Hello! I’m hitting you guys with the final Maui post!

Saturday morning, I woke up a couple of hours before everyone else, so I started my morning for 3 miles on the treadmill. Yes, the scenery there was beautiful, but sometimes it’s easier to just go inside and get it done.



The mangos this trip were just insane. We found a great little fruit stand, so it was all about the mango. Plus some passion fruit, and a yogurt, cheerio, guava jam, and sunbutter bowl.

We spent the morning poolside. It’s safe to say I’m a different color than when I left for Hawaii. That’s not to say I’m tan per say, just less ghostly.

We made lunch in the room, working on eating up the last of the food we bought. We had a massive Hawaiian avocado to eat, so I made it into guacamole with a little lime, Maui sweet onion, tomato, and salt and pepper.

IMG_2354 IMG_2355

I had my with a few chips, but mostly in salad form. I squeezed a little lime juice with salt and pepper over lettuce, the added a little cheddar, lots of guac, and an egg.


Guava kombucha on the side.

Our afternoon expedition took us back to Lahaina to Lappert’s for some Hawaiian ice cream. I had mango ice cream with mango sorbet swirls.


By the time we finished our ice cream, walked around Lahaina, and cuddled with pigs one last time, we were ready for happy hour!


I had a passionfruit beer at Kohola Brewery, and we picked up a couple of crawlers (32 oz cans) of that to take home with us.

To be honest, I think we were all sort of burned out on food at this point. Alas, we dressed up for one final dinner out, at Roy’s.

IMG_2362 IMG_2365

For my meal, I had seared ono (Hawaiian fish similar to Mahi Mahi) with butternut squash puree, and some shrimp that were staring at me (which my dad kindly took off my hands).


Sunday was travel day. Strangely enough, we had to be out of our hotel at 10, but our flight wasn’t until 3:30. I hit the hotel gym for a quick workout before we had to leave. It was surprisingly killer for a 30 minute workout with nothing but dumbbells. I’m super sore still 2 days later! Try it out:

4 rounds: 8 split squat each leg (I used 25s)/8 single leg squat to a low box (pistols)

4 rounds: single leg RDL with heavy dumbbell

Then, I did a few minutes of abs. My legs were shaking like crazy from the squats, and movement was tough on Monday in the glute area.



We ate an early lunch near the airport at a health foods store with a nice deli area. I had BBQ chicken and a salad with avocado that had a delicious sesame maple dressing.


We also had made one final stop at the GF bakery, so my mom and I split a Lilikoi cupcake and a lemon bar.


At the airport, we shared Brazilian cheese bread.

I haven’t ordered food on a plane in forever, but I decided to go with it and get a fruit and cheese tray.


I think this is a pretty decent option to actually get some real food in on a plane, although I learned quickly I’m not as big of a cheese person as I might have though.

Our final bakery item was eaten on the plane: a passionfruit muffin. Delicious.


Monday when we got back, we were feeling the need for some health!

Monday night, I had a great Crossfit workout. It had everything I could want: heavy lifts in the WOD, and a movement that I can do and enjoy but needs work. It was:

21-15-9 hang power cleans at 95# and toes to bar. I got talked into Rxing this workout, and I’m really glad I did because 1. it’s good for me and 2. it didn’t feel terrible.

For dinner, I made the simplest salad. I massaged kale in olive oil, then tossed it in balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Then, I added parmesan, dried cranberries, and roasted butternut squash (most of which didn’t make it from the pan to the bowl). Served with an egg.


That’s Hawaii! Look out for a full day of eating tomorrow!