doing arm raises and such, sometimes with no hands on the handlebars. Honestly, that’s an injury waiting to happen. Then, towards the end, we turned the resistance up crazy high such that our legs basically weren’t moving. And to top it all off, in the last song, we were running out of the saddle, and instead of holding onto the handlebars for support, the instructor came up to one woman and held her hands. It was just sort of weird. It’s good to try different things, but I can’t say I’ll be back. All that said, I decided to maintain a positive and open-minded attitude throughout class and get a good workout in.


Leftover lemon ginger chicken soup with GF crackers.


With a view! The cherry blossoms by the gym are in full bloom!

IMG_2602 IMG_2604

After lunch, I went to try on bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding! It’s getting real, my friends!


Half of a Fitjoy protein bar+decaf latte.

IMG_2606 IMG_2605


I had small meals during the day, so I was hungry and snacked on some Mochi crackers while cooking. I’m really into these right now!


For dinner, I made spaghetti squash Pad Thai. I’m honestly not a big noodle person, so this was perfect! I love how it came out! Served with mandarin oranges.


I made a couple small changes to the recipe. I doubled the sauce and used sunbutter in place of almond butter. I used half a large spaghetti squash for 3 people, and for the veggies just sautéed a stir fry mix. I also made a full egg per person. It was delicious though, and I will definitely make it again! Because I just microwaved the squash, this can definitely go in the Quick and Easy category. 

I had a sip of champagne with dinner to celebrate successfully finding a dress for both me and my mom!


Pink champagne <3


I had a few chocolate chunks and scraped the last bit of cookie dough out of this allergen free sugar cookie dough (it is SO good).



I was hungry a little bit after dinner so I munched on some blueberries.


Girl’s Night:

One of my best friends from college finished her Master’s degree that day, so we celebrated with a wine and baking night. We chatted away, sipped on chardonnay, and baked my special banana bread.

IMG_2614 IMG_2615 IMG_2618 IMG_2619

Is it spring for you yet?

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